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Under $100 and setup in minutes. Introducing First 1-piece Door/Window Sensor, easy to apply!
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Korner - Home Security Anyone Can Use and Everyone Can Afford

A security product for your apartment or home, designed so anyone can use it and everyone can afford it.  Includes iOS and Android App.  Manufacturing for public launch has already begun, and delivery is scheduled for August of this year.

Priced for everyone:

$59 up front, $39/YEAR for 3 Tags - you can buy extra Tags if /when needed!

Or just $39 up front, $39/YEAR for 1 Tag - great for students or upper floor apts!

Easy enough for anyone:

Our 1-piece window and door sensors, or Tags, stick easily to your door or window.  No aligning or messing around with old-fashioned 2-piece sensors!

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Who Korner is For?

  • Renters
  • Homeowners looking for something affordable
  • Students
  • Parents - buy it for your kids who have moved out; buy it for grandparents living alone
  • Vacation home renters and owners
  • Traveling workers

Our Innovation

The corner-piece of our patent-pending innovation - The Tag.  It uses an combination of sensors that allows a slick one-piece design which, compared to the traditional two-piece sensors, works better, simplifies installation and enables an entirely new design ethos:

  • Looks better - Our unique design consumes less power, which permits smaller batteries, and a smaller Tag.  And it's one piece, no more fumbling with pairing and aligning.  And its contoured shape blends nicely with the surrounding frame!
  • Works better - We more effectively discern between vibrations and actual entry, so less false alarms!
  • Applies more easily - Stick them snugly into the corner of a door or window.  Then pop them off and put them in your pocket when you move!

Smartphone App

Once an intrusion is detected, two things will happen:

  • The Stick will let out a piercing screech to ward off the intruder and alert you if you are in your home (i.e. sleeping)
  • You will instantly receive an alert on your smartphone app that will include two buttons:  one to call the police, the other to forward the alert to your friends, family and neighbors.

Korner allows the user to pre-populate their app from the contacts in their phone with friends, family and neighbors such that any alerts can be instantly forwarded to the user's community, or Security Circle. This supports an inherently social form of Neighborhood Watch and provides a basic platform for communities to interact.

The App allows you to Arm and Disarm the system from anywhere that you have smartphone reception.  In addition, you can set an Arm/Disarm schedule so the system will automatically Arm and Disarm around your regular working hours.

The App also monitors the battery life of the Tags, and the App will automatically notify you when the batteries reach critical levels.

How Korner Works

  • Ease of Use - The Tag sticks neatly into the corner of door or window, while the rounded edge contours nicely with the frame – no more aligning.
  • Detection - The Tags, once applied to a door or window (or anything else for that matter), will detect motion and wirelessly notify the Stick, which is plugged into a router and communicates with the Internet.
  • Notification - In the event of an intrusion, an alert will be sent to the user’s App. The user will be provided the option of calling the police and/or forwarding the alert to their Security Circle – a pre-populated list of the user’s family, friends and neighbors.
  • Alarm - The Stick also emits a piercing tone when an intrusion is detected, which can be disabled from the App.
  • Arming/Disarming - The system can be armed and disarmed remotely from the App.
  • Portable - When you move, just pop the Tags off your doors and windows, and re-apply them in your new place.
  • Control - The system can be controlled from either the App or a computer.

Patent-Pending Technology

  • Performance - Sensors in the Tags discern actual entry from heavy vibrations, thus reducing false alarms.
  • Power - Our innovative power management technique supports a 2-year battery life using a small quarter-sized battery (CR2450) that will be replaceable.  The Stick is powered by a standard USB charger.
  • Unique Design - Our Innovation enables an entirely new design ethos, compressing the old “paired” magnetic sensors into a “1-piece” Tag.
  • Wireless Protocol - Tag communicates with Stick using industry standard Zigbee
  • The Workshop (where it all started):

Why Did We Create Korner?

The original inspiration for Korner came from a conversation I had with a couple who were considering home security.  They were a dual-income couple, both college educated.  They were renting an apartment and recently had a child.  They had shopped around for home security for some time, and even had someone come to their home and provide them with a quote.  Yet they finally decided not to purchase anything, because all the alternatives cost more than they were willing to pay.

After hearing this story it struck me - if this dual-income, college educated couple can't afford home security, WHAT ABOUT EVERYBODY ELSE?!?  This thought sat with me for a number of weeks, until I finally decided to do some research.  Here's what I found:

  • Adoption of Home Security for homeowners with household incomes above $100K is over 30%, and climbs over 40% for higher income brackets
  • Adoption among renters and mid to lower income homeowners is in the low teens
  • The rate of break-ins rises steadily with each lower income bracket 

It was clear that the industry was failing to provide home security to those who needed it most.  The solution had to be both inexpensive and very easy to use.

So I assembled a bunch of engineers and we set to work on the problem. The first step was to identify a core set of features that are considered essential to Home Security. The second step was to use technology to make a solution with these basic features as cheap and easy to use as possible.

With a lot of hard work (and a little sensor and hardware expertise), we were finally able to come up with our patent-pending solution, comprised of our Stick and 1-piece Tag, controlled by a smartphone app.  All designed from the beginning to be as inexpensive and easy to use as possible.

But something interesting happened along the way.  An intense focus on simplicity produced an industry first, the 1-piece door and window sensor.  What surprised us was the wonderful design flexibility that sprung from this very functional innovation. Form follows function, as they say, and that was certainly the case for us.  Not only do we believe that we have created something practical and useful that will expand the adoption of Home Security, but it looks great too!


Steve Hollis - CEO. Steve started out as an electronics manufacturing engineer.   He is most recently with Amazon in AWS cloud services, and was previously with their Retail Operations group.  In the interim, he was a banker covering communications technologies firms, ranging from early stage startups to large publicly traded companies. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Chris Doughty - Director, Electrical Engineering. Chris’ experience as an Electrical Engineer includes work with the original Xbox game controller, industrial and appliance controls, and solid state laser research.  More recently he was the Director of Electrical Engineering at X2 Biosystems, where he led the design and development of a radio telemetry system for monitoring head impacts to athletes.  He has a BS and MS from the University of Washington in Electrical Engineering.

Jed McCann - Director, Mechanical Engineering. Jed’s background is in mechanical engineering and manufacturing.  For close to 2 decades he has worked in product development, helping to launch everything from wearable health devices to satellites.  Jed has held a number of roles, including Director of Product Development at X2 Biosystems, that designed a wireless, MEMS-based product to detect concussions for athletes.  He has an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford.

Robert Snook - Director, Software Engineering. Rob is a veteran Firmware Engineer who has developed products such as head-mounted displays, hospital glucose meters, a 3-D charting platform, Xbox peripherals, optical tracker gaming mice, instrumented sports mouth guards, and a micro-fluidics lab platform.  Most recently, he was the Director of Software Engineering at X2 Biosystems writing software to track sports helmet impact telemetry from player to cloud. He has a BS in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Washington.

Nick Vallidis - Director, Software Engineering. Nick Vallidis is a specialist in embedded software and sensor processing. He began his career at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute developing perception and control algorithms for off-road unmanned ground vehicles and in the Autonomous Helicopter Lab. More recently, he worked at X2 writing the firmware for the impact-sensing mouth guard including the design of a low-power, frequency-hopping radio protocol. Nick has a PhD in Computer Science from UNC-Chapel Hill and a BS in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon.

Robert Chung - Marketing Manager. Robert is focused on marketing, including media outreach and social media strategy. He is a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, Cum Laude. 


What do I get for $39/year?
The annual fee allows you to link to our servers. We will be constantly monitoring the health of the your system, and notifying you of any potential problems. In addition, features of our App include:
  1. Arms and Disarms system
  2. Ability to manage Tag Setup process
  3. Monitors battery life of Tags
  4. Notifies user of intrusion, allows them to respond with the press of a button by either calling police of forwarding the notice to the user’s Security Circle
  5. Allows the user to pre-populate their app with contacts for friends, family and neighbors (we call this the user’s “Security Circle”), such that any alerts can be instantly forwarded to the user’s personal networks
  6. The Security Circle supports an inherently social form of Neighborhood Watch and ultimately provides a basic platform for communities to interact (similar to NextDoor).
Note that we are much cheaper than other solutions, with a first year cost under $100, whereas most others are over $200. Korner is taking a different pricing approach which makes it very easy and affordable for someone to get a start with home security.
Are the batteries in the Tags replaceable?

Yes. And the CR2450 batteries are widely available in retail outlets everywhere. As part of our patent-pending approach, we carefully manage power consumption during the life of the Tag.  As a result, the tag is designed to last 2 years.  Our App will monitor the batteries and notify you when they need to be replaced.

Which smartphone operating systems will you support?

Initially we will support iOS and Android.  We will consider other operating systems based on demand.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping and handling is free for the US and Canada.  Anywhere outside US and Canada will require an additional $25 USD.

How big are the Tags?

A straight edge of the Tag is 2 3/8" and it is 5/16" thick.  They weigh less than half an ounce.

Where do the Tags go on the doors?

The Tags should be applied on the top corner of the door, away from the hinges (not above the hinges).  The Tags can go on either side of the door, as long as they are not exposed to the elements.  For external doors, they should be applied to the indoor side of the door, not the outdoor side.

Can I add more devices to my previous order or upgrade my package?

To upgrade your package, just go to the Support perk and add the difference. We will match up your contributions and get you the right package.

To purchase more devices (such as extra tags or extenders), just go to the Support Perk and add the corresponding contribution.

What if I forgot to add International shipping to my order?

Go ahead and click on the Support perk and contribute another $25 USD. If you can, note that your contribution is linked to another order. But regardless, we will connect your contributions prior to delivery and give you credit.

Do the Tags come in different colors, or can they be painted?

The Tags only come in white currently (although that may change), but they can be painted.  In fact, we have specifically chosen plastics so that they will be receptive to paint.

How are the Tags applied to Doors and Windows?

There is a reusable adhesive on the back of the Tag.  So all you need to do is stick the Tag on the corner of a door or window, and you're done!  And when you move, just unstick them, put them in your pocket, and then reapply in your new home.  It really is that easy!

Can I name each Tag during setup?

Yes indeed.  During setup your are given the option to name each Tag, after you have applied them (i.e. Front Door).

What is the range of your product within the home?

We are currently achieving ranges of 100ft from Stick to Tag, and we are pushing to increase that prior to final delivery.  In addition, we offer a Extender for those who have bigger homes.

How many Tags can a Stick support?

The Stick can currently handle at least 25 Tags. 

How do the Tags communicate with the Stick?

The Tags communicate with Stick wirelessly, using a standardized in-home wireless protocol called Zigbee.  Zigbee is a broadly used wireless protocol.  In fact, it is quite possible that you already have other electronics in your home that use Zigbee.

Is Korner difficult to install?

Not at all!  In fact we don't even like using the word install, because it sounds like too much hard work.  No more guys with tool belts rolling up to your house in a van.  Setup is super simple: plug our Stick in your router or modem and stick our Tags on your doors and windows.  That's it, you're good to go in minutes!

What if multiple people live in my home?

Not a problem, and no additional cost.  You just need to make sure everyone downloads the free App.  Then everyone can arm and disarm the system remotely.

How do I arm and disarm the system?

That can be done from either the App or our Website.  You can arm and disarm the system whenever you want to, from anywhere that you have smartphone or internet access.  And to make life easier, we will offer a calendar where you tell our system to automatically arm and disarm the system based on your regular schedule, such as when you leave and come home from work.

Will pets set off the alarm?

No (unless they know how to open doors and windows - which is incredible).  Our system will only notify you if a door or window is opened, so pets inside the house will not set off the alarm.

Will my system interfere with a Neighbor's system?

No. At setup our system initiates a pairing process that ensures only your Tags will be allowed to communicate with your Stick.

Will this product work outside North America?

Yes.  This product should work for anyone who has a router or modem for their home internet service and a smartphone.  An Ethernet port is required, which is standard on all home routers and modems that we are aware of.

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