Kesean Williams - S.T.O.P. the Violence

Kesean Williams was only 9 years old when his life was suddenly taken away by a stray bullet. His mother, Tanya and brother, Kajan will never be the same.


My name is Sharon.  I do some work within the Hamilton community and one of the events I host under Vision N Vibe Promotions is called S.T.O.P. ... the Violence.  We had planned on doing this event later on in the year but on Wednesday plans changed...

This campaign will help the Williams family with funeral cost and hopefully start an education fund for Kajan.  I have known Tanya for over 20 years and my heart bleeds to know that her baby was taken away from her in such a way that words can't even describe what I am trying to put down.  I have a grandchild the same age as Kesean and could not even image the thought of loosing him.  Tanya is a hardworking single mother who devoted her time to her 2 boys.  


Kesean Williams

This angel was 9 years old.  A beautiful little boy who looked up to his older brother, Kajan.  Kesean was a happy, funny boy who like music and sports.  

While watching tv with his brother, this innocent young boy was shot by a stray bullet on Wednesday, January 23/13.  This sensless act of violence has the community in a frenzy.  The Williams had only been living in their new house for about 1 week.

We need to help Tanya and Kajan get through this difficult time.  All donations for this campaign are greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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