KHK is making a new CD and we need your help!

Kol HaKavod (the premiere Jewish A Cappella group at the University of Michigan) is raising funds to produce a CD!
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  • $3USD
    Social Media Shoutout

    Every little bit helps, so each and every donation will get a special shoutout on Twitter (where all the hip groups are these days).

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  • $12USD
    Physical Copy of the CD

    You'll get your physical copy of the KHK CD a full week before it's available for general release as a special thank you for helping us produce it. Includes a digital copy of the new CD.

    8 claimed

  • $18USD
    Signed Physical CD

    Not only do you get an advance copy of our new CD, each member ok KHK will sign the insert to create a very special piece of KHK memorbelia! Includes a digital copy of the new CD.

    9 claimed

  • $36USD
    T-Shirt and Physical CD

    You'll get a physical copy of the CD plus a (VERY) limited edition KHK shirt (usually available only for group members). Includes a digital copy of the new CD.

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  • $54USD
    Signed Sheet Music

    We'll all sign a copy of any song we sing now (or have ever sung, if you're looking for a golden oldie) and send it your way. This is a great candidate for framing or some other form of house decorations. We'll take input for each order on whether you'd like the signatures spread between all the pages, just the first, or any other configuration. Includes a digital copy of the new CD.

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  • $72USD
    Season Tickets

    Love KHK music? Want to experience it for the first time live? This will guarantee you tickets to our Fall and Winter Concerts. You also get tickets for MACfest and Charity Fest! *Note MACFest is October 26th in Ann Arbor. If you happen to buy this after the date, you'll get a ticket to next year's MACFest. Includes a digital copy of the new CD.

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  • $108USD
    Skype Serenade with KHK!

    We'll sing you and your friends any song from our repertoire over Skype (or your favorite form of video conferencing). Includes a digital copy of the new CD.

    1 out of 10 claimed

  • $180USD
    Bagel Brunch with KHK!

    You're invited to Ann Arbor (or your metro Detroit location of choice) to chow down on some bagels and schmear with the beautiful people of KHK. We'll bring the food and fun, you just let us know when and where! Includes a digital copy of the new CD.

    2 out of 5 claimed

  • $252USD
    A Cappella Workshop

    Members of KHK will come to your event and will spend two hours teaching the methods and music of a cappella to a small group of people! Contact us for scheduling! Workshop scheduling from January-March. For donors in the metro Detroit area only (unless you want to fly us to wherever you are, which is always an option). Includes a digital copy of the new CD.

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  • $612USD
    Private Concert

    KHK will perform a 45 minute to an hour set at your event! Please contact us for scheduling! Scheduling starts in January and goes until April!

    1 out of 2 claimed

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