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The team at Hope Tech Global combined the latest advances in technology to create a unique product: KULUMI. It is the first of its kind and it will help create a brighter tomorrow for millions of people living in the Developing World.  

KULUMI's features include:Kulumi

  • Powerful 400 lumens LED light (equivalent to a 40W light bulb)

  • Lights up a 20m2 room

  • Dimmable light output that prolongs battery life

  • An Audio Player with 2GB of internal data that can hold up to 120 hours of audio content (Expandable to 32 GB)

  • Unique audio management system that speedily delivers 5 customizable blocks of content

  • Built-in 2W speaker that enables a crowd of up to 20 people to hear audio content

  • 5V USB output for charging mobile phones

  • 10wh battery that provides 2h - 40h of use

  • KULUMI is rechargeable via either a 3W Solar panel or 9V - 20V DC

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 Kulumi Functions

HTG TeamHope Tech Global is staffed by a multinational team from 6 countries. This provides us with a strong global network. Our team is committed to deliver services and products with excellence through continued innovation and persistence.

Our mandate is clear: to continuously strive to provide Hope through Technology on a Global scale.

Our goal for 2013 is that KULUMI will impact 100,000 families in the Developing World by providing them adequate lighting, audio education and training in their own language.

You can help us achieve this goal by picking a perk located on the right hand side. Every contribution counts, no matter how small it is!

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What We Need & What You Get

We have already secured the financing for tooling and have established a supply chain that can handle a production volume of 1,000,000 units a year. We have started our plastic injection tooling and are currently gearing up for a trial run of 500 units that will happen during January. The trial run will be held in strategic locations in Africa and Asia.

We now need about $80,000 to jump start our mass manufacturing that is scheduled for March next year. This amount needed is equivalent to about 3,000 units which is a decent batch size to get KULUMI mobilized for the Developing World. Our mass manufacturing will start at a slower rate if we fall short on reaching our fund raising target.

Your support to our project will make KULUMI a reality for people living in the Developing World, and you will be one of the first to enjoy the benefits that KULUMI offers!

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The Impact

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Hope Tech Global has been in business for 4 years and we have a vast network of suppliers. We have developed products for many customers over the years, however, we came to the point where we realized that we can make better use of our resources and time. Thus we decided to focus our efforts on creating products that can make a difference for people living in the Developing World.

KULUMI is the result of our passion. The combination of a battery powered powerful LED Light and a high quality Audio Player provides several benefits.


Use Case 1

The LED Light enables children to study at night, prevents accidents in home and helps one get around in the dark.

The Audio Player provides a platform for Audio Education and Entertainment. Many people in the Developing World are still illiterate and this capability enables them to study.  Content can be downloaded via a USB interface and you can quickly access different kinds of contents via 5 customizable segments of content.

Use Case 2


KULUMI includes a Li-Ion battery which means you can use it anywhere. It has a flexible recharge setup which allows you to either charge it via a solar panel or 9V - 20V DC input. So whether you are in the outdoors or connected to a stable or unstable grid you can always be sure that you can use KULUMI.

KULUMI also comes with a convenient feature that can allow you to recharge your phone via a 5V USB output. Most people in Developing World went from no access to a land-line to a mobile phone. There are many places where the mobile network is up but no grid is available to recharge their phone. KULUMI caters for this need.

KULUMI is ready, and with your help we are going to make a dent in their universe. Pick a perk located on the right hand side and lets make it happen!


The Last Mile

Last MileWe realize that one of the most significant challenges of helping people in the Developing World is to cover the last mile and get the help to them. HTG is answering this challenge by working with organizations based in the Developing World. We are also in the process of creating a distribution system. This distribution system is built around empowering a like-minded individual who will be able to distribute products that bring Hope in their community. With this model HTG can control costs and ensure that the people who most need the product can actually get it at the best price.

The first wave of KULUMIs distributed in the Developing World will be targeted at urban centres. These areas typically have access to some power. It is also likely that rural families here have a member or a relative living in an urban center. Thus KULUMI has a chance to reach rural areas via these relationships. This will be one of the many distribution strategies we will be implementing.  The goal is to first establish a beach head in area where there is some resources before moving deeper into the rural areas.

Your support towards KULUMI is very important. By picking a perk you are helping us launch KULUMI, scale mass manufacturing and gain the needed momentum to go deep into the Developing World!


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Ways You Can Help

This campaign is all about creating awareness and rallying global support for KULUMI. Your support is very important and will help accelerate the deployment of KULUMI in the Developing World.

Please support KULUMI through picking one of the perks located on the right hand side!

Alternative ways through which you can also show your support:

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Kulumi Accessories Standard Accessories

Accessories provided with every Kulumi:

  • USB-USB cable (to download audio content)

  • 3.5mm Audio cable (to play music from another device)

  • AC Adapter (100V-240V)


Optional Accessories:3W Solar Panel

  • 3W External Solar Panel

  • 8GB micro Sdcard


Kulumi Crowd Funding

Reward Options

Add $8 for a 8GB micro SDcard. (Applicable for any perk > $50)

Add $19 for a 3W solar panel (Applicable for any perk > $50)

Add $10 to any perk to add support for the trial runs in South-Africa

Add $35 to any perk to sponsor the production of one KULUMI for someone living in the Developing World. . You can pick any of the following countries: Azerbaijan, China, Cameroon, India, Indonesia, South Africa, or Tajikistan. Our champion in that country will provide you with a report to show who were the recipients of KULUMI.

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Hope Tech Global has prepared a global logistic solution to help deliver your reward to your country. The rewards will ship from 4 warehouses located in the USA (L.A.), EU (London), South Africa and Hong Kong. You may have to pay additional duties and VAT when receiving the reward shipment should your country be outside the region of the warehouse.

2GB provides about 120h of audio content if the audio is encoded at 32 kbit/s. Music is typically encoded at 128 kbit/s which is equal to about 30h of on 2GB memory.


How to Use Kulumi

Below is some extracts from the Kulumi User Manual.

How to use the Light


How to use the Audio




How to charge you Phone



Can you tell me more about Kulumi's battery life?

Kulumi has a rechargable 10Wh Li-Ion battery. It is possible to CHOOSE the degrees of illuminations depending on your circumastances. Being tri directional, you can illuminate one, two or all 3 sides, and then have the option to have them at 10% , 25% , 50% and 100% fullly illuminated. For each one of these the battery life will differ.

Below is a breakdown of the battery life using lamp at various brightness settings:

Battery Life

The Audio Player can be used for 14h at 100% volume if the light is not used.

Kulumi should charge two phones to 100% capacity (phone dependent).

What is the bulb life like?
Kulumi consists of high power LEDs that have a long life. The minimum life of the LEDs at 100% brightness is 5 years. At lower brightness settings you can easily stretch the life of the lamp to more than 10 years. The above estimates is based on using the lamp for 4h everyday.

Kulumi has 3 sides that produce light output which adds to its robustness. Should one side fail after 5 years then the other sides will continue to work.

Why is the solar panel not integrated into the Kulumi enclosure?
Kulumi has a large Li-Ion battery (10Wh) and a small built-in solar panel can not sufficiently charge it. Thus an external solar panel allows you to fully charge the battery. You can locate the solar panel in a convenient place and you do not have to leave your Kulumi in the sun. This allows you to continue using it indoors while it is charging.

Does Kulumi have a strap or handle?
The 3 metal rods actually forms a very good handle. You can also use the metal rods to hang it on from a hook, nail or branch.

What is the weight and size of Kulumi?
Weight: 400g (0.9 pounds)
Size: 115mm x 105mm x 155mm (4.5" x 4.1" x 6.1")


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Legal notes

KULUMI patents:

KULUMI and the “ Rising Sun” logo are Hope Tech Global trademarks.

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