Keep French Macarons in Albany

Our current baking kitchen will soon no longer be available to us. Please help us raise the needed funds to relocate our kitchen and retail.


As many of you know, we are soon losing our current kitchen.  In the very near future, we will no longer have access to the wonderful baking kitchen that we have been using since we got started over a year ago.

We (TC Bakery) have recently been informed that our current kitchen facility, will no longer be available to us in the upcoming months. It was a great pleasure to get our start in the shared kitchen on Colvin Ave, and we are forever greatful to have been afforded such an opportunity. However, this change now places a hardship upon us to relocate to a new kitchen and retail outlet, so that we may continue to bring you our French Macarons, Hand made croissants, and other French Pastries and desserts.

Since December 26th, we have been out searching, and negotiating possible new locations.  We have, up until now, kept much of this information internal to employees and partners only.  We have now come to realize that the cost of relocating is far too much for us to bare on our own.  With great hesitation, we are reaching out to our friends, families, neighbors, fellow entrepreneurs, and customers for a helping hand.

Please help support a local business stay in Albany.  We offer a very unique product and atmosphere.  True authentic Parisian croissants made from scratch, by hand.  French Macarons that are often compared to our customers past visits to Paris.  We have always put our hearts into our ingredients (staying away from preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup), using the best ingredients we can locate, worlwide, and offering true customer service - because we don't forget those who supported us and helped us grow, here in Albany, NY.

The Cost of Relocating:

The cost of relocating our business, to another part of Albany has proven to be much higher than we first anticipated.  We recognize that a good location is critical for our survival.  But, good location comes at a cost.  First and last months rent, as deposit, with all of the electrical, and kitchen remodeling and upgrades, new equipment, moving our existing large equipment (freezers and ovens) and the cost of taking on new employees far exceeds our available funds.  Although we have all put our personal funds together, internally, we are still short a minimum of $9,000 (possibly more) to make this move a reality.

Our goal is to raise the additional minimum $9,000.00

We have come to understand that we can not relocate our kitchen and store without asking for help.

 You are helping more than you may realize:

In helping TC Paris relocate, you are also helping preserve our current employee's job positions, as well as create a minimum of 5 new job positions within the Albany area, as we will be hiring bakers, and store employees. This in turn, helps the local economy grow.

You are also helping to keep quality products in Albany.


What happens if we do not reach our goal:

If we do not reach our financial goal, we will use the funds that we have collected to make every possible attempt to find an alternative form to relocate our kitchen, exhausting all possible, plausible  avenues.

For more information about the quality of our products and what we do, please read about what local media have printed about TC Bakery:

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Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everyone who wants to help, is in a positioin to assist financially.  There are several other ways you can help out:

Inform others about our products

Support us with purchases online (every penny helps)

Join our Facebook and simply wish us well.  Sometimes moral support provides the much needed motivation to strive on.



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