Knockaround Class Acts

Buy a pair of Nacho-inspired sunglasses designed by 5th-grader Vanessa, and help fund art education!

Buy a pair of Nacho-inspired sunglasses designed by 5th-grader Vanessa, and help fund art education at some much deserving elementary schools. 

Knockaround is a sunglasses company based in San Diego, California.  We've been around since 2005.  Through the years we've worked with some amazing people and some amazing brands.  We've been featured on notable websites like InStyle.com and Hypebeast.com.  We've been mentioned in periodicals like Complex and GQ.  Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Natalie Portman, and Ashton Kutcher wear our sunglasses.

This year, we decided to launch a new charitable program called Knockaround Class Acts.

Knockaround Class Acts aims to donate money, resources, and art supplies to local, underfunded elementary schools.

Art is a crucial part of companies like Knockaround and plays a significant role in our daily surroundings.  But unfortunately, we’re seeing funds, resources, and classes for art education in public schools rapidly disappear from the national landscape. That is why it is so important for us to do what we can and show young students the artistic career opportunities available to them in the future.

The winning design.

With the help of ArtReach, our partnering non-profit organization, we visited three local San Diego elementary schools, and collected designs from over 250 fourth and fifth graders.  After much deliberation (there were lots of really great designs), we decided we couldn't pass up 5th grader Vanessa's Nacho design.  Great job, Vanessa!

Buy a Pair!  Here is who you'll be helping.

100% of the proceeds from this campaign will be donated.

Each of the three elementary schools that submitted designs will be awarded 15% of the funds to pay for new art supplies and art lessons.  A $1000 educational scholarship will be awarded to Vanessa for her outstanding design.  And the remaining money we raise will be donated to ArtReach, our partnering non-profit organization, which facilitates visual art education in underfunded elementary schools around San Diego.  Read more about ArtReach here.  

Trust Us.  We've done this before. 

Working with young designers is not a new idea to Knockaround. In 2012, Knockaround held a design contest at a local elementary school. The 5th and 6th grade students designed their own pair of sunglasses and the Knockaround team selected a single pair to put into production.

Amongst the designs was a standout pair of "Shark Attack" glasses created by 6th grader Sebastian. The Shark Attack sunglasses were produced in a limited edition of 200 pairs, and all 200 pairs sold out in under an hour. $5 from every pair sold contributed to a $1,000 donation of new art supplies for Sebastian’s school.

Based on the success of the Shark Attacks, we knew we had to expand this program. 

The details.

Once the campaign is complete, Knockaround will produce the winning Nacho sunglasses and ship them directly to everyone that supported the cause on Indiegogo.com

We expect the Nacho sunglasses, and all of the other rewards, to ship by late Spring 2014... so everyone that contributes will have their sunglasses in time for summer!  

As an extra special reward, if you donate at the $100 level or above, we'll include a re-issued pair of the famous Shark Attack sunglasses from 2012.

International Donations

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship perks internationally, however, international contributors can still donate to our campaign.

Help us spread the word!

Even if you're not in a position to contribute, you can still help us spread the word about Knockaround Class Acts by telling your friends about our campaign. Share this page using the share buttons above and help us maximize our donation!

Limited Perks

Throughout the campaign we will be adding limited offer perks. Like Knockaround, many of our collaborating partners have an affinity for art. A few of them have helped us create special donation perks which include past Limited Edition sunglasses: 

1985 Chicago Bears-inspired Limited Edition Streaker Sports Shuffle Fort Knocks, presented by Streaker Sports. 15 available.

Throwback San Diego Padres-inspired Limited Edition Bring Back the Brown II Fort Knocks, presented by Product Etcetera. 5 available. 

Golden Gate Bridge-inspired Limited Edition Benny Gold "1937" Fort Knocks, presented by Benny Gold. 5 available. 

Aloha State-inspired Limited Edition Pow Wow Fort Knocks, presented by Jasper Wong, Founder of Pow! Wow! Hawai'i. 5 available. 

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