What happens when the unexpected crosses your path? Enter Jared and Tony, both struggling with a cryptic, traumatic past.

Hello friends, I am reaching out to you to help me fund my short film, Kitten.  This film will be shooting in February in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This is my directorial debut and, without the support of my friends and family, I wouldn't be where I am today.  My director of photography, Jesse Harbold, is a recent graduate of Compass College of Cinematic Arts and has been working in film for quite a few years.  Together, we hope to create a unique, visual story.  Producer, Bradley Michael, is a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University and was so gracious to come aboard to lend a hand with his extensive experience in the industry.  With the help of your donations you will be supporting a local independent film, along with the creativity and talent of those working to make Kitten.


What happens when the unexpected crosses your path? Enter Jared and Tony, both struggling with a cryptic, traumatic past.  The former copes and the latter drinks.  The two paths cross when Jared serves Tony the stimulate he craves night after night.  This time Jared has a decision to make, is it chance or is it destiny?  Kitten is a deeper look into a man's soul.


Kitten is a revenge drama short film.  Estimated running time 18-20 minutes.


I want to explore a darker side of Jared.  The internal struggle of ones thoughts and emotions are not easily portrayed, yet I am seeking the unique opportunity to show a visual expression of the character’s state of mind through a distinct visual style.


What We Need & What You Get


For our film, we are asking for a budget of $4,000.  This will help with rental fees (i.e. camera equipment, lighting, sound equipment, dolly), actors, crew, transportation, craft services, and any post production costs.  With this budget we believe we will be able to achieve the objectives we seek to in the creation of Kitten.

By making a donation:

  •  You are supporting local filming and contributing to an idea and script I've been passionate working on.  For me, you are giving me the chance to make my vision a reality. 
  • As a 'thank you' and our gratitude, we wanted to give each level of contribution a certain perk because without your support, we wouldn't have a film!


The Impact


Everyone has to start somewhere.  Yes, this is my first short film.  My experience leans towards the field of acting.  I have been acting for the past twelve years on the stage and in front of the camera.  I have directed stage plays, but, of course, films are different.  I have spent some time behind the camera working as gaffer and in the production department on a few projects; I'm not a complete stranger.  I know this will be a challenge and I am ready for it.  I believe I can make this film a success because I know what I want.  I know the direction and style I want to give this film.  I do not want to make this film look or feel like any ordinary short film.  My dedication, vision, and drive gives me the gumption I need to make this a success.  With your help and support you are giving me that chance to make this count.

Other Ways You Can Help

Can't contribute?  That is okay!  We appreciate the fact you even checked out our campaign.  On that note, we ask that you share our page with your friends and spread the word of about Kitten.  Whether it's through email, facebook, or word of mouth, getting the film out to the world is just as important as donating and we thank you more than ever by doing so.

Are you from the Grand Rapids area and own your own camera or sound equipment?  If you are willing to let us borrow or even rent at a discounted rate, we’d love to do business for you.  Please contact us!

If you can think of anything to help us on our journey, let us know!  We are here to make this film a success and we are open and grateful to any suggestions.


Any questions, feel free to email, kitten.thefilm@gmail.com


Check out our facebook page and share with your friends, http://www.facebook.com/kittenthemovie

Thank you very much and please consider supporting Kitten.

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