KIIROO: The first social platform with an intimate touch.

Introducing the sense of Touch to Social Media

Social media is now an ever-present part of how we perceive and use the internet. We do notice the novelty is wearing of fast. So time to permanently add an extra dimension to social networking. 

Kiiroo will add a tactile substance to social media. Our mission is to give members the world over the chance to actually touch their partners online. 

We offer a highly personalised social platform that let's you experience flirtatious and adventurous sensations that quench more than your thirst for lust. Share what matters to you and select potential partners based on similarities in taste and overall view on life. Seeking intimacy is a part of who we are as humans.

We at Kiiroo are the young souls that are fascinated by the opportunities supplied by our new technology driven world.

Kiiroo will set out to launch a private social platform along sides a luxurious line of devices that enables you to physically touch another person online. 

Kiiroo has been given shape by a passionate crew of tech enthusiasts based in Amsterdam, the global capital of liberal values!

It’s a good thing Kiiroo a has passion for Gadgets and Gadgets for passion!

Kiiroo can be described as the next generation of designer intimacy hardware. We will be the first to pioneer the combination of a secure  social platform with exciting, intimate, playful electronics. 

Kiiroo is now in it’s pre-production phase. This means we have working prototypes ready which are optimized to go into production at a moments notice . We have design documents in place to have our social media platform constructed. You can give us the last push! And help us secure a bright future for social media! 

Kiiroo Platform. Where all the magic happens.

Kiiroo offers a social platform where you can share content to your heart’s desire. Add comments, write rich blog posts, and post media that reflects your personality. Potential partners will value you for who you are as a person. When you hit it off, Kiiroo also allows you to experience actual intimacy. 

Social media, as it is now, only speaks to our eyes and ears. What if we could add touch to the equation. We feel that being able to touch your partner is a crucial part of what keeps a comfortable level of intimacy going throughout a long distance relationship. 

Kiiroo SVir. The male masturbator.

The male devices, send and receives date activating our patented Kiiroo’s ring technology. A set of eight contracting rings in SVir, concave the movement of the OPue in real time. evoking actual physical touch. Whether it is a female to male connection, male to male, or female to multiple male devices.

Kiiroo OPue. The female vibrator. 

A sleek Vibrator, carefully designed to satisfy your needs. while registering your every movement, by using the technology of capacitive touch. much like a smartphone screen, OPue senses skin contact and movement and sends it to the Kiiroo Platform.

* How do I clean the SVir device?

We created the SVir with an easy to remove rubber inlay, similar to a condom. This one can be turned inside out and be washed with water. 

* What language is Kiiroo written in?

C, Python, Java, Javascript, PhP

Of course some scripts are purely intended for use on the devices, others for the platform and some for the communication between, platform and devices. For that we use Python.

* How long does it take to connect?

The connection is near instantaneous (less than 3 seconds in ideal conditions). 

* What is the latency?

Short: Around 250ms in ideal conditions

Long: Latency is a difficult one. There are some factors which affect the overall latency. Some of them can be controlled by us, but some can’t. There is a given network latency which can vary quite a lot depending on the quality of the network, there is latency for decoding the received image, and finally there is latency.

Based on research and testing, we can say that around 250ms is acceptable for normal use. As you see, we are trying our best to reduce the latency, but there are factors that our out of our control.

* Power for the KIIROO devices + dongle?

The devices will be charged through an USB cable, which can be done through the computer or directly in the wall socket. The dongle will be powered through the USB connector and does not need any external charging, only the computer power to function.

* Will there be an SDK?

Kiiroo has been written carefully with modularity in mind. The base of both the streamer and the receiver application are two shared libraries, which could be integrated into 3rd party products relatively easily.

As for an official SDK, we have it on our roadmap, depending on the Indiegogo funding round, if it be with the first release.

* Are you planning Android/iOS support?

We don't have an iOS/Android app planned for the initial release. It is on our roadmap though.

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