The City Lead: A better way to walk your dog in the city. An adjustable-length leash with features designed for the urban environment.
Brandon Hatcher
West New York
United States
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The City Lead by Konalu

The City Lead by Konalu was designed from our experience walking our dogs, Kona and Lucy, in and around the city. We needed to be able to adjust the length of our leash easily for different environments— from the park to a crowded farmer's market with tempting treats at nose-height. At the same time, we wanted to have the strength and safety of a webbing leash. We combined these ideas into the City Lead with additional features used regularly in urban environments.

The City Lead:

City Lead Benefits


  • Length can be easily adjusted with a sliding cam buckle.


  • Quickly tethers to any sturdy pole, bench, etc. using a metal buckle built into the handle.


  • Can be worn as a belt or crossbody while your dog is off leash.

  • Uses strong nylon webbing for safety and style.

  • Comes in 4 fun and stylish colors:  Lime Green, Grey, Raspberry, and Blue.

Make sure to check out our infomercial style video in the gallery to see these benefits at work!

Why and How We Made It

We love to go everywhere with our dogs, and walking the streets of New York is no exception. It was on these walks that the flaws of standard leashes really stood out. As we observed other people, we saw we were not the only ones with these issues. We noticed leashes wrapped around hands, not retracting, twisted around dogs, and tied in knots around makeshift tether poles. All of these are unsafe solutions to common problems. We set out to make a leash that would address these issues once and for all.

We started out making prototypes using bits and pieces we could sew together ourselves, and using Kona and Lucy as test subjects on walks. When people started coming up to us asking where they could get a leash like ours, we knew we were on to something! We used computer modeling to perfect the design of the sliding buckle, found a manufacturer that could meet our high standards of strength and durability, and had prototypes made in our signature Konalu colors.

We've now filed our patent and extensively field-tested the samples. With your help, we'll manufacture the City Lead and finally be able to share it with dogs and their people in all cities big and small!

We appreciate your support!  Please help spread the word by using the buttons at the top or sharing the link:

Update:  Why the city lead?

Advantages over fixed-length leashes

  • Adjustable length- You decide the length needed depending on your dog and situation.  Shortening the length works great for crowded sidewalks,  farmer's markets, elevators, street corners, and meeting new dogs.  Adjust longer for parks and leisurely strolls.
  • No more leashes wrapped around hands that either unravel or are pulled tight when your dog decides to move.
  • Included tether- The built in tether buckle handle is great when you want sit at an outside cafe with your dog, enjoy a park bench together, or run in to grab a drink and your dog can’t come in (we only suggest this where you can see your dog).  
    • No more knots or lifting heavy tables and chairs.  Just open it up and clip it on; all without unclipping your dog and risking their safety.  And because the length is adjustable you can shorten the lead, so your dog can't run into the street.
    • The tether buckle also opens the handle and allows bag dispensers, key rings or other items to be held on the handle.  You can also hook leashes together in this fashion.
  • The loop at the end of the leash makes it convenient to wear the leash while your dog has a chance to run.  No more having to carry it around or trying the weave it through a fence.
    • Some customers have even expressed a desire to wear the leash when they are without their dog.

Advantages over retractable leashes

  • Retractable leashes are really extendable leashes.  How easy is it to to retract the leash once your dog has fully extended it?
  • The city lead adjusts to a fixed length that you control, not the dog.  There is no chance that Fido will see a squirrel across the street and pull out the full length of the leash trying to chase it.  This keeps you and your dog safer as you have control over how far he can reach, so he can't jump into the street unwittingly.
  • No bulky plastic housing needed.  The city lead contains its extra length all within the leash length negating the need for a bulky plastic case and handle.  You also get the comfortable feel of a soft webbing handle that's been doubled for extra padding.
  • The tether function and loop at the end of the City Lead have the same advantages over retractable leashes as they do over the fixed-length leashes as listed above.

Update:  Color requests will be sent out after the campaign.

Kona and Lucy

About Us

We're two designers who love to take our dogs on walks where ever we are— city, country, mountains, etc. We believe smart design solutions can make life easier for dogs and their people, and we plan to explore these ideas with Konalu.

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