La Petite Maison

I am a twelve-year-old building a tiny house for a school project to live simply and inspire others to do the same.

Short Summary

Why do people live tiny? Is it to simplify, or is it an economic decision? Whatever the reason, people have been downsizing their lives for many years. By simplifying their lives they have found inner happiness rather than external happiness in the form of the materialistic ideals.

My decision to build a tiny house was partly economic, partly the desire to be free. Freedom to me means I can support myself in a sustainable way. Building a tiny house can give me stability, possibly for the rest of my life if I build the house well. Building a house would give me the life skills that really matter, such as using tools for construction. Building the house I can know what labors go into a home and truly appreciate what I am living in.

I was first introduced to tiny houses by Deek Diedricksen; his videos showed me that I could build a house with next to no money and still have it be comfortable and inviting and my own. I took his inspiration and modified it to design a house to live in full-time.

What We Need

The money that you contribute will go immediately into building materials. Let your imagination go wild - we need materials from the ground up and the inside out. If it goes on a house, we need it!

All contributors will be invited to and honored at our open house in May 2013.

The Impact

This project will be a model for many kids (and adults alike) who want to take the next step to building tiny. I hope it will inspire people to live smaller and more simply and to shed all the excess in their lives.

Other Ways You Can Help

We are learning as we go; we need expertise in all areas, including but not limited to plumbing, solar and electrical work. If you are local to Marietta and want to donate time and knowledge, please send an email to info@honeyfern.org.


If you want to know more about my school and progressive, project-based education, please visit our site at www.honeyfern.org.

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