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Short montage video documenting an avid social media user's experience in South Korea using Google Glass.
Julian Joseph
2,966 Facebook Friends
Korea, Republic of
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Previous trips to Japan and Korea:

at DMZ at North/South Korean Borderat DMZ at North/South Korean Border


A short video montage about my experiences in South Korea. I intended to collect footage throughout the next year in South Korea and post it online for others to see. At the end of this year I plan to collect this footage together into a single montage that documents my experiences and gives a unique perspective based on my somewhat eccentric interests (see "About Me" below).

A new family friend I made in Kobe/KyotoA new family friend I made in Kobe/Kyoto


I recently entered and WON a chance to be one of the first people with Google Glass. My winning submission (pictured below) explained how I hope to use them in South Korea and around Asia when I move there at the end of this year. I'd love for you to be a part of that experience!

from my sobering trip to Hiroshima Peace park (site of first atom bomb explosion during war)from my sobering trip to Hiroshima Peace park (site of first atom bomb explosion during war)

About Me:


In front of the Gundam in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
In front of the Gundam in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
Standing next to an honorable South Korean (technically in North Korea)Standing next to an honorable South Korean (technically in North Korea)

My Winning Submission:

Winning Photo for #ifihadglassWinning Photo for #ifihadglass

A few More Videos I've Made:


Risks and challenges

I feel quite confident about this project. It is simple and straightforward and I've made many like it. However, this will be the first on Google Glass!

My biggest concern is getting employment in South Korea, but I am quite confident in this area as well. I am leading classes in English here in America already, have gotten my TEFL 120-hour English Teaching certification, and have worked for 5 years in the education department at my university. I am told by many that there are many jobs for me. The only thing I can think of holding me back is nuclear war!

*special thanks to Roger Tam who encouraged me to make this project happen!

**special thanks to Natalie Tsai for photoshopping a pic of me with Glass

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  • $10USD

    Inclusion in credits of the short montage! Also, my forever gratitude :-D. Furthermore, if you ever see me you are free to try on Google Glass!

    2 claimed
  • $25USD
    Dedicated Mini Video!

    I will dedicate a mini video within a year's time about something interesting to you. (i.e. If you like cars, I will make a short video about cars in Korea.) At the very least I will throw a special verbal thanks to you in a video to you! [Please email me what are interested in learning about Korea with you name (let me know if you want it to be anonymous in the video) and I will do my best to document it: Julian88Tex@gmail.com] *Also, everything from the lower reward amount is included.

    2 out of 20 claimed
  • $35USD
    Postcard from Korea!

    Postcard & personal note of something dear to my heart in South Korea. Most likely relating to North Korean refugees or unity between North and South Korea. (Please email me your name and address: Julian88Tex@gmail.com) *Also, everything from the lower reward amounts is included.

    0 out of 20 claimed
  • $50USD
    Test Drive!

    If we are in same city within a year from now I will do my best to meet up with you time willing. Contact me beforehand and we can spend as much of a day as possible (at least 3 hours) with you trying out Google Glass and hanging out with me :-D. I will do my best to keep my google plus or facebook updated with my location and do my best to give you notice of my close vicinity. Often will be in Seoul area or Austin, Texas for short visits. *Everything from the lower reward amounts is included.

    2 out of 15 claimed
  • $100USD
    Item from Korea!

    *Everything from the lower reward amounts is included. Plus a small item of you choice from South Korea that is easy to acquire worth $10 or less. (Please email me your name, address, and desired item: Julian88Tex@gmail.com)

    1 out of 5 claimed
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