Justice Does

We are curating an interactive art installation in conjunction with the Justice Conference in Philadelphia with intention to encourage people to "do justice."


We are Artists Inspiring Action, a collective of creative world changers, and we've partnered with Rooftop 519 and The Justice Conference to create a huge interactive art installation and mobilization project to inspire people to do justice.

Our mission is two-fold: 

First, to produce an interactive art installation at The Justice Conference in Philadelphia on Feb 22nd and 23rd. The art piece will represent eight justice themes: war, slavery, homelessness, hunger, health, sanitation, education, and family. Attendees of the conference will participate in completing the art piece by hand painting a pre-printed canvas and filling free-form areas with their own inspired contributions.

Second, to produce an accompanying book alongside the art piece that will highlight the stories of people working towards justice and practical ways for individuals to get involved in change from their home communities. 

The Organizations

We will be partnering with eight organizations which we will be highlighting in the action guide as great examples of doing justice.  

The Artists

We have two amazing lead artists that are guiding our creative work:

PopeSaintVictor is currently the Lead Creative for the non-profit Blood:Water Mission. PopeSaintVictor is a leader in photography, graphic media and vector imaging. 

Jacob Herring is a photographer, painter, and creative genius. Jacob helped lead the Artists Inspiring Action display at the 2012 Justice Conference in Portland.

Look for more info on our artists in upcoming videos and bios. 

What We Need & What You Get

A large portion of the $30,000 is for the printing of the book, created in partnership with our friends at Eye See Media (www.eyeseeonline.com). Through this book participants will have access to information, inspiring stories and organizations that are making things happen; it will give them the tools to get creative acts of justice happening in their own communities.

Your partnership also helps with art material cost, artist remuneration, dispays, rigging  transportation, housing and other overhead costs involved in making all this happen. Your support means inspiring more people to help bring justice to those in need. 

The Impact

Justice is about doing. This interactive exhibit will inspire attendees of the conference to get involved and be part of making justice happen. The mural will be completed over the course of the 2-day event as people use their hands, words and original art to express their desire to commit to, speak about and engage social justice. The intent is to temporarily place the final mural in Philadelphia for display after The Justice Conference, inviting even more people to get involved and work towards justice. 

Other Ways You Can Help 

  • Paint with us in Philly at the Justice Conference. 
  • Spread the word through your network. 
  • Support and partner with a financial contribution to this Indiegogo campaign. 

Together, we can see what #justicedoes

Team on This Campaign: