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Keith is known for being a founding member of The Clash and Public Image Ltd & a whole lot more. 

There's going to be a special evening this November 2015 in Manchester U.K. "London 1976 LiVe!"  celebrating next year's 40th anniversary of the birth of British punk ...  Keefy style.

Keith's going to make a rare public appearance and is going to play a few tunes live.  There's also going to be a gallery display with Keith's original art work, a world preview of Keith's visual art pilot to "London 1976" based on his book "I was a Teenage Guitarist" and a discussion where Keith's going to talk about the movie, his art, and the start of a movement in West London 1976.

Having completed Commercial Zone 2014 Keith has surged ahead creating new DIY unique product and music. The visual side of London 1976 will be fuelled by his music and has yet to be unveiled. This project exists to realise a number of objectives.

A gallery display of a number of products that came through from the Commercial Zone original campaign. 

The new vinyl version of CZ2014 CZvinyl. The release will be a completely unique line up of compositions mainly comprising what Keith thinks are the strongest from CZ and other unheard compositions recorded soon after CZ2014

A live preview of the film and the new material.

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  • $10USD
    Shout out from Keith!

    Get a shout out from Keith on his facebook and twitter accounts in return for pledging to the London 1976 Project!

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  • $15USD
    London 1976 Institute ShoutOuT

    This perk is to specifically benefit the under construction London 1976 institute which is going to be launched in 2016 as well as a shout out on Keith's social media _please refer to the link to find out more about the Institute:!Introducing-The-London-1976-Institute/c8do/556341410cf2487417584842

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  • $25USD + Shipping
    Signed NME Pic of Keef plus

    In return for supporting the project you will receive a signed glossy photo of Keith on the cover of the July 1980 edtion of the NME_plus one of Keith's guitar strings!

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    Estimated delivery: September 2015
  • $30USD + Shipping
    London 1976 Glasses&string

    Get the London 1976 SunGlasses& guitar string The official Keefy-styled London1976 SunGlasses signed by Keith along with one of Keith's guitar strings

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    Estimated delivery: September 2015
  • $120USD + Shipping
    CZCDLtD ed. artwork & music

    Get CZCDLtD_special edition Keith's newest artwork. Number Zero Zero_Constructed in August 2015 specifially for the London 1976 campaign-it's a one off double sided colorful original signed and numbered Commercial Zone inspired painting on A4 12" sized canvas_includes Keith Levene's double CZ CD inside.

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    Estimated delivery: September 2015
  • $3,076USD
    Experience LoNDoN 1976!!

    Experience LoNDoN 1976!! Live the dream! Be the rock star you are alongside Keith in Manchester in NoV 2015_join Keith in his famous white room studio and construct a tune or let him do it for you_while in studio Keith will explain and demonstrate his Metal Box process in detail and play 1-2 tunes on guitar for your edification_afterwards watch preparations for the London 1976 LiVe Preview as it happens_then go to the live event a few days later and witness the magic unfold before your very eyes

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    Estimated delivery: November 2015
  • $4,676USD
    Keith's signed Travis Bean Git

    Get the Travis Bean guitar Keith used to compose and record Commercial Zone and London 1976_signed to you_The guitar is a TB1000S S/N #1530_look in the gallery for some pictures. This is a dynamite perk all round. Travis Bean guitars are rare and fantastic and Keith has owned one or two_Shipping will have to be paid on top of the perk by who ever wants this chunk of dual history. Email teenageguitarist76@gmail if you have any more questions or for more info.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2015
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