Journey Through Fire: A Documentary

An intimate, unprecedented, and in-depth look at the healing process of a survivor of childhood rape and abuse.

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About Our Film

Our names are Vijay and Oscar and we are award winning independent filmmakers from San Jose, California. One year ago we began making what we consider the most important film of our careers so far--

Journey Through Fire is the story of a very good friend of ours. She is a remarkable young woman who survived the unthinkable. The film delves into her psychology, the aftermath of abuse, and the power of compassion. 

This documentary is unique because of its personal and intimate nature as well as her courage in exposing her darkest and innermost secrets. It is searingly honest and we believe it offers an unprecedented and unmatched look at the process of healing and will help to inspire others who have been traumatized to find hope.


We Need Your Help!

Your support will help us finish the documentary and share it with audiences worldwide. This is a film that will be meaningful not only to survivors but also to the rest of us who must learn how to be there for those who have been hurt.

We know with a little bit of funding we can be phenomenally successful. We are supported by prominent documentary filmmakers (Kurt Kuenne, Dear Zachary; Don Hardy & Dana Nachman, Witch Hunt, Love Hate Love; Joke Fincioen & Biagio Messina, Dying to Do Letterman) as well as nationwide organizations that will help us with the outreach and promotion of the film.

This is not an issue where we can stay silent. We must all journey through fire together.


What We Need & What You Get

We hope you'll join the journey because every little bit of support means so much.

$30,000 will go a long way toward finishing this film in terms of production, post-production, and bringing the documentary to film festivals worldwide. In addition, we'll be sponsoring a local event that will celebrate healing through art and serve to create a community of support for sexual abuse survivors.

We have gifts, goodies, and exclusive merchandise for those who support our film!

  • VIP Premiere Screening Passes
  • Your Name in the Credits
  • DVD Pre-Order
  • Cool Swag and Much More!!

We can't stress enough that every little bit counts. We will work to make this film a reality even if we don't reach our goal, but with your help, we can work together to make this film not only a huge success but a real catalyst for change, making a positive impact on lives all over the globe.


Other Ways You Can Help

Help us spread the word to your family and friends and even strangers (we encourage it). Use the Indiegogo Share Tools here to help us reach Featured Status so more people will hear about us.

The more people like us, follow us, and interact with us, the more likely we are to reach the front pages of Indiegogo! Please help!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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