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The LAND ZEPPELIN makes bicycling in rain and winter conditions practical. A fun new experience!
James Gorman
Email Verified
Greensburg, Indiana
United States
2 Team Members

The Land Zeppelin

Innovative, Functional, Attractive

A Moving Sculpture

So new it hasn’t been revealed,

yet its inspiration is more than 100 years old.

Bicycling is the world’s most popular form of transportation.  Around the globe, bicycling is growing rapidly, fueled by concerns for health, the environment and simple economics.  New technologies make bicycles stronger, lighter and safer, but most innovations can’t promise benefits of added comfort, safety, and efficiency for the rider in all seasons.  The Land Zeppelin can provide all these.

The bicycle is more than 100 years old. The zeppelin is over 100 years old.  The idea of using a zeppelin-shaped covering to break cycling speed records is over 100 years old. The French Vello Torpille track bike set the 1 hour speed record of 52.3 km/hr (32.47 mph) in 1913. All three were revolutions in transportation for their time and their major advantages have yet to be fully realized − until now.

The Land Zeppelin is a zeppelin shaped cover mounted on a traditional bicycle, used as a practical method to enhance cycling in poor weather and increase speed. The timelessness of the human powered bicycle, combined with the aerodynamic advantages of the zeppelin produces a new experience and opportunity in personal transportation. Transforming all bikes into velomobile, when needed. 

The Land Zeppelin helps overcome a major problem faced by cyclists ... the WEATHER.  Rain and cold weather conditions limit commuting, recreational, and sport road riding.  Seasoned commuters and hardcore road riders may endure very tough conditions, train inside OR simply accept the loss of maybe half a year’s cycling.

A great SOLUTION- the Land Zeppelin − is a complete cover that allows full year around use of the bicycle.  Cyclists may never say “it’s too bad to ride” again.

The LZ provides these 3 performance features:

a) Protection from inclement weather which increases the use and enjoyment of the bicycle.

b) Safety.  When riding in inclement weather conditions, the LZ eliminates the need for cumbersome rain gear or umbrellas ... And, if you want it…

c) Speed- the LZ can make you faster by reducing wind resistance and drag.

THIS CAMPAIGN  Will Complete Step 2 below.

We have three major steps in the development of Land Zeppelin.

Step 1: Design and build a prototype to demonstrate and prove the comfort, practicality, and other claims.  DONE.  There were four iterations of the prototype that investigated different shapes, configurations, and materials.  The objective has consistently been to provide weather protection, safety, and aerodynamic advantages to the bicycle.  With more than two years of design, research, and testing, we are ready to take the Land Zeppelin to the marketplace.  We have completed all this and have no debt.  We need capital to proceed

Step 2: Design and build 50 beta test models.  PARTIALLY COMPLETE.  We have selected the new materials and have engineered the new, aerodynamic, and efficient egg-shaped design.  We have production vendors in place who will build the molds, fixtures, and the initial supply of components and parts that comprise the first pre-production units.  We choose to make no more than 50 Betas at this step to keep the quality high and keep good contact with you, our supporters. Most of these will be sold as perks in this campaign, others will be used as our demonstrators to influencers in the bicycle community to help us strengthen the product and make it even more desirable.  Getting through this step will cost approximately $50,000 according to bids and estimates from our suppliers.

Step 2 Budget:

Patenting      $10,000

Engineering and testing  $  8,000

Molds and fixtures  $12,000

Production of parts and assemblies  $10,000

Packaging and shipping  $  2,000

Administrative, legal, accounting  $  4,000

Contingencies  $  4,000


Step 3: Initial market entry and limited production.  THE HUGELY MEANINGFUL AND PROFITABLE FUTURE.  Our well-thought-out and researched business plan demonstrates that the launch of the sustainable Land Zeppelin enterprise, with a needed and wanted product, is the key to a successful and profitable world-wide enterprise. What we learn from you in Step 2 will enhance our customer service to be ready for Step 3. 

 This Indiegogo Project is STEP 2. With the feedback we will get- after these first 50 betas have experienced the latter half of the coming winter, we'll be able to make LZs for the rest of you. Support the LZ Project. Your support will make huge environmental, economic, and public health impacts to the world in which we live.  


James Gorman use statement- During the winter of 2013 to 2014, I rode a bicycle fitted with the Land Zeppelin prototype nearly every day in every weather condition. OK, I missed a couple of days- 10" of iced snow and -10dF, with weather emergencies exceed my bike's capabilities. This was a severe and extended winter season.  The Land Zeppelin prototype mitigated nearly all the impacts of rain, snow, sleet, and cold.  I commuted daily to my regular destinations: work, shopping, visit friends and relatives, meetings and appointments, and even out of town.  I live in the Mid-West US where most outside cycling stops in winter or other challenging weather conditions.

The prototype construction (photo showing open position) was a fiberglass frame covered with a flexible plastic.  It performed well and proved that the Land Zeppelin shape/concept works.  The production LZ is made of a tough, clear, high quality plastic Poly-carbonate.  The new technology as shown on the video allows us to use modular construction, use conventional shipping methods, and provide ease of assembly for "do-it-yourself" customers.  The new LZ has no interior frame, and develops its strength through the curved and molded fuselage shape. The new Land Zeppelin is light (anticipated 15 lbs same as prototype), durable, safe, and very sleek.  Assembly should be easy for those with moderate craft skills and basic tools. Perspective view shown below without nose cones, still under development. 


One of the first things we learned about our new hard shell design is that is it PERFECT for the application of printed graphics.  The LZ can be wrapped in a premium vinyl graphics material just like many businesses are doing with cars, trucks and storefront glass.  Giving you free promotion 365 days a year. 

This permanent application of business advertising may make the cost of this application and perhaps the entire LZ tax deductible- depending on your situation. We cannot assure this this deduction and recommend the advice of an accountant or tax attorney.  

Don’t have a business? …. Decorate with your favorite sports theme … a camo theme for hunters … and animal theme …  an environmental theme … a political theme … a school theme for students and alumni … an arts or graphics theme … and more.  Body wraps can also be applied to limit solar energy accumulation in the summer. 

We can assure you the LZ gets a lot of public attention and seeing your promotion theme on it will stick in their minds. See the options at www.landzeppelin.com      at the Custom Tab.


The ebike and the Land Zeppelin are perfect matches for the affordable and efficient hybrid commuting vehicle of tomorrow. The emerging ebike market often focuses on 2 groups: 1) Commuters who could travel further with an ebike, possibly foregoing a car; for the same use; and 2) people looking to get back into cycling but may need some power assist to get even more use and enjoyment.

Adding a Land Zeppelin to any bike, including an ebike, enhances consistent commuting and extends bicycle use and enjoyment.  The thrill of riding in adverse conditions (rain or colder weather) adds a new dimension to riding of all types, including ebike travel.  The LZ also allows riders to wear work or other regular attire on the ride ... and arrive looking presentable.


The world is full of different types and styles of bicycles.  With minor changes and augmentations to the basic design, we will be producing LZs for tandems, cargo bikes, children's bikes, and other personal transportation vehicles.  LZs for electric and manual wheel chairs are already on the horizon.    The fat tire bike- what a match!


This means lots of different things for lots of different people.  What could riding more days per year do for you?  What can it do for the entire world of bicycling?  The apparent answers are smaller individual environmental "footprints," more personal fitness, and less transportation cost.  Those are big, but there’s more to it than that.

Take a look up close at the 3 key performance features….


High performance clothing gear is available for those who wish to use it ... and wish to make the investment.

However, when facing headwind rain, regardless of clothing, the area around the face, neck, and chest takes a plunge.  Side vision may also be reduced if a hood type jacket is worn.  Inside the LZ cabin- the rider is covered.  Riders may sit in a comfortable, upright, hill climbing position (since you’re aero already) with plenty of power available for the ride.  For commuters - no need for a change of clothes upon arrival.  This also greatly reduces the impact of facing a cold headwind at 25dF or less.  Regardless of clothing, the area around your face, neck and chest takes a beating.

Inside the LZ is its own environment.  There is no wind noise.  Yet the shell does not block important outside noises.  It is easy to hear horns, sirens and audible traffic signals.  LZ riders can also easily carry on conversations with one another and others on the street.   


In design, the tradeoff for not covering the legs is good side wind performance and excellent performance against headwinds. The other design factor is that the legs are generating the most heat and can endure colder weather better.  Legs also tend to stay dry as they are mostly protected by the LZ shell.  In testing, without fenders, rain water impact was confined to mid calf and below.


Side winds of 15 mph and less are not a handling problem.  Wind hitting the side of a pipe or round shape has an aero coefficient of 0.30 (vs. 1.00 for flat), thus keeping this section round is important for side wind mitigation.  Of note, the aero shape of the LZ moving forward is theoretically 0.15 vs. 1.00 for flat, mitigating the main drag component in cycling- your body. 


In Rain: Vision reducing, stressful poor weather conditions may case cyclists to make poor decisions or to miss important danger signals.  Inside the LZ, cyclists are free of most weather-related stress and may calmly look around, enjoy the sights and sounds, and see obstacles or threats.  Besides being dry cyclists can ride more informed, calmer, and safer.

In Cold: The ability of the LZ to drop wind chill to no effect reduces wind chill stress and increases the ability to ride safely and stay informed.  Watery eyes are eliminated and the cold wind passes along the outside of the shell ... a unique experience and enjoyable sound.

Overall:  The Land Zeppelin provides protection from flying or falling debris.  In the event that the rider takes a “spill,” the durable polycarbonate shell is a protective barrier between sensitive flesh and harsh gravel, concrete, or asphalt.


The Land Zeppelin makes you faster in a couple of ways.

Somewhere around 10 mph you notice a speed advantage. You feel as if the speed you are maintaining requires less effort or you go faster with less power used. No wind noise in your ears. You find yourself in a higher (faster) gear than usual. You also coast faster- there seems to be an aerodynamic momentum going on. Because of this, brake pads seem to wear faster. This is true in all wind conditions- headwind is mitigated. What about hills? Straight up hill you may notice the additional 15 lbs, but downhill your speed will increase to the point you may want to brake and slow it down. In the beta testing we intend to prove and graph this phenomenon by graphing speed vs. watts in various conditions and have beta users likewise verify.

The second way the LZ makes you faster is increased cycling fitness. During the winter season, your cycling fitness level may decrease- arriving at spring slower than you were in the fall. Mitigating this effect requires extra equipment, or time at the gym and neither is as good as being out there on the bike. Using the LZ over the winter lets you continue riding outside and arrive in spring at a fitness level equal to, or greater than you had in the fall.  



We created the Land Zeppelin based on personal needs and the needs witnessed in others wanting or needing dependable, year-round, bicycle transportation.  We are committed bicyclists and advocates with life experiences that uniquely fit us to the Land Zeppelin Project. Jim is a design engineer, creative thinker, entrepreneur and one that thinks outside the regular boxes. Mark is an economist, behavior scientist and business councilor who can find solutions to problems which are not being identified or discussed in traditional major media. Yeah, we’re American Baby Boomers who question things. We do not accept the norm we see today: one 3500 pound car per person, traffic congestion, poor air quality, putting the bike in the garage all winter and obesity rates through the roof.  We were presented with a need and given the talents, timing and assistance to find the solution.  It has taken about two years, most of our available capital, financial assistance from friends and family, and the influence and assistance of our talented friends to get Land Zeppelin where it is today. The Land Zeppelin prototype has taken on a life and soul of intelligence. It has proven to be a vehicle of self sustainability and environmental responsibility that few others have observed. This is a mindset and an opportunity we wish to share with the world … with YOUR help.

This campaign, to raise money for the first beta test models, is THE turning point in the evolution of the product and the business.  We have proven the Land Zeppelin’s value and promise to ourselves. We have also come to realize the value and promise that the Land Zeppelin has for others … all across the globe, in developed and developing countries, in different age groups, among persons with different economic and environmental values, and for future generations.  The earth is not getting any larger.  The population is ever increasing.  The challenges are becoming ever greater.  Opportunity for Land Zeppelin is at its greatest RIGHT NOW.  For us, the Land Zeppelin is our dream.  For billions across the globe, the Land Zeppelin is a dream come true.  We have a responsibility to those billions who can benefit from the dream.  

So what will your contribution accomplish?  WOW!?!?!  How big a difference would YOU  like to make???  Try some of these possibilities:

·  You can help millions of people get to work more efficiently, to be more productive, and to support their families EVERY DAY.

·  You can make the bicycle a dependable year round work or recreational vehicle.

·  You can help well-meaning yet possibly unfortunate people commute to work and live normal lives with adequate access to year-round transportation. This includes suspended drivers- approximately 3% in US. 

·  IF you get the Beta, besides supporting the LZ and what it can do- YOU get the thrill of riding outside 365 in new conditions. Commuting or training, we know nothing compares with outside riding. 

·  You can help mitigate one of the most dangerous threats to the future of human kind, energy consumption.  Land Zeppelin users consume virtually no energy with their vehicles … this means NO fossil fuels, NO electricity, NO solar power.  As a result, energy that might otherwise be destined to transportation is now available to homes, businesses, community assets, public safety, and other beneficial uses for society and local communities. 

Where could a greater opportunity exist?  The Land Zeppelin is essential to many of the underlying causes of strife in the world including economic fairness, environmental justice, and personal physical health.  Progress often comes in small steps and your contribution will increase the stride of all steps we are making in all these important areas. 

Most importantly, we won’t forget you.  You have the option to donate anonymously, or to allow us to know your name.  WE WANT TO KNOW YOU!!  We want to know who you are, why you support us, and how, when the time comes, to properly thank you for your generous support and “pay-it-forward” attitude.  We want to know how you might possibly benefit as a Land Zeppelin owner or how you might use your Land Zeppelin knowledge and support to make Planet Earth an even better locale for billions of current and future residents.


Our needs:

The huge potential impact of Land Zeppelin hinges on a relatively small amount of money, $50,000.  As we said earlier, it is ESSENTIAL that we build the first beta test models to introduce the Land Zeppelin to the world bicycling community ...  tens of millions of cyclists in hundreds of countries, people who are dependent on their bicycles every day for their livelihoods, cultures seeking to maintain traditions and values, individuals and entrepreneurs using their bikes for commercial advantage, parents relying on bikes to provide necessities for their children, conscientious colleagues eager to make the world a better place NOW and for FUTURE GENERATIONS.

We need and want your support … financial and otherwise.  In addition to raising money, we are also grooming a cadre of connections and professionals who can help bring a profitable product to market and that will impact the lives of millions.  We are at a critical point concerning money and the dawn of an opportunity for those of you wishing to contribute other assets to our cause.

For You- The Perks:

Clearly, fulfilling the perks to you is the best opportunity we have to build a relationship with our first audience and connection to the world. You have a demonstrated interest in Land Zeppelin and chances are you know like minded people. Customer service to you is our first priority when the campaign ends. 

Let’s be honest, all fund raising perks are marked up a bit (school projects, running T shirts, etc.), as are ours. We can therefore afford to get these perks to you and it will be a reflective time for us. A time for us to reflect on each contributor as we stuff packages, meet with suppliers, send email thanks, make the beta models and communicate with you.

All perks are created locally by craftsmen, artisans, engineers and small businesses within a 40 mile radius of our base- we know these people. That's right- all made in the USA in Indiana, an area known for quality craftsmanship. This is the best way we know to keep quality high and assure we can fulfill on our promises to you.


Land Zeppelin is uniquely positioned to improve the quality of life for millions across the entire and across a full spectrum of ethnicities and economic groups.

·  Starting with you … our contributors … Be a part of something new and huge.  Maybe you can even be one of our first beta testers … let us know!

·  Bicycle commuters around the world and in your home town will have a new alternative for using their bikes year round to maintain their health, save money, reduce congestion, and enjoy the cityscape.

·  Communities eager to become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient will be reducing carbon and particulate emissions as the use of automobiles for daily travel is reduced.

·  Economically underprivileged people everywhere can get to work, to appointments, and enjoy the ability to move around their communities at will.

·  Legal offenders without drivers licenses can become more productive with access to personal transportation.

·  Sport bicyclists who want to ride faster and more often … can.

·  Bicyclists in developing nations and remote geographic locations can also enjoy the weather protection benefits with the bicycles they already use intensely and daily. 

We want to make Land Zeppelin a key factor of 21st Century quality of life … and make it visible to the world.  Imagine something YOU helped create … everywhere you go!!!


We have studied, researched, designed, redesigned, built, rebuilt, interviewed, presented, introduced, unveiled, and promoted the Land Zeppelin for more than two years.  We have had Associated Press news coverage and have been featured in Internet publications and blogs in the U.S. and Great Britain.  With every exposure comes more enthusiasm and support. 

We spent months thinking through and writing our business plan.  We interviewed other engineers, other bicyclists, community leaders, environmental activists, business people, and friends and advisors.  Can something go wrong?  Of course!  But at this fairly advanced stage of the game it isn’t on the horizon.  Our business plan advisors and the hundreds of others who have come in to the Land Zeppelin fold all say the same thing: “Get the money, build your product, and it will be a huge success!”

And that something that may go wrong … if it arises, we’ll see it and tackle it. 


Please help get the message out there! Blast the Land Zeppelin around the world. Fire all of your guns at once and explode the LZ into cyber space.

If you’ve read this deep, chances are you’re a LZ Supporter, or you have caught the LZ fever. We’re counting on you to circle the world and re-broadcast the message- Land Zeppelin, ready for Take Off.

We’re asking you to put all your contact forces to use- we know you’re good at this. We think it’s safe to say, sharing and posting the Land Zeppelin Launch will generate traffic to you. Start the silent and efficient human engine. It’s a powerful thing. 

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Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Thank You

    Thank you for supporting the Land Zeppelin Project. We are very curious about who you are, where you're from and your interest in this new cycling product. The spectrum of who you are intersecting with why you support us makes any designer's mind swim. We've thought of you many times- so glad to meet you. As with all perks, you become one of our most prized contacts. We will keep you updated on all things Land Zeppelin. It will be our pleasure to send you a personal email.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $13USD
    World's Best Socks with Logo

    Custom Made Cycling Socks with LZ Logo knitted in on each side of ankle. Reflex Blue background (same as LZ Cycling Jersey) with white LZ Logo. Made for us by FBF Originals in Martinsville, Indiana. FBF is sock maker for the pros- licensed with NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. The best, most comfortable and longest lasting cycling socks.

    0 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $18USD
    Your Name On It!

    Your name on the Land Zeppelin Project, historically. We will print your name in permanent marker on P3, the trusty and historical prototype of the Land Zeppelin. With the advent of the new design, P3 will never be used again and become a sculpture which once lived and now rests. If all goes as planned, P3 will be in a museum, or at the corporate office lobby with your name. We’ll email you two photos. One of P3 with the names and one of your name up close.

    0 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2015
  • $27USD
    Classic Cotton LZ Logo T Shirt

    Classic Cotton T shirt with LZ Logo. This is a quality brand shirt, supplied and printed by a local sporting supply, Game Plan Graphics. Black or white with contrasting LZ Logo centered front chest. Sizes S to XXL. View examples at www.landzeppelin.com The LZ Logo is an original artwork of Co-Founder Mark Keillor.

    0 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $32USD
    Active Fabric LZ Logo T Shirt

    Many enjoy this modern fabric, it wicks moisture away while staying wrinkle free. Black or white, with contrasting LZ logo centered front chest. A good look and feels great. Supplied and printed locally. Sizes S to XXL. View at examples at www.landzeppelin.com

    0 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $70USD
    LZ Logo Classic Cycling Jersey

    Classic Cycling Jersey: Color Reflex Blue, 50 cm invisible zipper, three rear pockets, 130 gm birdseye polyester fabric, silicone waist gripper. These jerseys will be custom printed by www.bikejerseys.com near us in Bloomington, Indiana - "the finest Custom Bicycle clothing in the world". Men's and women's sizes XS to 4XL - European Cut. Printed logo of the LZ on front center chest. We'll keep you updated on artwork,

    0 out of 400 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $100USD
    International Beta Shipping

    Weather conditions can be challenging anywhere in the world. Wherever you are, we want you to have the LZ. Indiegogo extends world wide and LZ is a worldwide product. Please choose this Perk if you are outside the Continental US for the Beta Package. It is only needed for the Beta Package- not other perks. We've allowed for some shipping costs in the Beta Package Perk. If we don't need the full cost of this perk for shipping, we will offer you a coupon for LZ products for the balance.

    0 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2015
  • $550USD
    Artistic Wrap for Beta Model

    Are you getting the Beta? Great. Want to go all out and add your company logo or other artwork? www.greensignco.com , an award winning graphic artist and sign company will apply premium vinyl graphics to the LZ. Choose this perk when you choose to get LZ Beta. Send us your artwork and we'll have it placed on each side panel- creating a moving billboard for your interests. The cost of this option may be tax deductible for your business. See details at www.landzeppelin.com, at the Custom Tab

    0 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2015
  • $975USD
    The Beta Package- Own IT!

    Beta Test Package. Get it first, use it first, be a design researcher, and truly support creativity. Ride 365. This is the same new molded design model we will be showing at cycling events and trade shows. Our heartfelt appreciation for your support at this level- you are bringing a new product to the world. Outside the Continental US please choose the International Shipping Perk. Come January 20, 2015- you won't be saying- "It's too bad to ride" again.

    0 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2015
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