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Help me finance my Kiva Fellowship to Chile, make a donation to my campaign. This opportunity fulfills my dream to work abroad & promote sustainable change.
Esther Honig
oakland, California
United States
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         WATCH MY GOODBYE TO OAKLAND VIDEO HERE                                        

What I'm Doing 

The Kiva Fellow position plays a crucial component in the international operations at Kiva. Without volunteers like me, Kiva would not be able to work in so many different countries and serve so many people.

Every four months a new class 20 or so Kiva Fellows is carefully selected (this class of candidates were pooled from 250 applicants). These Fellows take off to many different regions of the world where Kiva makes loans--Africa, South East Asia and Latin America--to visit with Field Partners (local Microfinance Institutes that work on the ground to distribute the loans raised on

In my case, I will be working with Fondo Esperanza, a microlending Organization in Santiago, Chile.

My job as a Kiva Fellow: 

*watch my other video for more info and details here 

Assure that Fondo Esperanza complies with the high operating standards set forth by Kiva

Visit the borrowers of Kiva loans and document their stories for use by the organization

Seek out new Field Partners in Chile to strengthen Kiva’s impact in the country


What Exactly is Kiva?

Kiva is a non-Profit microlending organization that facilitates small loans to people all over the world—60 countries to be exact. These low interests loans of $500 to up to $5,000 provide entrepreneurs with the crucial capital they need to sustain their business or get it off the ground.

At you can search through hundreds of borrower profiles—farmers, shopkeepers and entrepreneurs—select one, and lend them as little as $25 to help crowdfund their loan. At the end of the loan term that money will be paid back to Kiva and returned to you—the lender, so that you can lend again and again.

Kiva has made $386,267,025 in loans with a repayment rate of 99.01%


 Kiva loan recipient

Kiva Borrower

Why is this important?

"To me Kiva is an empowering force that grants disenfranchised populations the opportunity to transform their own lives. The work of Kiva builds on a story of individual perseverance and human connection, all while fostering mutual respect and cultural awareness.

What Kiva accomplishes everyday inspires me to contribute on a level that is both fulfilling and effective, first as a Kiva Intern and now as a Kiva Fellow."

- My motivation statment 


What I Need

As a non-profit organization Kiva has asked that I provide my own funding, this includes…..


Plane tickets--currently $1,300 Oakland to Santiago round trip


Rent and utilities for eight months--$400 for a room in an apartment = $3,200 in total

Food--$70 a month = $560 in total

Cellphone--$50 initial purchase plus monthly service of around $40 = $370

 Plus travel expenses and lodging as I travel around the country to visit with Kiva borrowers—conservative estimates at $750

Emergency funding--$200


As a recent college graduate I cannot finance this entire trip on my own. The only way it can be made possible is through the generous donation of those who support me and the work of Kiva. 


Other Ways You Can Help

Do you know anyone in Chile who might serve as a good contact for me? I’m navigating a new country all by myself so any contacts are useful.


Do you have frequent flier miles you’d be willing to send me that can cover my plane ticket to Chile?


Can you lend me a high quality digital camera? I need this to take pictures to be used in my blog and for Kiva’s website.


Can you lend me a broadcast quality handheld recorder for making podcast? (I’m also an aspiring radio Journalist) 

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