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Jumping Jupingo is a breathtaking game for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac. Be part of its success
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  • $1USD

    A big personal thank you because every bit helps.

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  • $5USD
    Digital art

    You get a set of specially designed cards of the characters to download and a personal thank you.

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  • $15USD

    Get a bug dropping named after you in the Poo-Poo-Tarium page we’re going to set up on our website. If you’re rolling our eyes you are thinking too big. Bug droppings are like planets for billions of tiny organisms so pledge and they will be living on YOUR planet.

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  • $25USD
    Name that Alien

    The aliens in our game don’t have names so we’ve welded name plates to their space suits. Pledge $25 or more and one of those aliens will be named after you and proudly carry your name across the galaxy. All named aliens will be paraded on a special “Aliens Go Home” page we will set up on our website so be sure to check out yours. You also get a dropping name after you in the Poo-Poo_Tarium (and it's a little bigger). You also get a PC (or Mac) version of the game.

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  • $50USD
    Game Player

    If you pledge $50 you’ve already got a bug dropping with your name on it in our Poo-Poo-Tarium and an alien will be carrying your name across the galaxy. In addition you will receive a free copy of the game and a set of four Jumping Jupingo art cards. These art cards are so popular, whenever we have them at a convention, they disappear.

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  • $100USD
    Leader of the pack

    Be the envy and talk of your Facebook friends, work colleagues and family. Send me a good photograph of your face and I will pop you into an alien spacesuit and send you a signed image of you posing with some aliens in front of their space ship – inter galactic fame awaits. (+all the above)

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  • $250USD
    Fame, Fame, Fame!

    This is your chance to hand out with the stars. I will personally design a paper craft character of you based on a photograph of you. Build your character and the other paper craft characters we’ll be developing, then pose yourself with Jupingo and the other celebrity bugs of the game and take lots of photos. Everyone will instantly recognise that you are in there with the stars. (+all the above)

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  • $500USD
    The Bug Master

    In addition to all the above I will personally create a signed, caricature illustration of you together with Jupingo and the bugs of the game. You can even choose your own title for the poster such as The Bug Master or Dr. Bug. All you need to do is send me a good photograph of yourself.

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  • $1,000USD
    The Art Collector

    Apart for all the above you will also receive three original artworks from the game. The artworks will include one of my early concept sketches, an original game level environment sketch and a character design sketch.

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