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Please help us publish a first-of-its-kind green roof curriculum guide book for K-12 grade schools.
vicki sando
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Green roofs are becoming more popular in the United States, and in New York City this trend has accelerated due to the realization that they provide substantive environmental benefits while creating wildlife habitats.  Public Schools are ideal setting for green roofs, because of their expansive flat roof tops and the need for additional outdoor learning spaces. The Office of Sustainability, in conjunction with the Division of School Facilities, Schools Construction Authority, and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection Office of Green Infrastructure, recently published a guide for schools looking to install a green roof.  However, there is no curriculum guide available to aid schools in integrating green roofs into existing curriculum.  PS41- The Greenwich Village School has partnered with MS 442- Carroll Gardens School For Innovation, and The Bronx Academy of Design & Construction to publish a first-of-its-kind K-12 Green Roof Curriculum Guide.  This guide will offer curriculum that connects a green roof to existing NYC Education Standards, Common Core, and STEM. In addition, it will offer ways that a green roof can help schools fundraise and build community. We also hope that it will inspire many more schools to install green roofs!

Consulting on this project are The New York City Department of Environmental Protection, The DOE Office of Sustainability, Urban Green Building Council & National Wildlife Federation Eco-Schools.

To learn more about the process of installing green roofs on NYC schools visit:



The goal of this campaign is to raise fund to cover the cost of the production for an e-book.  Your donations will be used for;

Writer/Editor                    $8,000.00

E-Book Conversion         $1,875.00

Graphic Designer            $  800.00

Contributor Fees             $  700.00

Publicity/Marketing         $   600.00

Incidentals                      $ 1,000.00

total:                                $12,750.00

If our funding goals are short, we will use the funds to cover the Writer/Editor fees and E-Book Conversion costs.  If we are so fortunate to exceed our goals, we will divide the funds between the three schools to support each green roof program.  If you are not able to donate, but can share our project we THANK YOU!

Donations will be sent to PS 41 PTA- which is a 501 C-3 non-profit. Donations are tax-deductable.


From Left: MS442 Principal Deanna Sinito, PS 41 Science Teacher Joaquin Rodriguez, PS 41 Science Teacher Vicki Sando, MS 442 Parent Coordinator Corrine Contrino, PS 41 Teacher Stacey Chin, Bronx Design & Construction Academy Science Teacher Nathaniel Wight

PS 41- The Greenwich Village School is a preK-5 school located in Manhattan. PS 41 is a collaborative community dedicated to the mission of providing the highest quality education to each of our students. Central to our mission is a shared belief that each child brings to our school a unique set of abilities and talents. Our highly dedicated faculty work closely together in an enriching environment for all of our students. Equally central to our mission is the teaching of important community values. Thus, we encourage children to celebrate diversity, to respect each other, and to work together with shared goals.   We recognize a supportive environment as one that also includes clear expectations and academic rigor. PS 41 is dedicated to teaching a common-core curriculum in a supportive environment, to ensure that our students will achieve their highest potential, and go on to a lifelong quest for learning and achievement.

In 2012, our 15,000 square foot green roof opened after a six-year effort. The GELL Project- a Green Roof Environmental Literacy Laboratory was the first official green roof installed by the NYC School Construction Authority.  Leading this team is GELL founder Vicki Sando,classroom and specialty teachers working under the guidance of Principal Kelly Shannon.

To learn more about PS41's green roof visit:  


Above photo by Jessica Bruah: http://newyork.thecityatlas.org

MS 442- Carroll Gardens School for Innovation is a 6-8th grade middle school located in Brooklyn, New York.   MS 442's mission is to empower globally conscious, critical thinkers for the twenty-first century.  As an iZone school, MS 442 students enjoy the advantages of our partnership with the great innovators at Apple, greater enabling us to prepare our students for future careers.  We are an Integrated Co-Teaching school where students receive rigorous instruction tailored to their individual learning styles.  Our students are expected to meet four behavior standards:  responsibility, respect, safety and tolerance.  These behavior tenets are also the inspiration for service and our existing sustainability projects – green roof and PV arrays – are rooted in service to our school and neighboring community.  By providing interdisciplinary, project based learning experiences and student mentorships, we offer our students opportunities to collaborate with others, and prepare them for college and success in future careers.

In late 2011, MS 442 installed approximately 4,200 square feet of  solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on its rooftops.  The system produces about 47.6 kilowatts (kW) or 152 kilowatt hours (kwh) of electricity per day.  For 365 days per year, this corresponds to 55,597 kWh per year.  Assuming a current electricity rate for NYC DOE of $0.18/kWh, and according to Sunny Portal, MS442′s PV system offsets over $10,000 in electricity costs per year and has so far prevented the release of over 148,000 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.

A grant from NYSERDA, along with a partnership with the Office of Sustainability at the Division of School Facilities, made this project possible.


Efficient use of resources is something that we are very proud of at MS 442 – our human resources as well as our physical plant.  In 2008, staff members Jason James and Corrine Contrino approached Principal Sinito with the idea of utilizing the 2100 square foot roof outside our second floor hallway as a green roof urban farm.  Met with immediate approval, the team grew and began seeking funding.  We received our first $1000 from Citizens Committee for New York City.  Lowes Charitable and Educational Foundation heard about our project and granted us $49,000 to complete it! We also received many private donations along the way.   HighviewCreations was very generous with their time and expertise during the planning process.  With the help of the Division of School Facilities, and after many months of permits and approvals, in April, 2011, Highview Creations installed this 2,100 square foot intensive green-roof as a hands-on educational tool for the students. The green roof includes intensive native plantings surrounded by an agricultural component, cared for by the students and faculty. Many students in urban areas may not have the resources to learn about ecology or horticulture, but the plans for this roof include the students' participation to learn about green-roof technologies, ecology, horticulture, and storm-water capture.




The Bronx Academy of Design & Construction is a 9th- 12th grade High School located in the Bronx, New York.  Bronx Design and Construction Academy students will graduate with innovative sustainability practices, 21st century trade training, and rigorous academic skills. BDCA graduates will be equipped for advance entry into the competitive construction trades and post-secondary education programs, prepared to make assured life choices and become powerful agents of change in the community at large.

Bronx Design & Construction Academy is home to the first approved public city school green roof in NYC. The 9th grade Ecology class and after school Green Science Club use the green roof to discuss environmentally sustainable practices. The green roof also has a rainwater harvesting system and solar panel, which allows students to harness energy from the sun and store rain from the clouds. Students collaborate with Columbia University's Green Roof Consortium to study water quality, and are also working with professors and graduate students from to quantify the benefits of green roofs through the monitoring of ambient temperature, ambient relative humidity, and solar insolation. Students have presented on "Building with Greenwall & Greenroof Technology" at the Horticultural Society of New York, and on the mutual benefit of green roofs and solar panels at the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF) to an established international group of professional renewable energy practitioners and researchers. Students also competed in Alliance for Climate Education's Amazing Race and won 1st place in the Tri-State region (NY, NJ and DC) for their work to conduct energy audits and reduce energy consumption at school.

The Bronx Design & Construction Academy creates a learning environment where Career & Technical Education and Core-Content classes are taught through the lens of environmental awareness and stewardships. Our integrated curriculum allows students to make connections between technology and real world problems and develop environmentally sustainable solution.


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