Last album as Mr. J. is for you and my family!

Play a key role in recording my last album as Mr. J. Medeiros and let's make a lil history!
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(NOTE: If you know this story, skip to "WHY LAST MR. J. ALBUM?", if you just want to see the awesome perks, skip to "WHAT YOU GET!", if you have ANY questions feel free to contact me via Google Chat or Gmail at )

Hey Fam! 

Welcome to my campaign to fund my last record as Mr. J. Medeiros!

I began my career as a "battle rapper" in 1997 in my hometown of Colorado Springs, CO. In '99, I started a Hip Hop group called The Procussions and after the release of our first single, "All That It Takes" (on ABB Records- '00) and 3 years of local touring- I quit school and moved the group to Los Angeles.

We recorded our first album "As Iron Sharpens Iron" in '02, (released on Basementalism Records in '03) followed by our "Up All Night" EP (released by MicLife in '04). In 2005 we recorded and released  our follow up full length, "5 Sparrows for 2 Cents", on Rawkus Records- released in 06. 

From 1999-2007, we toured extensively and around the world, we had over 600 live shows under our belt, 46 US states, 17 countries, and the immeasurable experience of touring with some of Hip Hop's greatest icons including: RUN DMC, De La Soul, The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Digable Planets, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and a long list of opening spots with some of our musical peers: Lupe Fiasco, Little Brother, Blackalicious, Jurassic 5, STS9 and more. 

We also had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing artists- including: French Hip Hop group Hocus Pocus (to which we contributed to their Gold selling record "Place 54"), Illmind (producer for Dr. Dre, Eminem, etc), Symbolic One (Kanye West, Beyonce, etc.), Talib Kweli, Ahmad Jones, Tara Ellis, Ahmad, Wrekonize, !MAYDAY!, Phonte, Jazzy Jeff, among others.

However, by 2007, The Procussions had disbanded and I went solo under my MC name, Mr. J. Medeiros. I released my debut album, "Of gods and girls" on Rawkus Records later that year, and to my surprise, saw it become critically acclaimed, garnering 4 and 5 star reviews from major sites like HipHopDx, AllHipHop, URB, PopMatters, Vapors, and Okayplayer. 

With my background in community service (Americorps NCCC, Habitat for Humanity, and various community outreach organizations), I found that as a solo artist I was able to pour this passion fully into my work. 

The lead single from my “Of gods and girls” LP, "Constance", raised awareness for the issues of sexual abuse and human trafficking and was featured in a documentary which followed porn industry debaters Ron Jeremy and Craig Gross. This song  was also my talking point on the TLC reality show "Miami Ink"- where I received my "Forgive Us" tattoo.

From 2007- 2012, I ran my own independent label, did my own promotion, marketing, management, and learned to ride the ever changing industry/technology waves. I put out two additional full length albums: "Friends Enemies Apples Apples" and "Saudade" ("Saudade" being fully funded through Indiegogo, THANK YOU) and three EP's: "The Art of Broken Glass", "Pale Blue Dot", and "The Rockies". My new albums received the same level of encouragement and acclaim as my debut and I had some amazing experiences. I toured the world, I collaborated with some incredible artists whom I deeply respect, my fans supported my efforts in getting a video in rotation on MTVU, I won two IPMA's (International Portuguese Music Awards), and I even had a few songs in movies, MTV shows, VH1 shows, on Network Television, and in video games.

In 2013, The Procussions regrouped, started an Indiegogo Campaign, got fully funded, made an album, toured Europe, had a lot of fun, and are now focusing on solo projects.

It's 2014! Here I am! How long has it been? How long have I been doing this? Ha... 17yrs? Why stop the Mr. J. Medeiros "franchise" now? How is this campaign different than my last? on...


I've put out four projects with The Procussions, this will be my seventh project as Mr. J. Medeiros, and altogether I will have made eleven bodies of work under this name- not taking into account the 30+ features I've done. 

This name has been through a lot since 1997; it has endured constant misspellings, poor pronunciations, endless fighting to be heard, seen, promoted, mentioned, recognized, respected, and vigorously pushed by my own efforts to be more than a brand, a logo, a digestible advert for a commodity or a product.

Simply put, Mr. J. Medeiros is me - a real person, a human being, and like everyone else, made too awkward for any one dimensional description. I started so young, so ignorant to this business, and I never thought to see myself AS a business, or felt a need to separate my name from my person - to become a commercial entity, reducing my birth name to become a one-dimensional product. Unfortunately, I see that while this is my own stance, the entertainment industry holds the opposite to be true and has become increasingly built on depending on that disposable and one-dimensional model. 

This is not an issue of "complicated" vs. "simple;” it's a case of artistic evolution from any one state to another. I don't see the industry (let's be real here, the "industry" nowadays basically means any mass accumulation of potential "fans") as having any trouble with any ONE state of being, but rather it's the flux between one to another it doesn't care to support. Am I making sense? It's the growth or "in-between" time that's difficult to "market". 

For example, I've had a very difficult time transitioning from being overtly "Evangelical" and "Religious" in my earlier days to becoming (for extreme lack of better words) more "secular" and "philosophical.” I'm not speaking of the personal struggle - though it was difficult, I'm speaking as an artist, or what the industry views as a "brand" (a business), but here's the thing, Mr. J. Medeiros is not a business.

(NOTE: I still hold to the most primitive- or should I say simplest- facets of my Christian faith- but that's beside the point. NOTE AGAIN: See how I feel the need to explain myself, as to not lose the "brand". ) 

It’s possible that as an artist, I've attached and entrenched my personal life too deeply in Mr. J. Medeiros the rapper; so much so, that growth as a person feels like something I have to "market" to make real, and if the marketing isn't right- I'm made to feel my growth isn't either.

I hope I am being clear- I'm not retiring from making music, I'm retiring a name that seems trapped in it's industry debut.

That said, though I am excited about the possibilities of future projects, I am actually MORE excited about finishing this last Mr. J. Medeiros album! This is where I'm at right now and if there be any future steps- they won't start without this important one.

I hope you hear this album as the creative sum of my musical and personal experience and that you can feel the importance of your contribution.


This campaign is not about the music industry. Your contributions will not be going towards any attempts to make me "famous". It will not pay for a publicist, advertisements, tour, and/or any form of marketing. This album is not being made to play the industry game- this album is from me to you and for my family. 

I have had an AMAZING, truly immeasurable, experience as Mr. J. Medeiros! I have met almost every artist I've ever looked up to and have been humbled by some of their collective respect for my (And The Procussions’) work. When A Tribe Called Quest personally invites you on tour and says you remind them of their younger selves... fam - I felt like I could have quit right then and there. Haha. 

But accolades from the best, shouts from the crowd, acclaim from the media, and compliments from your fans don't always put food on the table- and contrary to popular belief, neither do millions of Youtube views, Soundcloud streams, and hundreds of thousands of "eh- hem" *free downloads.  : )

And though seeing the world is something a lower-income and community college dropout like me NEVER thought I’d ever be able to do, at SOME POINT, I have to make a living; I'd like to do that in a personal way, without resorting to gimmicks. 

I am making a record for myself, my fans, and my family.

For myself, to close the page on the Mr. J. Medeiros "franchise".

For my fans, because where would I be without y'all?

For my family, because I'm expecting my first child VERY SOON and I would love my art to buy (even if it's just a little) time away from this hustle.

It couldn't be more simple, honest, and un-industry like, and as you can see, I am willing to offer some valuable perks in return!

Where does the 15K go?

10K (absolute minimum): After losing my 7 yr old "workhorse "computer and subsequently all my music files for this album, as well as The Procussions studio space- I need at least 10K to meet the costs for re-producing (live session players, features, guests etc.), studio recording, equipment, mixing, mastering, merchandising, cover design, and food on the table. 

Food on the table? 

This has been my full time job since 2003, I know little else, and depend fully on my time to write music. I've made a small amount of room in my campaign goal for living necessities during the creative process. 

5K above minimum: Will go directly into buying time with my family. The music industry is a raging river, a constant struggle to ride- it would be great to take a few months to concentrate on this new step in my life.


NOTE: The "*SUPERSIZE" option located under all physical goods perks, gives you my, "Friends Enemies Apples Apples", "Saudade", and "The Art of Broken Glass" albums. ("Of gods and girls" is not included, it is sold out!)

NOTE: All international orders MUST add the additional shipping fee, specified at the bottom of the perk description of your choice, upon check out.

NOTE: Make sure you are using a working email address! We may need to contact you for T-Shirt sizes, shipping information, combo package choices, name spelling and pronunciation etc. (depending on the package).

NOTE: RELEASE DATE 01/15/2015! 

Why a 2015 release?

  1. It takes 2 months to secure the funding and gather the names to be put in the CD artwork, on back cover of 12" vinyl, and for the, "Shout Out Song", at the end of the album.
  2. My hard drive crash, and the need to update my equipment, delays the overall time for producing this album.
  3. I need time to record, write, and produce a new album from scratch.
  4. Album needs 2-4 weeks for mixing and mastering once finished.
  5. Vinyl, CD, and T-Shirt manufacturing needs around 6-8 weeks to complete. 
  6. All these factors lead us to a January 2015 release.


(picture of previous campaign)

Download A Month Before Release Date

You will be able to download my album and singles months before they are available to the public.

Unreleased Version of "Of gods and girls" 

In 2004, I wrote and produced the first version of, "Of gods and girls". By 2006, I had only kept four of the original versions and sent the rest to be remixed for the final version of the album. 

This is a collection of the original tunes never before released- including the original cover design!

Double Disc Digipak (Only 500 Made!)

Only 500 copies of my NEW double disc album will be made- total!

CD 1, my new album- CD 2, my previously unreleased EP's, "The Rockies", and "Pale Blue Dot" (never before available in hardcopy).

Name On CD Art (LIMITED!)

Your name will be incorporated into the inside cover of my CD art. There is a limited amount of space available and this is on a first come- first serve basis. If you'd like an example of how I did this before- check out The Procussions CD HERE.

Picture below is just an example of the lay-out of the CD, artwork is not available yet.

Album Art T-Shirt (Made-to-Order!)

This T-Shirt will have my new album artwork on the front. This is a made-to-order item, only available through this 60 day campaign, and will never be sold again. Example HERE.

Picture below is just a representation of a t-shirt, artwork is not available yet.

The 12" Vinyl (Only 500 Made!)

I've never had a Mr. J. Medeiros full length on vinyl. I've had a few singles, some features, and The Procussions have had quite a few full lengths, singles, etc., but I've never had a full album in this format. I'm excited, this will be my first!

Only 500 will be made! Keep in mind I and The Procussions have sold out of all our previous records to date.

Name on Vinyl Cover (LIMITED!)

This is a big one! You get your name incorporated into the artwork on the back side of my vinyl cover! Why is this a big deal? Well as you may know, and many music lovers will agree, vinyl is one of the only lasting tangible pieces of music history- still desired today. This is not just about music, it's also about becoming an artifact- something someone can dig up in an old record store in years and years to come... and they'll see your name!

Plus, it looks great when hung up as a piece of art.

Space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

Artwork is not available to be viewed yet- only an example of a record below, followed by a picture of some of my and The Procussions former LP's.

Drum Package

In the 17 yr span of my career I have collected, come across, begged for, bought, and borrowed tons and tons of drum sounds. I am willing to make 2 gigs available to anyone who knows what to do with them- make beats!

Lyric Sheet (VERY LIMITED!)

Never before available, and to prove just how special this campaign is to me, I am willing to tear out a page from any of my old or new rhyme books and personally sign and send it to you. 

Have a favorite song? Want a tangible piece of my art, my history? Here you go!

These are my real rhyme-books pictured below and I am currently writing in a new one for this album.


What's in a conversation right? Well, it is what you make of it. We can just chat, share thoughts and opinions on various subjects- or you could use this as a consultation. Maybe after 17 yrs in this business I might have some advice you could use. Need a rap lesson? A beat making lesson? Want to share your music? It's up to you! 50$ an hour with only 5 hours available.

I've paid A LOT more over the years searching for guidance from various professionals. 

Personalized Graffiti'd Box Truck (Only 10 Available!)

This is where it gets really unique! Hip Hop's ability to turn trucks into moving street canvas's is just one of the many ways we've invaded societies norms. I'd like to bring a symbol of this rebellion into your home in a  DIY 5" Box Truck "urban toy" replica- with your name on it, signed by myself and the album art creator, Nate Travis. 

You may know Nate from my, "Saudade" cover, "Pale Blue Dot" EP cover, and most recently, "The Procussions LP". He and I have always been big fans (and MAYBE writers ha) of Graffiti- and we respect this very important element in Hip Hop. We'd be happy to draw your name on here and fill the back of the truck with a page from one of my rhyme books!

Rap With Me (Only 4 Spots Available)

Mr. J. Medeiros (song title) feat. YOU!

Want to do a song together? Easy!

I will write and produce a group song with four open spots. I will send you the beat, you write and record your best 16 bars to it, and then send me your vocals. I will add your vocals to one of the open spots and BAM! Song done!

When all the verses are in, I will mix and master the song and make it available on my Bandcamp as a free download.

Exclusive Song (Only 2 Available)

If you've heard the exclusive songs we made as The Procussions, then you know this is a perk I take very seriously. I will write and produce a real song for you- your subject, idea, story- however you see this tune in your head. We will work together to make sure it's what you want.

CLICK HERE to hear examples!


Ok, this is crazy. In order to pay for my new equipment, I am willing to part with my old.

This is the first piece of musical equipment I ever bought and from 1997- 2011 every beat I ever made was on this! This includes "Constance, "Keep Pace", "Silent Earth", "Home", "Serious", "The Sailor", and more.

This sampler/beat machine is fully functional, has brand new crisp working knobs, and comes with an external Zip drive with guess what? A TON OF OLD SONG FILES! Yep, I think I still have the "Constance" samples on one of the 10 or so Zip discs I'll be sending you!

This is a vintage beauty, and the greatest producers know this... 

Sad to see it go, but happy to give it a good home! 

Can be signed if you'd like.


For the best value, you may want to look into the perks that combine multiple items together.

THANK YOU for reading!
THANK YOU for your support!
BE SURE your contributions are appreciated!

Mr. J. Medeiros

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