Julia Haltigan's A GIRL AND A GUN Music Video!

Brand new music video coming soon!

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Julia Haltigan and Cathryne Czubek are making the A GIRL AND A GUN music video!!

Dearest friends and fans, we are thrilled to have teamed up to produce the music video for Julia's amazing new song A Girl and A Gun and we need your help! 

Julia Haltigan is one of the most talented young voices blasting through New York's streets and has been working hard on a new batch of killer songs. Cathryne Czubek is a NY-based filmmaker who has been working for several years on a documentary on women and guns in America. The film is almost finished and Julia wrote a song, and now, to promote them both, a music video is in the works. Think motorcycles in Sin City and music in the underground shooting range...  we've got a lot of fun ideas and have e a great crew on board but we need your help to finish production!

 www.juliahaltigan.com    ~   www.agirlandagunfilm.com

We're raising money to produce the video!

The $$ we're raising is paying for our equipment rentals, transportation, permits and location fees. We are shooting on film (yes on film not video!) at 5 different locations in the NYC area and costs do add up.

To incentivize, we have GREAT prizes, plus any contribution made to our video is tax-deductible thanks to an affiliation with the non-profit organization Women Make Movies.

Don't want to pledge online?  Contact girladnagunfilm(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll tell you how to donate offline.

We really appreciate all of your help and support, and if you aren't able to contribute $$ right now please help us spread the word! Send an email to 5 friends you think might be interested or post a note on FB linking to our campaign! Spreading the word is so important to helping us reach our goal.

We have a lot of donations and discounts, but still need to raise:

  • $400 location fee (Westside Shooting Range in Chelsea!)
  • $600 transportation (we have a couple trucks but need one more..)
  • $450 crew food (the crew must eat!)
  • $3000 equipment (lighting, lenses, all that fun stuff)
  • Rest is Indiegogo/admin fees


Stay tuned for MORE PRIZES and VIDEO UPDATES from Julia and Cathryne as production continues...




Cathryne & Julia


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