Contribute to the making of the third album from Norwegian sci-fi metal band Keldian.
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Keldian is a band from Norway who has released two albums of melodic sci-fi metal, HEAVEN'S GATE and JOURNEY OF SOULS. If you're a fan, you already know this, of course! Now the journey to the stars continues, with the forthcoming third Keldian album OUTBOUND, set for worldwide release in September 2013.

Check out the video above to hear a track from our previous album!


The OUTBOUND album is now entering the crucial stages of final recordings, mixing and mastering. We have no record label, we are financing everything ourselves, and now we humbly ask you to help us finish the new Keldian album!

Contribute here to make Keldian: OUTBOUND fly, and get very special limited edition perks in return for your contribution!

A lot of people have waited anxiously for the next Keldian record. Why is it taking so long? Because being Keldian costs money, to be honest. We have spent the last couple of years building our own studio, so we can make music more often. Building a studio is expensive, but the upside is this: We can keep making Keldian records for you people more often in the future!

Our problem right now: We make no money from Keldian, it actually costs us a lot to create music and produce albums. So we need your help!


The funds we're asking for will be spent as follows: The recording of drums and the mastering of the record. These two factors need to be taken very seriously to give the album the sound and energy you expect and deserve.

DRUMS will be recorded at 1184 Studios in Asker, Norway, which will cost 1750 USD and ensure the highest quality of performance and sonics. Drums is the only thing we can not do in the new Keldian studio. 1184 Studios is our drummer Jørn's regular studio, where his equipment is permanently set up and ready to go.

The MASTERING of the album will be handled by Mika Jussila at Finvox Studios, Helsinki, and will cost 1250 USD. This process ensures that the new Keldian album will sound the way you expect it to, delivering a cracking metal sound on your Hi-Fi, your Spotify, your iTunes, or wherever you want to enjoy OUTBOUND.

We have also factored in the manufacturing and mailing of the exclusive limited edition CDs that we're offering you, which adds another 1200 USD to the budget.

This comes to a total of 4200 USD for the completion of OUTBOUND. All the other production costs, past and present, are carried by us personally.


What do you get for your contribution? Well, every single contribution, small or larger, will help the new Keldian album to finally see the light of day! Cool!

5 USD? 10 USD? Contribute whatever you can, everything counts!

If the campaign is successful, we have great perks for you:

If you contribute 15 USD or more, and we reach the goal, you will get access to an exclusive pre-release streaming of two tracks from the new album.

If you contribute 39 USD or more, and we reach the goal, we will send you a limited edition numbered, signed and dedicated CD of OUTBOUND. This edition will be available only to you as an Indiegogo contributor to the production, and it will feature an exclusive bonus track not available anywhere else.

This special edition CD is limited to 150 copies, so first come first served! Worldwide shipping of the CD is included if you contribute 39 USD or more.

If we don't reach the goal? Yeah, we will keep the funds. Not because we are greedy bastards, but because we will drive those funds into another attempt at getting this album out. You, dear supporter, will still have contributed to the future release of more Keldian music, even if not enough people did this time around.

If you want more Keldian, you've got nothing to lose!


There are still ways to help out. Spread the word! Make some noise! Let people know what is happening! Facebook connects many people, as does YouTube and MySpace and so on. Wherever you are, whoever you know, let other people know that Keldian needs their help.

Use the Indiegogo share tools at the top of this page!

Be safe! Support artists!

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    Preview of two tracks.

    For a contribution of 15 USD or more, you will get access to an exclusive pre-release streaming of two tracks from the forthcoming Keldian: OUTBOUND.

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    Signed limited edition CD.

    For a contribution of 39 USD or more, you will get the pre-release streaming, and you will also receive a limited edition CD of Keldian: OUTBOUND, signed and dedicated to you personally by the band. This edition of the album will only be made available to you as a 39 USD contributor, and will contain an exclusive bonus track for this edition only.

    150 out of 150 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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