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  • $10USD

    You love the internet and you love getting it to more people, and you want to help make it happen. What you get: recognition! Your name will appear on the 'about' page of our finished website.

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  • $20USD

    Who you are: you are the modern digital individual, and when you flip open your laptop or smartphone and see all those locked-up, useless hotspots, you ask yourself "why can't they let me in?" What you get: 3 months access, starting when you like, to the entire KeyWifi network. If you are here for us now, we'll be there for you then.

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  • $100USD
    Bridge builder

    Who you are: you use the internet all the time; but it bugs you -- a lot -- that the high cost of internet access keeps so many others off the net. You've crossed the digital divide, and you will build a bridge so others can cross it too. What you get: your own Keywifi URL, made to your spec. Use it on your website, your email tagline, anywhere you want: use it to show the world the bridge you built to the 21st Century's most indispensable resource: the internet.

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  • $2,500USD
    Digital revolutionary

    Who you are: you are the vanguard of today's global digital world, and you understand that today's internet industry structure cannot last. You understand immediately why KeyWifi is "the internet the way nature intended." You get it. What you get: Special recognition in KeyWifi global communications, including a listing on our "about" page in a special category alongside our founders. You also get a unique URL for your hotspots, and one year's free access to the entire network.

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