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Providing internet and computers to the new "Radio Community Learning Center" for all to gain basic education,self sustaining practices, recycliing, gardening
Bruce Lee
Little Corn Island
1 Team Member

Short Summary

  • I first visited the island in 1997
  • The quality of life on the island has become very important to me since I have friends and family there.  
  • Every little bit of help is very encouraging to people who have almost nothing. 

What We Need & What You Get

  • We are very remote here on the island and that drives up cost tremendously.  If a bag of cement cost $5 on the mainland, it will cost us at least $20 per bag by the time it reaches us 40 miles out. We need tools, generator, fuel, concrete, roof tin, nails, paint, electric wires, outlets, lights, fixtures, desks, basic supplies like paper and pens etc.  Electricity costs, Internet bill and most of all Computers.   We accept used laptops here in the USA which we repair and upgrade, then ship to Nicaragua from Florida via boat, then it reaches another boat in Bluefields, then lands on Big Corn island, then goes to Little Corn island and finally is received by our head of operations, DJ Rasta Punch.
  • Very small but very important is our live internet radio feed via ustream http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-likkle-i Here we need a mere $5 a month to remove annoying ads which ustream inserts into our programs. 
  • We want to buy and sell T-Shirts to raise funds 
  • Anyone who donates and happens to visit the island is welcome to go on a free snorkle expedition with DJ Rasta Punch as a thank for helping our community.  On this snorkle tip you can explor the Coral Reefs, search for real lost Pirate Treasure or Collect historical artifacts to display in the community center.  Also contributors and volunteers are welcome to take part in the community Radio Station as a guest DJ or take part in a talk show and speak about your experiences or ideas in the region.
  • No matter how much money we raise, it will all be used to improve the quality of life conditions in and around the Community Center. 

The Impact

  • This project has been exceptionally valuable to locals and visitors alike.  For example, we built our first building, the Radio Station about 5 years ago and I personally intended to focus on cleaning the trash from the beaches which were heavily littered at the time.  Now you can barely find any trash on the beaches.  Its a vast improvement since we started and everyone involved in exceptionally elated at our achievements.  
  • Through radio marketing, we have provided a means of advertising to the local businesses thus creating a positive business cycle to generate income for both the Community projects and for profit businesses alike.
  • After 5 years the impact of our efforts is obvious.  Both islands are much cleaner now, people are hearing our commercial where our favorite local Ras Ariel pleads to his good people not to throw their trash in the sea, but to use the new recycling system implemented on the island, or trash cans which are actually quite the quandary as to why anyone would use them. If you have ten or more years visiting the country you may have visited Bluefields, the main port city on the east coast.  This city, to me, was the biggest (possibly still is) problem with trash, where people couldnt care less about litter.  But after the "dont litter" commercial had been played,(which is aired on other sister stations in Bluefields) people began getting the message and caring about their communities again.  Its been very difficult for Nicaraguans since the war of the 80s.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • You can ship new or used laptops or other smaller and useful electronics to us in the USA.
  • Donate new Crypto-Currency such as bitcoin. Here is our bitcoin address: 1MuiBKwBF11fwk43h2WcVKUW7vxWFEMTH8
  • Maxcoin wallet: mT76sQFd3aTPiZFPkwqYYSMhR5ti9vYfR7
  • SolidCoin sRGM2FCabFsGAzwkKmsYfQXQf7Qvrt7Nk6
  • MinCoin: MQ4U55fqz5Johpvha2ADnxWMGkx15kMMpo
  • DevCoin: 1UCqSLmhG6JDYXoTnwEdQbzpft1bH48gB
  • XPM PrimeCoin: APGD8ZtrMpezsCVRcyeUdd17pD6bpDojqK
  • FTC FeatherCoin: 6mKCrqsvrUnwP88Jn4TgeNb5QFBynfnct9
  • CL CopperLark: Cab6p7q63csswgh6ziZQGTu4SEAzj9gk5b
  • PPC PeerCoin: P8eymvB43QJEmk2M1pYat5YAFnFfZgQ6Ur
  • WDC WorldCoin: WR8mVXrB7Vd9yxhUGXhFgkCmJNKftoZRuq
  • Email Letsworkunlimited@gmail.com with any ideas you may have 
  • Please share this site and use the Indiegogo share tools
  • Thanks to www.mcxnow.com/?r=youraccount

Every little bit is very encouraging, thank you!! Namaste

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