Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame

An immersive 3D platform/puzzle adventure feat. several rock/metal singers, a band and full orchestra! PC & MAC

We made a whopping EUR 31.000 thanks to your help!
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With your contribution we will be able to create the world's first rock opera videogame as we envision: with the best musicians possible. We are aiming at involving a cast of 10 singers and a 52 piece symphonic orchestra, to deliver the best musical experience possible. Team Karmaflow consists of 24 enthusiastic members, including people who have worked for Guerilla Games (Killzone), Ronimo Games (Awesomenauts) and Triumph Studios (Overlord, Age of Wonders).

The following cast members will take part in Karmaflow and will lend their voice to different characters in the game (more vocalists to be announced):

From left to right: 
Marc Hudson (Dragonforce), Henning Basse (MaYaN, Uli John Roth), Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), Mark Jansen (Epica, MaYaN), Simone Simons (Epica), Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth, Devilment), Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania), Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist)

Flower Guardian

Ingame 1

Karmakeeper model

Karmaflow is a third person puzzle/platform adventure, and the world's first rock opera video game! The game is aimed at immersion and experience, and brings a new take on the genre of "rock opera". We are pursuing to bring you a never seen (and heard) before experience through the medium of video game.

Weaver Conceptart

In a rich fantasy setting, you take on the role of the
Karmakeeper, who is responsible for maintaining the balance in different worlds. You will travel to these worlds and have to save the Guardian Spirits that live there, by finding and unlocking the long lost Karmaflows.

Through puzzling, platforming and exploration, you will be treated to an extensive story told through interactive music. The Karmakeeper will gain new abilities while making his way through rich environments, and uses sources of Good Karma he can find in the world to drive out the Bad Karma that led to the Guardian Spirits' downfall.


We are currently in pre-production, and are working hard on defining the artstyle and making the first music for the game. We are all great lovers of games such as
Journey, the Zelda-series and the darker tone of Darksiders, and are drawing inspiration from these unique fantasy-based art styles.





The music is a huge driving force behind the game's experience, and will make use of a complex adaptive system (in other words, the music will react to your actions and your surrounding). The musical style will be a mixture of rock/metal, orchestral music, several ethnic instruments and a cast of awesome singers, who will tell you the story behind the characters they are portraying in the game.

Let me present to you the musicians involved, and are ready to start recording the soundtrack once we will have our funding together:



The Metropole Orchestra is a world famous multi-grammy award winning/nominated Dutch “pop”-orchestra. They have played with acts such as Basement Jaxx, Within Temptation, Junkie XL and many others. We are very excited they will be part of Karmaflow!

marc hudson

Marc Hudson is the lead singer for English speed-metal band Dragonforce, with whom he has toured the world. He is an amazing vocalist and has already lend his voice to the teaser you can see and hear at the top of the page.

Simone Simons

Simone is the lead singer of Dutch symphonic metal band Epica. Simone is another great addition to the palette of voices for Karmaflow, and with her beautifull mezzo-soprano voice will bring life to one of the Guardian Spirits in one of the Karmaflow worlds...

Mark Jansen

Mark is founder, songwriter, guitarist and grunter/screamer for both the bands Epica and MaYaN. His low rumbling grunt voice will suit the Karmaflow character we have in mind for him perfectly! 

Dani Filth

Dani is frontman of (in)famous black metal outfit Cradle of Filth. His unique screaming and grunting techniques will help bring the Karmaflow universe alive in a dark and frightening tone...

Mariangela is singer in Norwegian based gothic-metal pioneers Tristania. She has a powerfull and beautifull voice, and well enlighten the world of Karmaflow with her singing...

Beauty and brutality, if there's one women that can bring you both it is Alissa and her band The Agonist. Grunts, screams and clean vocals, Alissa can do it all... This lends itself perfectly to an amazing array of emotions... Which we will all be using in the world of Karmaflow!

Elize Ryd

As one of the upcoming "Queens of Metal", we are happy to welcome Elize to the Karmaflow cast! She has an amazing voice as she has shown with her band Amaranthe and as vocalist for Kamelot.

Henning Basse

Henning is and has been lead singer of many bands, including Sons of Season, MaYaN, Metallium, Firewind and so on. He has a powerfull voice which lends itself perfectly to the theatrical music of

We will announce more singers in the coming months!


The musicians in the picture above will bring you the rock and metal portion of the soundtrack for Karmaflow. If you know them, you know they will deliver an awesome job... If you don't know them, look them and their bands up, they are all amazing musicians!



We need funding to hire the orchestra, rock-musicians and singers that we want to include in this project! Besides that, there are a number of other things, like hiring studio's, technicians etcetera. Our Lead Artist Jordi has made this nice pie (mmmm, pie!) chart to give you an idea of the costs involved:






For everyone donating €10 or more, you can get the game and the soundtrack! For higher perks, we are also planning on making a physical copy of the soundtrack, which will be a limited edition of 1000 copies, and will come in a sleek package with a nice booklet containing additional info on the story of Karmaflow. There are some nice other perks (A set of tarot cards, Skype meetings, and for the most loyal fans we can make an in-game statue!), so please take your time to read them!


environment art













We are a young team consisting of very enthusiastic game designers and artists, and a composer and arrangers. MASH foundation is helping us out realising this project, and we will all be working on Karmaflow the coming year



So what if we actually (and off course we hope we do) surpass our goal? 

EUR 55.000,-

Oculus Rift 

One of things we would like to do, is built in Oculus Rift support. Off course this means we will need to get a developers kit and put in extra time to make the control scheme work with the Oculus. Even though the game will be third person, we feel that bringing Karmaflow to Oculus would greatly enhance the immersion for you, the player! 


EUR 70.000,-

Extra World 

Currently we are aiming at five worlds which you have to visit. We have so many ideas, that we would love to develop more of these world. If we reach 70.000, we will still release the game with five worlds, but will make a download of the sixth world available for free as soon as possible after the initial release! 


EUR 90.000,- 

Karmaflow in concert 

One of the things we would love to do, is bring Karmaflow to the stage. You can imagine that this will be a massive undertaking, and can only be done once or twice. An extra perk for a concert ticket will be made available as soon as the previous stretch goal (70.000) has been surpassed. If we reach this stretch goal, we will make a live-registration of the concert which we will make available to ALL the people who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign.




We are very excited about Karmaflow and hope you are too! Help us realize our dream by donating some money and claim your perk! Want to help in other ways than donating? Help us spread the word and share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter or other social media! Also, please get in touch if you think you can help in any other way to have us realize Karmaflow! Thanks for your time and we can't wait to bring you...




So, tell me again, what kind of game is Karmaflow?
Karmaflow is a third person platform puzzle game, and utilizes adaptive music and song to tell you the story behind it's world!

Sounds cool! On what platform can I play it then?
Karmaflow will be available for PC and MAC. We will make sure there is very nice gamepad functionality as well, and are off course hoping to bring it to other platforms in the future!

When will it be released?
We are aiming at a release Q4 2014. Things can always change, but we have a tight planning and a great team, and are working very hard on making this release date!

But I don't believe in Karma!

Well, you are free to believe whatever you want! But remember, the
Karmakeeper is always watching.


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