KeiTh LeVeNe's COMMERCiAL ZONE 2014 InitiaTive

CommercialZone'84 was never properly realised_i intend to record CZ2014 & enhance the original release with new work & put it out properly after 30years_CZ2014
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Keith is known for being a founding member of The Clash and Public Image Ltd & a whole lot more. 

Keith Levene has established this crowd-funding project on Indiegogo to produce the “Commercial Zone 2014 initiative” 

The project endeavors to take the work from '83. Enhance it with original material and fantastic artwork that will take CZ way past 2014 and be the way it could have been. I picked the right 30years to wait to finish an album.
In 1982-1983 Levene went in the studio to compose what was intended to be PiL’s fourth album  "Commercial Zone"  

However, due to endless complications the project became splintered in spring 1983. This led to Keith going his separate way from PiL resulting in 2 diluted releases neither of which were satisfactory.

I feel my Commercial Zone was the purest version. 

NOW i want to do the project embracing the original & proper PiL ethos. For me its unfinished business, a job that has to be done and I'm the one to do it. Not so much set the record straight but get the right record out the right way. (With the right name :( )

Commercial Zone was and still is a fantastic arena. EnTer the Commercial Zone.

A 30 page picture book preview with original artwork, photos, and words from Levene’s forthcoming book “Diary” will accompany Commercial Zone 2014.

"I need your support.  Let's make this happen - finally.  Get involved!"

For more information -- go to; @missingchannel on twitter.

                                      GeT iNVoLVeD!

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    Shipping in UK

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    A shout out from Keith

    Get a shout out from Keith on his twitter and facebook accounts thanking you for supporting the CommercialZone 2014 initiative.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
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    Shipping outside UK

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    CZ2014 Download

    Here it is! 30 years in the making: A digital audio download of Keith's Commercial Zone 2014 album containing original music.

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    download of KeefY's amazing release

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    CZ2014 Download and Book

    A digital audio download of Keith's Commercial Zone 2014 album with 30 page digital picture book containing photos, artwork, and a preview of Keith's forthcoming book "Diary."

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    CZ2014 CD

    2nd run_Commercial Zone 2014 CD. limited addition. Please add shipping

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    Teenage_Clash EBooK ++

    SPECIAL TO THIS CAMPAIGN - "I Was a Teenage Guitarist for the Clash" ebook-- Tag along with the 17 year old Keefy as He TaKes you on a MaGiCaL Mystery Tour ThrU 1976 London when he was a guitarist for a band that became THE CLASH + NeW CZ2014 audio DownLoad

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    Campaign Bundle

    LtD edition numbered CD signed + 3 signed campaign posters + killer in the crowd last week campaign initiative

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    DiTto package+

    TeaM KeeF Badge+signed Ditto Campfire Booklet which was handed ouT at the May 2014 event starrinG KeeFy + 3 signed campaign posters + CZ2014 Download

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    Custom Textured CZ2014

    Signed Numbered campaign edition special Textured Custom Covers + CZ2014 CD + Diary pic book preview

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    Prague MoMenTo+

    The recording of the hisToric LosT 4th PiL album_CZ2014_commences producTion in Studio in Prague on 23 May 2014_Keefy will send you his handwriTTen Diary_notes from these sessions_+ a download of his release Search4AbsoluTeZero

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    skyPe CaLL + Search

    GoT a question (or 2 or 3) YoU just gotta ask KeeF? Here's YouR chance! hang out with KeeF on Skype+ Talk to him personally_abouT the CZ2014 project_+ you geT a download of Keith's Sesrch4WbsoluTeZero

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    SuPeR Campaign Bundle

    Search 4 Absolute ZeRo VinyL _Signed + Killer in the CrowD CD signed + CZ2014 CD Signed + DiTTo TeaM KeeF laminated ID badge_plus $20 shipping

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    Producer credentials

    You are listed as a producer on the CZ2014 project! You get a numbered CD + digital download of the 2014 album with 12"artwork and the picture book Diary preview

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $750USD
    sTar in KeefY's Diary+

    You will be interviewed along with KeeF and appear in a chapter of his forthcoming non-autobiography Diary+you are named in DiarY's dedication page when book is published in 2015 +you get an unpublished outtake signed chapter from the book that no one else will EvEr see! + listed as a producer on CZ2014 project!

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $3,500USD
    KeeFs white Dan ElecTro + Exec

    DaN ElecTro with Lipstick pick ups_The guitar used on YiN & YanG is up for grabs+signed stamped numbered CD + Killer CD +S4AZ download + ExeC Producer credit on CZ2014_This is all to be fed back into the studio_Be iNVoLVeD_keith's bit resides in London so you will have to make arrangements to get it from there!

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
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