KUBI: Saving The World From Awkward Video Calls

Break free from the shackles of static video calls.

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KUBI: Saving The World From Awkward Video Calls is sponsored by Lemnos Labs, a hardware incubator based in San Francisco.

BIG NEWS! We are excited to announce that WE HAVE RECEIVED A $50,000 CONTRIBUTION!!!

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KUBI is a remote controlled desktop stand for your tablet that adds hands-free convenience and a dynamic social element to video calls. Friends, family, and colleagues can use KUBI to control their view through your tablet camera from anywhere in the world while video chatting.

Chat with Skype, FaceTime, and other video clients while controlling KUBI through our web app, or use our video chat app with fully integrated controls. With a KUBI on your end you can experience hands free video calling, and your friends can be empowered to follow the action around the conference table, kitchen, nursery, or wherever video calls normally take you. 


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Two Ways to Control KUBI


KUBI is compatible with your favorite video client, and it can also be used with our integrated video app. Read below to find out how it works.

1. With other video clients… 

Controlling KUBI with any video chat service: Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, ooVoo, Fring

a)   From a Laptop

Connect your video call using your preferred video client*. Then, simply log in to the KUBI Kontroller at meetkubi.com on your web browser and use our intuitive positioning control grid interface to direct your video feed from the KUBI tablet’s camera.

b) From a Tablet or Mobile Device

Connect your vieo call using your preferred video client*. Then, log in to the KUBI Kontroller at meetkubi.com in a web browser with any other smartphone, tablet, computer or iPod. You’re now free to control your own video feed via our intuitive positioning control grid interface. 

KUBI Grid Controller that allows absolute position control

Tap on any square to move the KUBI and change your video feed. Each square represents a unique position on KUBIs pan and tilt range, so you can tap one square to direct your view to that position, or use the arrows to make smaller step adjustments to your feed. 

2. With KUBIs integrated video app on your touch screen device…

Video calling with the KUBI app is simple. Just download from the app store and create your username. Connect your video call to your friends, family, or colleagues and then tap your touch screen to center the video feed in a new position. 

KUBI tap to center user interface control


KUBI robotic pan and tilt motion design

  • Fits tablets 7.9" to 10.6" screen size (iPad mini to Microsoft Surface) in both portrait and landscape
  • Smooth motion of 300⁰ pan and 90⁰ tilt driven by precision servo motors
  • Geared center design for easy, one handed tablet mounting
  • Wall powered or on-board battery for approximately 4hrs of use
  • Most tablet charging ports accessible while mounted in KUBI
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connection - no cable compatibility issues!
  • Does not interfere with other Bluetooth audio devices
  • Open motion control API, compatible with any OS - anyone can create new applications!
  • Injection molded plastic body with a durable finish
  • Arms and plate are bead blasted, electro-polished and anodized aluminum
  • Removable base plate for travel
  • Standard tripod screw mount for use on tripods and photo-clamps

Tablet mount portrait and landscape with iPad mini and iPad


KUBI is for Hackers, Too

Kubi for Hackers

A special version of KUBI is available for developers interested in integrating KUBI’s functionality into their apps. This Hacker Kit will ship in February 2013, and will include servos, circuit boards, structural and mounting pieces, power adapter, and all assembly hardware. The Hacker Kit will provide all necessary components for a fully functioning KUBI, however the mounts on this version are only compatible with iPad 3 and iPad 4 in portrait mode. Other tablets can be connected through Bluetooth.






Where We’re Going

Kubi Prototype Iterations

After multiple prototype iterations, we have designed a KUBI that is very close to the final product. The prototypes shown in the video and images are real and fully functional.

Up to this point, prototypes have been laser cut and 3D printed, but latest iteration is injection moldable once the tooling is ready. The electronics are very far along, can reliably connect to iPads via Bluetooth 4.0 and drive the motors. You can test them too, we're holding regular LIVE DEMO sessions regularly, email info@revolverobotics.com to set an appointment. 

Our current software displays the core functionality of the final product. It can send motion control commands from a graphical UI over the web through iOS with output using Bluetooth 4.0 to KUBI. We routinely Skype with a KUBI that lives in New York from our homes in San Francisco and it is SA-WEEET!

We need your help to transition from prototypes to production and finalize the iOS application.  

The process of bringing KUBI to you will include: 

  • Design for manufacturing
  • Building production tooling
  • Further prototypes and production validation samples
  • Safety and compliance testing
  • Further software development
  • Distribution and fulfillment


How can I try one?
We’re holding open demo hours each week so you can log in, take KUBI for a spin, and have a real-time QA session with us! Open hours are listed above, please email info@revolverobotics.com to schedule an appointment.

Will my tablet work with KUBI?
KUBI is compatible with all devices that run Bluetooth 4.0, so you can use it with any tablet from an iPad to a Microsoft Surface. KUBI’s first production release will come with an iOS app, following with an Android version, and we are confident that the development community will creat apps to run KUBI on all other operating systems.

Will KUBI charge my tablet?
In order to maximize KUBI’s flexibility as a tablet stand, we have not included charging capabilities. However, KUBI is designed so that the charging port for most tablets is readily accessible during use, so you can charge your tablet with your original cord.

Can KUBI work with my smartphone?
Yes! KUBI is compatible with any device that runs Bluetooth 4.0 and has the free KUBI app. We’ve designed a smartphone adaptor for KUBI so you can run it with your phone. Once we solidify the manufacturing cost of this, we will add it as a reward.

Will the app include motion tracking for “follow me”?
We’ve created stretch goals as appendices to our $100k production goal in this crowdfunding campaign. If together we can raise $200k, we can make motion tracking and “follow me” a reality for the first production release of KUBIs! 

Will my non-iPad tablet work with KUBI? 
KUBI is controlled using Bluetooth 4.0, so any tablet that has Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility will be able to connect to KUBI. We are creating an iOS app to coincide with KUBI’s first production release which will be followed with an Android version and we confident that the development community will create apps to run KUBI on other operating systems.

What happens the goal isn't met? We are committed to delivering KUBI to everyone that orders them. In the case that we are unable to deliver your KUBI as promised, we will refund your contribution in full.


Who we are

Hi! Marcus and Ilya here from Revolve Robotics, a San Francisco based start-up creating robotic platforms for today’s tablet computers. We first met as colleagues at Artificial Muscle, Inc. where we commercialized AMI’s Electroactive Polymer technology. Many products we’ve worked on together focused on enhancing user experience of touch screen and gaming devices with a high fidelity haptic feedback technology called ViviTouch. That startup was successfully acquired and we decided to take our personal passions in robotics and consumer electronics into creating Revolve Robotics and KUBI. 

Revolve Robotics Founders Ilya Polyakov and Marcus Rosenthal

Marcus: Previously worked at SRI International on biologically inspired walking, jumping, climbing, swimming and slithering robots for the US Department of Defense and commercial applications.

Ilya: Has led a successful combat robot team on the Comedy Central TV series BattleBots and later worked in industrial automation, building assembly robots as well as creative projects from electronic sculptures to electric skateboards. 


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