Kinsa Smart Thermometer: Know More. Keep Your Family Healthier.

Imagine what we could do if we knew what illnesses were going around before they affected us. A smarter device that starts a movement to be healthier, together.
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Kinsa in the news!


"Uber-Intelligent Thermometers" - Trendhunter 

"Developing a Smart Thermometer to Map Human Health" -

"What can your thermometer do? Simply measuring your temperature? Pfft, what cheap stuff! Meet the Kinsa, a smart thermometer that can track the spread of disease and stop it for good so other family members don’t have to suffer the same illness." - Techaw

"As a mother of 5, I can safely say I have gone through a variety of thermometers over the past 18 years. Each one with it’s flaws. I am looking forward to seeing the Kinsa and all that it can do. It sounds like a great addition to any family medicine cabinet!" - Staci Salazar

"When someone is feeling sick, you take their temperature to see if they’re running a fever. That’s the way it’s been for decades. However, all that a regular thermometer will tell you is their body temperature – it won’t tell you what they might have, or what you should do. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer, while not quite a medical tricorder, is designed to do those things." - Gizmag

"Kinsa launches a smartphone-connected thermometer to create a real-time health map" - GigaOm

"The Kinsa Smart Thermometer...promises to be truly revolutionary." - Well Connected Mom 

The Kinsa Movement: Be Healthier, Together

At Kinsa, we're on a mission to create the world's first real-time map of human health. Our products help you keep your family healthier and help doctors and society stop the spread of illness.

Today, we have so little access to information about the health situation around us even though the health of our neighborhoods and communities affects us directly. If our community is healthy, we are more likely to be healthy. If illnesses are circulating, then we are more likely to get ill.

Imagine what we could do if we knew what was going around before it affected our loved ones.


A better way to protect your loved ones

Our First Product: A Smarter Thermometer

We started with the basics… Fever is an early sign of many illnesses and the thermometer is often the first tool used to confirm that someone is sick -- before they've even booked a doctor's appointment. So to collect this information and communicate with those who have just fallen ill, we have reinvented the world’s most widely used medical device. 

Today, we have created a thermometer that gives you so much more than just a temperature reading. By leveraging the power, display, processing, and connectivity of your phone, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer not only tells you your temperature, but can also tell you what illnesses are going around, what you might have, and what you can do about it.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer: thin, elegant, and comfortable.


Thermometer and case - reading

Connects to your phone for accurate and fast reading. Accompanying app is free with an easy-to-use interface. Includes optional extension cord.


Here's an initial list of features we're offering:

  • An accurate and fast thermometer that exceeds accuracy & safety requirements
  • Ability to save and share symptom history
  • Illness forecasting feature that tells you when you are sick and when you will likely get better*
  • One-touch call nurse*
  • Urgent care scheduling*
  • Ability to send photos and videos to your doctor*

(*currently in development for release at launch)

App - profile, history log, urgent careThe Kinsa app allows you to create profiles to track your family symptom & illness history. Also gives you an easy way to find and book an urgent care appointment near you.

The Health Situation Around YOU

Wouldn't it be nice to know that there was a high level of illness among your child's classmates or your coworkers? Historically, you'd rely on teachers, school nurses, or local health professionals to share what is going around. But by the time they know and tell you about it, your family is probably already ill.


By using the Kinsa Smart Thermometer and the Kinsa app, you'll get this information faster than has ever been possible before. You can even track the health situation in your local area (we like to call this the "health weather").


Health map and health weather

Real-time access to health trends, symptoms, and illnesses in your local area


In the app, we added a feature called Kinsa Groups, allowing you to see if the flu, strep throat, or other illnesses are making their way around your friends and community. You don't know who is ill (the data is anonymized) but you do know what's going around. This opt-in feature gives you the opportunity to prepare and react more swiftly.


Kinsa groups                         Kinsa Groups. See what's going around so you can be better prepared.


  • Size: 0.2in (H) x 0.6in (W) x 5.2in (L)
  • Battery: none
  • Processor: none
  • LCD: none
  • Compatibility: iOS (Android in near future)
  • Accessories: Case, optional extension cord, and an adapter for thermometer calibration

Thermometer with caseConvenient case for storage. Comes with optional extension cord that can be used for your earphones too.

Who We Are

We believe that our family's health is one of the most important parts of our lives and that is why we brought together the best minds we could find in health, technology, and design to develop our solution. Our team has created a number of best-selling apps and hardware products, and has led programs that have put millions of people onto life-saving treatment.


Kinsa teamThe Kinsa team (or at least as many as we could pull away from their laptops & equipment)

Why Indiegogo?

Kinsa is about more than just a thermometer product: it's about the idea that our health is linked to the health around us. Indiegogo is an incredible platform where early ideas can be supported. The success of this campaign sends a signal that the world needs this idea to be real. Your support will help launch a movement to share the information needed to keep our families, neighborhoods, and communities healthy.

Use of Funds

We have built the software and have functional prototypes of our thermometer that exceed the standards of accuracy and safety for health products. We now need your help to take it to the next step. The funds you provide will be used to manufacture the product and scale up production. The campaign’s success will also be used to encourage physicians, health systems, and governments to adopt this approach to be healthier, together.

Our goal is to distribute 10M Kinsa Smart Thermometers in the next few years. It's an aggressive goal, but if we achieve it, we will have created the world's first living map of human health. 

Join Us on Indiegogo & Together, Let's Revolutionize Health.



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MOMentumNation: Dr. Mom and Chief Medical Officer Will Love Kinsa, The World's Smartest Thermometer

PhoneArena.comTurn your Apple iPhone into a thermometer that does much more than detect a fever

Vaccine News Daily: Kinsa presents smartphone thermometer at DEMO Mobile 2013




1. Is the Kinsa Smart Thermometer Android compatible?

We are in the final stages of completing Android compatibility and an Android version will follow within 2-3 months of the iOS release.


2. Does the App give you a Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature read out?

Yes, our app gives you a Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature read out, and you will have the option to choose between the two.


3.Can we create multiple user profiles?

You will have the ability to create multiple user profiles, so you can keep track of not only your health, but your family's health as well


4. Shipping costs:

Shipping in the US is included in all of our perks. For those of you who have already contributed but have not added the international shipping cost to the perk, we can handle this after the Indiegogo campiagn is completed. You can also do so now, if you like, by clicking the "Contribute Now" button and select "No perk, I just want to contribute." From there, you can add $11 for shipping to Canada or $16 for shipping to all other international locations.


5. US/ International clearance:

Some of our international backers have asked about US/ international clearance. Since the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a medical product, we need to seek clearance from local regulatory authorities (e.g. FDA in the USA) in order to market the product. We expect US FDA clearance later this year, and plan to seek approval in Europe, Canada, and Australia in the near future. We will be sure to keep you updated as we move forward in this process. We can provide our international backers with a US version of the product strictly for your personal review as a prototype.


"Special thanks to Patrick Calderon and Johanna Calderon for proving us with their invaluable PR and crowdfunding marketing expertise!"


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    Thanks for your support! Even if you're not yet ready for a thermometer, you can still stay updated on all our progress via our blog and updates for Indiegogo supporters.

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    Health Palooza special

    Attending Health Datapalooza IV? Receive a Kinsa Smart Thermometer for only $19 by supporting our Indiegogo campaign! Free shipping in the US. (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international locations) This is a limited time perk!

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    Help us get started! Like any great movement, we need your support to hit the ground running. Receive one Kinsa Smart Thermometer as a thank you. Includes shipping in the US. (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international locations)

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    Supporting Kinsa is about supporting a movement to be healthier, together. Receive two founder edition Kinsa Smart Thermometers. These thermometers are exclusive to Indiegogo and will have the words "Kinsa Founder" printed on them. Includes shipping in the US. (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international locations)

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    Join the Kinsa movement

    Movements begin with passionate individuals - join us in revolutionizing health by sharing! Receive two founder edition Kinsa Smart Thermometers (exclusive to Indiegogo). We'll also ship two regular Kinsa Smart Thermometers to friends of your choosing. Includes shipping in the US. (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international locations)

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    Kinsa enthusiasts

    Love our mission and want to hang out with the founders and team to learn more and help us brainstorm? Here's your chance to do it through 6 intimate google hangout sessions. Each hangout will be capped at 20 people. You'll also receive everything else in the "Join the Kinsa movement" perk. Includes shipping in the US. (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international locations)

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    Mommy special

    As moms, caring for your children's health is of the utmost importance and that often involves making sure that everyone else in your network is doing everything they can to keep their families healthy. Receive 10 Kinsa Smart Thermometers for you and your group. Free shipping in the US. (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international locations)

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $199USD
    Prototype novelty special

    Get your hands on an early functional prototype! We're only making 100 of these hand tooled prototypes and most will be used for testing. But now 25 of you will receive one of these extremely limited prototypes along with everything in the "Join the Kinsa movement" perk and beta access to our app. Includes shipping in the US. (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international locations)

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
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    Kinsa evangelist

    Thank you for believing in our mission to be healthier, together! Receive a limited edition Kinsa evangelist thank-you card, signed by all the founders and inventors. You will be acknowledged on our website forever as a Kinsa evangelist. Also receive everything in the "Join the Kinsa movement" perk. Includes shipping in the US. (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international locations)

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    Health & tech advisors

    Truly become a part of the Kinsa team through our health & technology board.You will convene 4 times a year in rotating cities around the US (NYC, SF, and two others TBD) with the option to join via teleconference. You will be responsible for making recommendations to the team and will have the opportunity to influence our company direction. Also receive everything in the "Join the Kinsa movement" perk. (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international

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  • $1,499USD
    Day with Kinsa team

    You and a friend will get to join us in NYC for a tour of our offices, a 2 hour session on a topic of your choosing (e.g. product features, launching a company, etc) with relevant team members, and a multi-course dinner with our founder and some of our executives and advisors. Each of you will also receive everything in the "Join the Kinsa movement" perk. Travel/hotel not included.

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  • $1,599USD
    Company holiday gift

    Ever notice how the holidays coincide with the peak of flu season? Receive 100 Kinsa Smart Thermometers as your company holiday gift (thermometer and case will be co-branded with your company logo and ours). Free shipping in the US (to one location). (Add $11 for shipping to Canada and $16 for shipping to other international locations)

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