Last in Space

Last In Space: a Lo-fi Sci-fi Comedy series that needs a hand building its set (a Spaceship)

EDIT to add:
Last in Space is online, episodes can be seen at www.LastInSpace.net

Huge thank you to everyone who supported us! 

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Last In Space 

1000 years from now, humanity will finally get it together enough to explore the cosmos...unfortunately, we're the last intelligent species in the galaxy to do this. Earthlings are literally Last In Space.

This web series centres on 2 human coworkers, and how they pass the time during their extremely boring shift work. You can see a sample of the first one if you watch the video we've made for this campaign. (at approx the 40 second mark)

Why does the world need another web series?

First and foremost? The world needs more funny in it. 

Secondly, this is about getting creative, talented people together to create new things. This is about people who love comedy & sci-fi wanting to add to the genre. We want to introduce new characters & new concepts. We want to lead by example and show how much fun can be had if we create, rather then remake.

This project is a small step in that direction. 

Where is all this money going?

We firmly believe in using limitations to your advantage. So we've specifically developed this series to require 1 set. We're not making a $20,000 idea with $2000, we're making a lo-fi concept so it will look exactly the way it should. (awesome)


A spaceship cockpit that we can rotate 180 degrees - This will require lumber, plexiglass, paint, etc and will be where the bulk of the money will go.

Green screen paper - more cost effective then paint, we'll be papering a corner of Peter's garage/office so we can add in a space backdrop in postproduction.

Permanent lights - We'll be building and installing set lighting, so we can shoot episodes easily, with very little preparation.


What if we make more than $2000?

1. Wardrobe. Two words: Jump. Suits. Or jumpsuits, I guess that's just one. 

2. Honorariums. Right now, everyone has agreed to work for free. If we have some money left over after building the set and clothing the actors, we'd like to pay people for their work.

3. More Episodes. More Rewards. More Awesome.


*** UPDATE - We've added a $3000 Stretch goal ***

Response has been very positive so we've added a stretch goal. This isn't us getting cocky, its just that given how well this campaign has been recieved we've decided that if we can raise $3000, we'll make 20 episodes, instead of the planned 13. 
These extra episodes will apply to every perk level (if you've already contributed, you'll be automatically upgraded) 
Early access to all 20, DVD will contain all 20 episodes, etc. 

A huge thanks to everyone that has supported us so far, this wouldn't even be an option if not for you. 

(now if you would be so kind as to let your friends know, that would help us immensely)

Why us?

This series is being produced by childhood friends (Adam Axbey & Peter Kelly) who ended up in different parts of the television industry but try to work together as much as possible. Between the two of us we have 25 years of experience creating media in film, television and for the web. 

But I've never heard of you...

Which is why we've also convinced some incredibly talented folks to help us out. In front of the camera will be Joel Buxton (The Sketchersons) and Steve Patrick Adams (CCA winner & Tim Sims award double nominee). Behind the camera we have a whole host of people helping us out, including Ryan "Bear" Seymour, one of the funniest unproduced writers in Canada right now.

Also, you get to say "I HELPED BUILD A SPACESHIP" and not be lying.

I'm excited about this plan, how can I help?

Take a look at our list of awesome rewards / contribution amounts on the right, select one and follow the instructions. If you can't afford to contribute but still like the project (which, as people asking strangers for money, we totally get), you can help by sharing this page on facebook, tweet a link, and telling your friends about the project.

*** Sold Out***

Please note we've had to remove the sold out perks to make room for new ones. 


Name Drop in an episode - all 6 have been claimed

VO roles - All 5 have been claimed. 


But I want to be entertained RIGHT NOW, what can you do for me?

The two characters tweet regularly, so click the links below.

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