L is for Liberation Radicalphabet poster

The L is for Liberation Radicalphabet is an alternative alphabet poster intended to teach little ones big ideas about building a better world.

The L is for Liberation Radicalphabet poster

The L is for Liberation Collective is a group of five Chicago-based friends, artists, and activists — Leora Abelson, Liz Cook, Lee Jacobs Riggs, Erin Moore, and Jeannette Perkal — responsible for organizing and curating the Radicalphabet poster. The project started over a year ago, while brainstorming gift ideas for a friend’s new baby. We wanted to give something that would reflect the social justice politics of the family and their community. But we realized there weren’t too many radical baby gifts out there, and so, together we birthed the idea for the Radicalphabet.

This project grew up around kitchen tables and in back-yards, on road trips and at living room dance parties. We chose 26 social justice concepts that represent diverse identities and movements, and then reached out to artists across the country to illustrate the letters. We are so excited that Katie Rains, Benjamin Stabler, Liz Wuerffel, Beth Gutelius, Ellery Russian, Mat Defiler, Sandie Stravis, Zoe Cohen, Julio Salgado, Joanna Schuman, Ruby Thorkelson, Alynn Guerra, Elisa Armea, Malic Amalya, Justin Alves, Jenna Peters-Golden, Chris Campe, Raquel Rodriguez, Andrea Larson, Ariel (El) Springfield, Laura Szumowski, Fabian Vasquez, and Kd Diamond signed on to contribute their artistic talents! Check out radicalphabet.org to get a full size glimpse at their amazing contributions. Now we’re in the final stages of making a fabulous poster that truly is a collective vision of liberation.

The L is for Liberation poster isn’t only about making a gift for a friend. Our hope is that educators, parents, caregivers, and other grown ups can use the Radicalphabet as a springboard for conversations with little ones about ideas of community, resistance, power, and difference. We want to offer the Radicalphabet as a teaching tool to orient young people toward social justice.


How you can help make it happen (and get cool stuff along the way)

This is where you come in! We hope to raise $2,950 to cover the cost of printing and shipping the poster. In addition to making it accessible to individuals, we want the poster to reach grassroots organizations and communities. We also want to send a free copy to each contributing artist. Plus, we want to honor the values represented on the poster by printing it through Salsedo Press, a local shop that uses eco-friendly methods and fair labor practices.  

With donation levels starting at $1, any amount you can give helps bring us closer to making this collective project a reality. And by contributing to the campaign, you will receive thank you gifts such as your very own copy of the Radicalphabet poster, fun swag like buttons and patches, and other art by contributing artists.




You can help nurture the Radicalphabet by spreading the word to your community and social networks. Share our video, like our facebook page, and talk us up on the town. Your support will help us plant these 26 small seeds of liberation in our many communities.  

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