Kiki vs Cancer

Help me fight lung cancer, so I can keep helping my Mommy and Daddy.
Scott Sutherland
Oakville, Ontario
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Hi, my name is Cherokee...

Some of my friends call me Kiki for short. 

I'm a six-and-a-half year old Australian Cattledog/American Bulldog cross, and I grew up north of Atlanta, Georgia. My Mommy and Daddy, who were a couple of Canadians living in Atlanta, adopted me a little over three years ago, shortly after they were hit by a car. They were hurt and stressed and very sad at the time, but I helped nurse them back to health. I even accompanied them back to Canada, to make sure they could get their lives back on track.

Now, a year after moving here, they are on the way. Mommy is feeling better, and she is doing very well in school. My Daddy still has a lot of stress, but he has a really good job now, that he really likes doing. They're not completely back on track yet, but they're getting there. 

Unfortunately, this is when things went wrong. A few weeks ago, I was having trouble breathing and I started coughing. I was tired all the time. I lost my appetite. Mommy and Daddy were really worried. They took me to the doctor, and after lots of pictures and poking and prodding, they said I had lung cancer, and over two-thirds of my right lung is one solid tumor.

I've never seen them so sad before. 

Listening in on their conversation with the doctor and doing some research, I found out that I won't be around for much longer if this cancer isn't treated. However, because it was so expensive to find out what was wrong with me, Mommy and Daddy can't afford the treatments for it.

I don't know how long I have, but my work here isn't done yet. If I'm going to make sure my Mommy and Daddy really are better, and they can get along without me, I need to stay a while longer. To do that, I need to see the doctor every week for an injection.

I'm not sure how long I'll need the injections for, but from what I can tell, Mommy and Daddy can at least get me started if I can raise $2,500 for them.

Can you please help me to help them? 


Update: After talking it over with Mommy and Daddy, we have decided that if there are any donations left over after they pay for my treatments, we are going to pass them on to a good cause.

We've chosen the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust Fund. 

Not only is the University of Guelph Daddy's alma mater, but the OVC trains thousands of people to take excellent care of people's pets, and the Pet Trust Fund provides funding to important research projects, including studies into better diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 

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