We do what we can with what we have, to make the world a little better every day. This time we're killing homelessness by creating jobs with a gift economy!
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Kill the homeless(ness), save a life... We're not ready for this but who is ever really ready for life? We're also unfond of the word "can't" but it's true here: we can't wait for "the right time". Or "the right time" wouldn't wait for us.


Our mission is to DO WHAT WE CAN, WITH WHAT WE HAVE to make the world a little better every day. Now is the time to put that into practice. It doesn't matter that we thought it would unfold differently. We're here now and there are solutions that need to be created, NOW. We can call this our pre-launch party. Everybody likes a good party, right?


We turn trash into treasure, and create jobs for Canadians with special needs. We cultivate community and care about the planet, collectively and creatively.


We do what we can, with what we have. (This is always changing because the trash we turn into treasure is always different just as the team and it's skills are always changing.)


We are Salvation Art Team - a Canadian based group of innovators and artists on a mission to work at making the world a little better every day. Big and small, it all counts!


The time to act is now. KILL THE HOMELESSness on Indiegogo ends on MAY 12, 2014 but Canadians can contribute via e-mail transfer at any time during or after the campaign (


Because we can, and because many hands make light work! Canadians with special needs NEED work that can accommodate their circumstances without putting them at further risk and disadvantage. This pre-launch campaign specifically because we can't lose this one to the competition.


Once upon a time right now... a woman with special needs fell through the cracks, again, and again, and again until she became unemployed and homeless. Community housing facilities for people with special needs have waiting lists as many as 10 years long, and contrary to popular myths toward the most disadvantaged in our society; she wants to work! (Never mind the fact that social assistance doesn't even cover the costs of rent and food if you have typical human needs.) More than that, she needs to work, to contribute and be part of the world, rather than apart from the world.

We doubt anyone would suggest Stephen Hawking get a job digging ditches if he found himself unemployed. We all agree that he has a lot to offer the world, even though he can't put on shoes without assistance. Fish can't climb trees either, but they can swim and swim and swim... special needs are just that; atypical not impossible. And not all special needs are as obvious as needing a wheelchair to get around. 

Invisible special needs aren't apparent to most of us but their effects are rarely silent. Unemployment and homelessness can happen to anyone but they're a side effect that occurs far more frequently for people who are already at a disadvantage. At Salvation Art Team we don't choose to use the word "disability" because it dismisses ability and focuses on the disadvantage (boo to that bad attitude!) We are finding and creating the solutions to restore balance to these uneven circumstances. People aren't garbage and they shouldn't be thrown away when they're a bit broken. 

( These photographs are part of an article you can read by clicking this link )

If you'll kindly pardon the colourful "technical" language, her current situation is the textbook version of "shitty" and she's worried about having nothing to give... Everyone has something to give.

We can't walk away and hope "somebody else" will help her to help herself.
We can't wait until we're "ready" to hire. She needs a job and a roof over her head NOW.

We can't lose her to the competition because this time the competition is survival.

We can't sit here moaning that we don't feel ready... we do what we can, with what we have.

Everyone has something to give.

Everyone has something to give.
... Everyone has something to give.

We were caught on the fact that we don't have safe, affordable housing to offer. It took us a minute to catch on to the idea of giving, and giving, and giving as a solution to this situation. Hey, we're innovators, we make no claims of perfection. But we did turn that "trash" situation into treasure with this solution:

We give/gave you beautiful things. You give generously to create job(s) for other-abled Canadian(s). She gave us time. And repeat.

A classic win-win-win!

Get in on the action to KILL THE HOMELESSness:

*Take advantage of the great perks available through this campaign!

*Like our page on Facebook and invite your friends to join in the fun!

*Win "A Little Reminder: You're Awesome" by sharing our WIN ME pictures on Facebook. (valid until all prizes are claimed, no time limit) **see small print below

*Join the conversation and share your stories of overcoming adversity! Share anonymously via Facebook message or e-mail

*Find treasure made from trash in Canada's capital region!

*Share pictures of your found treasure and Little Reminder: You're Awesome (e-mail or Facebook)!

*Share this campaign and tell a friend, or two, or all of them!! Copy and paste this link

*Give generously in person and buy cool stuff through this campaign! 

*The campaign never ends for Canadians who want to contribute with an Interac e-mail transfer (helps save on overhead costs and we love that so much we pass the savings on to you!) for details.

*Learn more about special needs, their impacts and solutions by clicking on the information links below and share other great resources you've found.

*Stay tuned to the updates (and bookmark our website when it has been constructed - woohoo, more jobs for Canadians with special needs)!

**WIN ME Small print:

No purchase necessary to win WIN ME giveaway(s). Winner pays cost of shipping (SASE -self addressed stamped envelope- required). (Free) Facebook account required. 

1. 'Like' our page SALVATION ART Team on Facebook.

2. Comment on the WIN ME picture(s) you like. 

3. Share the WIN ME picture(s) on your profile/page/group.

4. Upon winning: Answer a skill-testing question. Send a SASE. Wait for your awesomeness to arrive in the mail! 

We will draw one name from a hat, for each WIN ME picture, for every 200 "likes" on our page (1st draw at 200 "likes", 2nd at 400 "likes", 3rd at 600 "likes", etc. up to 2, 000 "likes"). Your name will be entered once per draw for each picture you share and comment on after liking SALVATION ART Team on Facebook. Odds of winning depend on number of entries per item. Draws will be announced on each WIN ME picture prior to selecting the winner. Winner(s) will be notified with a "tag" on the WIN ME picture they've entered to win. 

Must be 18+, and a resident of Canada or USA (excluding Quebec - We aren't able to provide the contest rules in both official languages at this time, please be patient as we get up to speed!)

Redraw(s) will be held if all of the above aren't true, or if prize is not claimed within one (1) month of draw date/winning announcement.

***Shipping & Handling (S & H) via Canada Post, included for US and Canada only. International orders add extra, see each perk for details

Learn more about invisible disabilities, their effects and other information below (in no particular order, and only the tip of the iceberg). We aren't affiliated with or endorsing any of the sites below, these links are included for informational purposes only:

F^ck The Poor!

If this doesn't hit you in the feels...

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and it's effects,-self,-and-psychology-in-multiple-chemical-sensitivity/

Utah's approach to homelessness

Gift economy definition

Environmental Sensitivities

Stress score

Poverty and it's effects

Heavy metal toxicity

Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

More on poverty

... progress, very slowly

Chronic Fatigue

Social exclusion

Chronic illness and depression


Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network

Multiple Sclerosis

Tiny homes and homelessness

Double standards

Poverty and Marginalization

Wow... just wow

Please share your excellent resources via private message, commenting here or joining the conversation on Facebook. Together we do what we can with what we have, thanks for helping us make the world a better place!

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