Kingcrow North American Tour

Italian progressive metal band KINGCROW has been confirmed as support for PAIN OF SALVATION in North America, May 2013. We need your help to make this happen!

Short Summary

Hey Everyone!
As you're probably all aware by now, we have been selected as the support band for the upcoming PAIN OF SALVATION North American tour. We're extremely proud and super excited to be able to come back to North America to present our music, especially our new material from our recently released album "In Crescendo" (Sensory Records).
However, KINGCROW is still a developing band and we're nowhere near rockstardom just yet. Touring is very expensive for a band of our size. This entire North American tour will basically be coming out of our pockets. The band sees this as an opportunity to develop and grow our fanbase. Almost like going to college... we're making the investment now so that hopefully we'll be in a better place later on!
Considering that some of the costs we have are very steep, we decided to create this campaign to ask for your help on making it happen. We put together a very nice collection of different items, some one-of-a-kind, and opportunities related to KINGCROW. We are looking forward to hit the road and seeing everyone in the United States and Canada, so we're counting on you to help us make it happen. In return, we promise you a great show and some very cool KINGCROW swag that you likely won't find anywhere!
So... do you want to hang out with us on the road, or in our private studio in Rome? How about learn guitar on the very instruments used to record Phlegethon? Do you want to own one of our rare "Kingcrowtastrophe" shirts? Well, now you can!!!!!!
To give you guys a bit of an idea of what some of our costs will be, here's a very rough estimate:
Visas: $1,750
Flights: $4,200
Vehicle Rental: $2,600
Gas: $800
Hotels (after all, we're renting a small van): $1,400
As you see, the price keeps going up, and we're not really getting paid to do the tour, so it ain't easy... we set our goal low, as we don't have the highest expectations, but we set it in a way that even if we don't reach it, you'll still get your perks/rewards and we'll have "some" help at least.
So... if you're up for it and want to help KINGCROW, spread the word among your friends and come join us in May for great music, good times and a lot of good Italian wine!
See you on the road!

(Diego, Diego, Thundra, Francesco, Cristian, Ivan)


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