Knifestone: Book One

The first collection of my comic series, Knifestone.

Our Story

My name's Evin and for about the past 2 years I've been self-publishing the all-ages fantasy comic Knifestone over at http://knifestone.net, the third chapter of which is wrapping up, and it's time I put out a for-reals book. I've been doing some hand-stapled, photocopied editions of the first chapters as I go, but it's time for something better.

I've weighed my options decided to go with the comics-centric digital printing service Ka-Blam (http://ka-blam.com). I'm only looking to do about 100 copies of the ~176 page book which will cover me for the few conventions I attend, sending out to publishers, selling on the website, stocking at the bookstore I work at and the few comic stores in town, and then some. Of course, if I manage to exceed my goals the first priority is to bump up the number I can print.

The Impact

Helping me fund this print run will not only help me monetarily but, almost more importantly, will be a pretty big boost emotionally. I've got a nice little readership (about 100 or so weekly) which is awesome and I appreciate it, but I don't get a ton of feedback and I'm pretty quick to get down on myself and feel like I'm doing this for nothing. I'm super happy pushing through those feelings (I've only missed half a week in the past two years and that was 'cuz I was really sick) regardless because I care enough about the story to tell it and comics and storytelling in general are what I want to do with my life, but it'd be really, really nice to just feel that I'm making enough of an impact that a few kind people would be willing to throw some dollars my way to make it happen.

What We Need & What You Get

The costs for my run are pretty meager - just shy of $500 or so. I've also got some travel costs and stuff for the convention in May I'm attending and want the book printed in time for (http://www.vancaf.com/), but that's about it.

If I don't hit the final total then I'm still going to print the book, but only about 50 copies or so which I can probably swing on my own (just under $300 or so). So because I'll be printing regardless of how much I make, everyone will get their premiums no matter what.

Other Ways You Can Help

The best way you can help, honestly, is to read my comic and tell your friends if you like it. Tweet it out, join the Facebook fan page, throw things (responsibly and with attribution, plz&thx) on Tumblr, leave some comments on my website, whatever. My whole goal in printing books and getting out there and doing shows is just to get people to read my stuff. If all you can do is talk about me, that's really all I ask, and I'm eternally grateful.

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