JuiceCane: Colorful, Scalable, Rechargeable Mobile Power Can

Simply add more cans to become the cane for extending usage time; and replaceable utility cap to create application flexibility.

Anyone has interest in JuiceCan(e), Please email  to wl@allmobilepower.com


The Mobile Power System You did not Find in CES 2013

Modern life has forced us to accept mobile devices as one of the most important accessory of our daily life.  Everywhere you go, you will find people staring at cell phone or tablet PC.  Even down at the beach, smart phone and tablet PC are a must besides beer and chips nowadays.

As we depend on mobile devices more and more, portable backup power source becomes indispensable more and more too.  Mobile devices runs on battery power.  It always runs out when you just need that little bit more.

JuiceCan(e) now comes to the rescue. Unlike most of the standard backup batteries which only serve its basic function of providing extra power when needed, JuiceCan(e) is colorful and fashionable by design; simply add more cans to become the cane for extending usage time; and replaceable utility cap to create application flexibility.

Aesthetic Design

JuiceCan(e) is not only colorful, but also fashionable.  A single JuiceCan is small in size, 7.5 fl oz can size, 7 oz. weight; easy to hold in your hand.  Easy to carry in handbag for all occasions.
JuiceCan comes in 7 natural fruit colors: milk-white/ blackberry-black/ cherry-red/ strawberry-pink/ blueberry-blue/ aloe-green/ lemon-yellow.  Each standalone JuiceCan is noticeable by color.
Turning single JuiceCan into JuiceCane can be as easy as making a twist. 
When multiple units connected, it becomes a very visible JuiceCane like sugarcane.

7 color JuiceCans


7 color JuiceCane

Functional Design

Each JuiceCan carries 7800mAh capacity;  enough to support 3 charges of iPhone5, or 2 charges of iPad.
Product parameters

Simply connect multiple JuiceCans will create a larger capacity power source to meet the longer capacity needs.

Remove cover of each side

Twist 2 JuiceCans into 1 JuiceCane (attach the front end to another's back end)

Perfect connectionJuiceCane (2 cans) in hand

The standard removable Utility cap equips with two USB output ports, one micro USB charging port, and a 2.3W LED flashlight.  It can charge 2 mobile devices at the same time.  And also good to provide 200 hours of LED lighting.

2 USB output of JuiceCan
2.3W LED light of JuiceCan

Fun and Easy Technology

AMP design team has made this product with more fun and easy to use.  By adding more JuiceCans, not only it builds the fun of color match, but also increases the usage capacity of the battery.  Buy a few of the JuiceCans for all your family members.  Each JuiceCan will provide the simple function of the personal mobile backup power source.  When family get together, combine all units and create a JuiceCane to meet the large capacity demand.7 color JuiceCane

Making the Best even Better

AMP Tech is in the process of designing more functional removable utility caps.  To name a few below:
1.  Warm and Romatic Lampshades:

Red Lampshades

JuiceCan bed side light lampshade: angel & devil

2.  Body Massager

Body massager powered by JuiceCan
3.  BlueTooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker powered by JuiceCan
4.  12V DC inverter for light car appliance

JuiceCane inverter system

In short, JuiceCan(e) is a well-designed product with great creativity.  JuiceCan(e) proves that technology can be colorful and fashionable too.  Ease of use is definitely a must for all classes of users.  The removable utility cap creates the flexibility for all other features next to come. 

A full set of JuiceCan

Lightning Reward (iPhone 5 not included):

  • Lightning to USB cable (8-pin),
  • Wall charger adapter (110V AC to 5V DC)

Lightning to USB cable (8-pin), Wall charger adapter (110V AC to 5V DC) *iPhone 5 not included.

Battery Comparison:

Battery Comparison


"JuiceCan(e)" prototyping has been completed,

Ready for quantity production.

Minimum batch quantity: 700 sets, AMP Tech needs your help to subscribe to the first production batch. Your favorable reference to your friends and colleagues are very much appreciated. The sooner we get to the 700 minimum, we will get into the production mode; and delivery follows. Email me at wl@allmobilepower.com for your special requests: 
1. Special delivery time requirement. 
2. Any other special instruction color combination and others. 
3. We will notify you if there is a new production and delivery schedule.

We thank you for your interest in this "JuiceCan(e)" product. We hope you will enjoy having this device around you to serve you when you need it.

Please support AMP Tech to bring our idea to reality. We do appreciate your support to give us the opportunity to serve you and make your life more joyful.

We hope one day, this device can help you and serve you in the best way when you desperately need it. You will definitely feel the investment is more than your expectation.


After you make your contribution, AMP Tech will write an email to you to make sure what flavor of JuiceCane you like.

Oversea shipping fee $5 for One can, if order 3+ cans, We will waived oversea shipping fee.


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JuiceCan(e) part list:

  • Main Body x 1
  • USB cable x 1
  • Changeable USB tips x 2
  • Charging module with LED light x 1
  • User manual x 1

How to charge JuiceCan(e)?

You can get power from wall outlet or car cigarette lighter socket with USB outport.

Dose JuiceCan(e) support smartphone or tablet PC?

JuiceCan(e) support all kind of Android devices and old Apple devices, with lightning  cable, JuiceCan(e) can charging new Apple devices such as iPhone 5.

Does JuiceCan(e) support iPad mini and nexus 4?

iPad mini(Lightning port),Nexus 4(Mini USB port). You can use original charging cable connect to JuiceCan; Each JuiceCan set with one mini USB tip; You have choice to order one lightning cable for Apple products.

Any other mobile device JuiceCan(e) support?

JuiceCan(e) support all 5V mobile devices such as GPS, Go Pro, Kindle etc. 

If JuiceCan(e) can get power from 220V AC?

AMP Tech will send 220V AC to 5V DC wall charge adapter if you need.

How much for oversea shipping?

$5 for One can, if order 3+ cans, We will waived shipping fee.

Answer for Chris:

1. Q:What is the self-discharge rate (time to full discharge on shelf)
    A: More than 6 months.
2. Q:What is the battery technology used
    A: 18650 Li battery, like the one in your laptop.
3. Q:What is the recharge time
    A: Around 10 hours.
4. Q:What is the lifetime (#cycles, at a specified discharge depth/profile)
    A: At least 500 cycles.
5. Q:Can the owner replace individual internal cells should one fail after warranty? Is the unit designed for such easy access and replacement?"
    A: For your safe, Please do not replace battery cells yourself.
6. Q:Is there a maximum # of units that can be connected together, stacked (other than the space it needs to fit in) ?
    A: No limit, but we suggest below ten cans for physics reason.
7. Q:Are there more details available on the 12V support? 120V AC support?
    A: Not yet, we develope unility caps first, then plan install some inverter for 12V support.
8. Q:What is the warranty?"
    A: 1 year
9. Q:Time to recharge?
    A: As Q3, 10 hours.
10. Q:Are the various phones/tablets/etc all charged at the maximum charge rate the items can accept, or are some devices limited (ie, will Kindle Fire charge at 2A) ?
      A: You can charge one smartphone and one tablet PC or 2 smartphone at same time.

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