Justice League Dark: The Gathering - fan film

A short film featuring some of the supernatural characters from the DC Universe

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UPDATE 4: An amazing new perk ... Mikel Janin, the artist and one of the creators of Justice League Dark is offering 2 commissions of any character of your choosing!  Each 11" x 17" picture is a unique piece of art that is sure to be the highlight of your comic art collection.  His signature style is a huge part of what defines the JLD book ... you can choose any of the characters from his series or any other hero or villain you wish.  This Wonder Woman commission is an example of what you can expect.  Mikel lives in Spain, so it is rare to see him make an appearance in the US.  Take advantage of this special offer before it is gone!  Thank you so much to Mikel for generously offering this perk!

UPDATE 3: We did an interview for the show Picture Lock which airs Thursday, September 26th at 12 noon.  (Northern Virginia broadcast, Comcast channel 69, Verizon channel 38)  Our portion of the show is online now ... watch it here:

UPDATE 2: New Perks! The Phantoms Stranger hat prop, signed scripts, a photo shoot with Madame Xanadu and a cool reward for comic shops ... an in-store appearance from Constantine and Deadman! See below for details.

UPDATE: Here are some preview shots of some of our costumes for the movie.  (Smitty as John Constantine, Trevor Krainik as Deadman, and Marshall Shirley as the Phantom Stranger.  From Baltimore Comic Con 2013)

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Hello!  We are Happy Reaper Productions, and we invite you to ...

Embrace the Dark ...

There are so many great fan films out there on the internet ... subjects ranging from video games to TV and movies.  Comic book fan films have a huge share of the market. However, most of them are about the same few subjects ... Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Nightwing, Wolverine, Punisher.  We like those characters too.  But we feel that there are a few unexplored story lines that could use some light.

We love comics ... and a huge subsection of comics that we love are the supernatural characters from DC Comics.  They are still superheroes at heart, but have something more to them.  They are ghosts ... demons ... witches ... monsters ... sorcerers.  While duality is part of the appeal of the traditional superhero, there is something just as intriguing about someone who doesn't ... or can't ... take off their mask.

Justice League Dark is a collection of some of these characters.  By nature, they are usually on their own, hiding in the shadows.  So it is an interesting idea to put them all in the same room to have to interact with one another.  It is always fascinating to see how a pack of lone wolves work together.

The Team ...

For our story, Madame Xanadu, a formidable seer and enchantress, puts out a distress call for assistance with a rescue mission.  Deadman, a ghost adventurer, has been captured by the goddess Rama Kushna ... a deity that he had been faithfully serving until his wrongful imprisonment.  Xanadu calls three of the most powerful beings in the arcane world: John Constantine, a rough and ready occult detective; Zatanna Zatara, a Las Vegas magician who is stronger in the dark arts than she appears; and The Phantom Stranger, an ominous and omnipotent being who walks the earth for mysterious reasons.   

The Look ...

We, like most comic geeks, are also movie geeks. We love superhero films as well as action and horror movies.  What better genres to blend together?  Looking at the material, we can see that there is a lot of potential for crossover of style, themes and mood.  We wrote our screenplay with that in mind ... and hope to capture the feel of the dark side of the DC Universe. 

Many times when people make fan films, they skimp on the camera, the sound recording or the editing.  We have enlisted the fine folks at Off The Wire Studios to fill the role of Director of Photography.  Check out some of their previous work HERE.

What We Need & What You Get 

Like most projects of this caliber, we need funds to pay for our costumes, makeup, equipment, shooting location, crew, food for the actors and more.  The list is long!  But it doesn't seem as long if we get help from you, the IndieGoGo backer.  We have several rewards ... starting at $1, you can contribute to make this movie a reality.  

UPDATE: A new perk ... The Phantom Stranger hat prop.  This hat was worn by Marshall Shirley during promotion and production of the movie.  You can either get it as it is OR Marshall and the rest of the cast can sign it with silver ink.

Modeled here by our very own Rama Kushna (Sharmeen Kassim)

There are sandblast etched pint glasses ... not laser etched.  This makes for a deeper and better etching.  You'll be sure to notice the difference. The first is the exclusive John Constantine pint glass. 

It features artwork from our teaser trailer depicting Constantine as the Fool from the Rider-Waite tarot deck.  (for comparison, CLICK HERE)  The title for JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: THE GATHERING is on the opposite side.  This campaign will be the only time that these glasses will be available. 

The second pint glass is of the Happy Reaper logo featuring our mascot, Tim.  Look how happy he is! 

We also have 2 different t-shirts.  The first is another exclusive to this campaign.  Deadman is featured as the Hanged Man, again from the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck.  This is the only time these shirts will be made ...

... and then there is the Happy Reaper t-shirt featuring Tim Reaper! 

And if you can't get enough of ol' Tim, there is a really cool 4" x 4" sticker ... bumper sticker quality so you can plaster it anywhere, including your ride.

We are also offering a chance to have dinner with part of the cast and crew of our movie.  We love pho (Vietnamese soup ... usually beef but sometimes chicken or even vegetarian) and have a few places that we haunt in the Northern Virginia area.  We would love to break bread (more like summer rolls) and talk about making the movie, comic books, movies ... anything and everything.  It is a relaxed and casual get together, but it will be a lot of fun!

The Impact

When we started this project, we knew we were on to something cool ... a chance to make a movie with characters that we love and that others may not know about.  And if they do know about them, they will be happy to see what we are planning with them.  We are committed to being true to the characters, both the classic and modern versions of them.  We grew up reading and loving these characters and want to make the fans as excited to see them as we would be if someone else did.  We hope to help to introduce some of our favorite characters to people who do not know them, and share in the excitement with people who do.

Other Ways You Can Help

This is possibly the most important part of the campaign ... word of mouth.  If you can contribute, that is fantastic and we welcome your support.  However, you can be our real hero by telling a friend, sharing on Facebook, tweeting, blogging, ANYTHING!  We are super accessible and open to creative ways to promote this project. 

Thank you so much for looking at our campaign and for listening to our story.  We really appreciate your interest, time and support ...

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DISCLAIMER ~ JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: THE GATHERING is an independently produced fan film and is not affiliated with Warner Brothers Pictures, DC Comics of any of their subsidiaries.  "JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK," "JOHN CONSTANTINE," "MADAME XANADU," "RAMA KUSHNA," "DEADMAN," "ZATANNA," "PHANTOM STRANGER" and all related elements are trademarks of Warner Brothers and © DC Comics.  The film is being produced solely for entertainment purposes.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Happy Reaper Productions proudly presents Justice League Dark: The Gathering. This is a short film about Madame Xanadu, a powerful seer and enchantress as she puts out a call to arms to some of the most powerful characters in the arcane world: John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger and Zatanna Zatara. With the team assembled, they must determine how to save Deadman from the clutches of the power crazed goddess, Rama Kushna.

Justice League Dark: The Gathering stars
Bette Cassatt (The Broken Continent, VHS2) as Madame Xanadu
 "Smitty" (the bands Damnation AD, Shelter & the Bloody9's) as John Constantine
Ginny Page (Fractured Legacy) as Zatanna Zatara
Marshall Shirley (House of Cards) as the Phantom Stranger
Trevor Krainik (the band 16 Large) as Deadman
and introducing Sharmeen Kassim as Rama Kushna

The film is produced, directed and written by Victor Omar and Trevor Krainik.

Team on This Campaign: