Knix Wear: High-tech, multi-tasking underwear

FASHION. FUNCTION. FIT. Introducing the new standard in women's underwear - designed with women's needs in mind. Changing Underwear For Good™

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A special thanks to our incredible 518 pre-order supporters, including Canada's largest department store - Hudson's Bay. We can't wait to share our product with you. www.knixwear.com

We believe it's time your underwear did more.

That's why we're changing it for good.

What has your underwear done for you lately? Chances are probably not that much. We want to change that. We're committed to making underwear that’s as comfortable as can be, beautiful to behold, and technologically state-of-the-art. So that you can feel good, look great, and have the confidence to take on whatever life throws at you.

Every pair of Knix Wear features Fresh Fix Technology. A thin yet super absorbent gusset, it wicks away moisture and naturally eliminates odor, keeping you feeling fresh and dry all day long - without the feeling that you're wearing anything other than your most comfortable pair of undies. 



We've created 3 lines that do whatever you're needing to do.

Whether you want to hit the gym, the nightclub, or the boardroom, there’s a pair that will sync with every aspect of your life:

Knix is our everyday basic that is anything but basic. It’s your essential pair of underwear that multitasks just as much as you do. 

Knixy is lovely lace lingerie that can go from morning ‘til wherever the night takes you. Feel fancy and fresh for as long as you desire.  

FitKnix is the ultimate workout underwear, maximizing movement and comfort while integrating moisture wicking technology throughout the garment.


Fashion Function Fit

The principles of the Knix Wear brand.

1. Fashion

We want to make women’s lives easier, so it’s essential that our underwear is easy to love. A big part of that is making it as beautiful as possible. Working with a well-established lingerie designer, who has experience designing for the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Gap Body, and Nordstrom, we believe our designs are just that. And, after travelling the world in search of the best fabrics, we are thrilled to see them come to life.

2. Function

We have developed an incredibly discreet and effective gusset that can be seamlessly integrated into underwear. We call it Fresh Fix Technology.  It wicks away and absorbs moisture, and eliminates odor. And with a 100% cotton top layer, it's extraordinary technology that doesn't feel out of the ordinary against your skin.


3. Fit

From demure to cheeky, we've created a range of styles that will fit yours.

  • Bikini: A classic, low-rise bottom that hugs the body with just the right stretch.
  • Thong: A less is more look with a revealing rear that’s there where it counts.
  • Boyshort: A streamlined fit that features more coverage and a snug feel.
  • NEW! High-Waist Brief: A retro fit, sitting higher on the waist for increased coverage. 

Each style is available in your choice of black or nude, and come in a wide range of sizes.   

New Size Chart

Combine that with our three different lifestyle lines, and there's bound to be a pair (or more) that you will love, love, love.

Just take a look. 


FitKnixOn top of getting your pair before anyone else, we've included some exclusive extras to thank you for your support.

The Knix Wear lingerie wash bag: keep your favorite knickers looking lovely.



Minisoaks of Soak Detergent: modern care for the lingerie you love.

Mini Soaks


The Story:

The inspiration for Knix Wear came while looking into a more suitable underwear solution for the 1 in 3 women who experience the occasional light leak also known as stress incontinence. In the process of developing our technology, we discovered that it could be slim enough to fit into any style of underwear. And that the benefits it offered would be appreciated by more than just 1 in 3, but 100% of women. 

We want to keep the conversation going.

Launching Knix Wear is just the first step. Whether or not you're able to support us at this point, join us as we continue to revolutionize what your knickers can do.

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A Special Thank You To:

Consul Media – For the videography

Kris Goojha - For the beautiful designs

Jennifer Jansen - For ensuring our product fits just right

Workplace One - For letting us shoot on location

INSEAD Professor & Students - For your support and inspiration

Soak Wash - for providing us with some special perks 

Cristiano Morroy – For the stunning photography

Whitman Emerson – For their superb branding

And to the hundreds of women whose input has helped us get Knix Wear to where it is today.



When will my product be ready?

We are targeting a July delivery for all finished goods. We are confident that we will meet this timeline as we have been working with our manufacturing partners for a few months and have finalized our patterns and designs. 


When do I get to pick my size and colour? 

We will send you a link once the campaign has been completed where you can pick your desired size and colour.


How does the product eliminate odor?

Fresh Fix TechnologyTM features silver threading which naturally kills odor-causing bacteria. 


How much can the product absorb?

Every pair of Knix Wear knickers can absorb up to 3 teaspoons of liquid at any one time. The bikini and boyshort styles have a larger gusset and therefore are able to absorb even more than the thong style.


What kind of research have you done?

When coming up with the product requirements we did a mix of primary and secondary research. Primary research consisted of doctor, physiotherapist and continence society interviews as well as speaking with hundreds of women in person, online and via surveys. Secondary research included reading medical journals and information created by national continence organizations. 


Where can I learn more about stress incontinence? 

A great place to start is the resources provided by the National Association for Continence in the US. http://www.nafc.org/bladder-bowel-health/what-is-incontinence/what-every-woman-should-know/ 


Will Knix Wear fit me if I'm pregnant?

Yes, all of our underwear is designed to sit below the belly for a comfortable fit no matter how far along you are. But for maximum comfort, we recommend the Knix line.


Do you plan on making additional colours and styles available?

Yes! We have plans in the works for additional colors, sizes and styles. But we'd love your feedback, so if you have anything in particular that you would love to see, just let us know. 


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