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Integrate our free program with school districts NATIONWIDE by starting in Austin, Texas.
Jasper Faolan
986 Facebook Friends
Austin, Texas
United States
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hey there, love...


Act as if what you do makes a difference. 
It does. 
~William James

We SUCCESSFULLY! raised funds to build a gamified  mental health website for girls! What an incredible campaign and phenomenal community we built together.

 Thank you. :)

I genuinely thank you for gifting me the resources to believe in and create my dream of a free mental health service for girls. Your support of me in my life gives me more energy and joy than I will ever be able to tell you.



What were you like as a teenager...?

Writing was my solace growing up.

Dancing and painting saved the lives of my two best friends. Truth.

Art saves lives. So does reframing thoughts to learn from difficult times; cognitive behavioral therapy. Social skills help us become healthy individuals. My program, Journal To Save Your Life, offers all of these.

In a world where there is a $12 billion dollar need for adolescent mental health services, Journal To Save Your Life will offer a forever-free, 52 week, interactive web based program for girls.

60 girls are ready to begin our program on March 18th 2013.  (Note: The design process took much longer than anticipated due to all that we wanted our J2SYL to do for girls! So we are thrilled to have a completed website at the time of this writing, November 18th, 2013. We will launch shortly. Thank you for your patience. Good things take time.) But Olive Design has to build the website first - this is where you enter our story. We are raising the funds to pay Olive Design to build Journal To Save Your Life.

Donate to launch the first program of its kind nationwide, starting in Austin, Texas.

For every $1 you donate, you’re creatively meeting a MASSIVE $12 billion dollar annual need for mental health services for girls (and boys in 2015). I bet your other 1 dollar bills will be super jealous.


* * *




…If you want a VERY Professional version of what Journal To Save Your Life is, please visit us here. Cool. We have multiple personalities.

J2SYL Founder

Jasper Faolan here. I’m an ex-adolescent delinquent turned MBA holder/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner student/Author/and – most important to me – Journal To Save Your Life Founder.

Like many women, I’ve experienced sexual violence, addiction, toxic relationships, bullying, questions about my sexuality, and a nebulous identity. Journaling and creative writing quite literally saved my life.  Now I’m set to bring all of the insights of the past 15 years of writing, working in psychiatric facilities, introspection, and self-love to girls everywhere.




You can spend $5 or $100 on a coffee or a bunch of clothes. And/or you can spend your cash on a campaign that will forever help girls.

Journal To Save Your Life is a rockin’, 52 week long, visceral, exposing, deep, deliverance, initiation-into-adulthood mental health program for GIRLS.

J2SYL will be able to support thousands of girls following our pilot program - for FREE. This is a great way to spend your money.

You should support J2SYL because:

  • If you want to change the world, you help girls. (And women, but we’re focusing on girls right now.)

  • All kinds of research shows that a young woman with a positive mental outlook, resilience in the face of adversity, and a healthy sense of self increases her chances of being a rock star like you. Share the wealth.

  • Not all girls have mental health support. What are you doing to help them?

  • With ALL the AMAZING Progress we’ve made as a team, we now need YOU to donate to build J2SYL’s secure, automated, dynamic, mobile-compatible, snazzy program website.

Think of it this way. If we don’t raise this money, our entire dream of helping girls and launching a nationwide program first in Austin will DEFLATE LIKE A GIANT BALLOON OVERHEAD THAT SUDDENLY HAS A GIANT LEAK. This is serious. We need your money! Now!

Help Journal To Save Your Life ignite and grow like this giant balloon. Let's fly!

What does your team need from me?

We Need MONEY! Why sugar coat it? :) Journal To Save Your Life is about audacious HONESTY. We need your money. Even $1 buys you warm fuzzies to help conquer a $12 billion dollar need. Why not?


Where will my money go?

All donations go STRAIGHT Olive Design to build the interactive J2SYL program website by February 2013. This is CRUCIAL. ~Olive Design's Journal to Save Your Life Quote!~


I've worked two years to get all this done -- along with 26 incredible, professionals with psychiatric, dance, writing, women's studies, technological, education, and business backgrounds.  All we need now is to complete our fundraising. We only need $11,212 more to do it.  But it needs to come in ASAP!  

Girls are already on our waiting list!

60 J2Girls have been chosen by their Texas school counselors and psychiatric emergency services are on call for them.  All we need is YOU and your money.  AND for you to tell as many folks as possible about the Journal To Save Your Life as you can. Like, ASAP. Now. Today. Young women NEED us.

Ok, I'm all excited now. I want to support you. What do I get?

Well now. You can’t just do something out of the goodness of your heart, aye? ;) (Madonna’s “Material Girl” comes to mind…) Ok, fair enough. You’re meeting us where we’re at, so here’s what we can gift to you:

AGAIN: For every $1 you donate, you’re helping found a NATIONAL program that helps meet a  MASSIVE $12 billion dollar annual need -- for free. Holy cats. You’re awesome.


Hmm. Not enough? Okay, well check out these perks!

  • Jasper Faolan’s first book about her life as a teenager, free!
  • Bumper stickers! T-shirts! A sneak preview of our juicy program!
  • The chance to be a bossy-boots and tell us how it’s done!
  • Be called “Angel”!
  • And…awesomely, receive thank you letters and art books generated by our first generation of J2Girls! Awesome! Yes, yes, yes!!!!

Donate! Be a champion for girls in a totally new way! Support your daughters, sisters, cousins, and families! Girls need us.

Other Sweet Ways You Can Help

I am about to be 30 years old. (“Oldie”? Whatever! 30 is the new 20.) I want to launch my first nonprofit, national program before my 30th birthday rolls round on March 20th 2013.

You were going to send me a birthday card, right!? ;) Well, throw down $5 for my nonprofit instead and save a tree. Birthdays are good!

Equally as important as a birthday gift for Jasper is your VOICE.

That’s right. (It’s a beautiful voice.) Tell ALL your friends, grandmothers, and dogs to give us their money. Seriously: Spread the WORD! "Like" us on Facebook! Go to YouTube and "thumbs-up" the video. Leave a nice comment. Tell your local newspaper that you want us to come to your town next. Talk to bloggers about us.

Tweet something hilarious and/or heartfelt (bonus points for doing both in 140 characters). You're creative—do it up, you-style. But basically, for the 50 days of this campaign, do anything and everything to GET THE WORD OUT THERE. Oh, and I'm not kidding about the nice-comment thing. I really do love a nice comment.




J2SYL is a nonprofit organization, and all of your donations are tax-deductible.

A receipt will be provided with all donations.

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$11,212 USD goal
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This campaign ended on February 23, 2013
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Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Warm Fuzzies

    YES! $1 is significant. EVERY donor at EVERY level is listed on our final J2SYL Donor page. This means that all J2Girls will see the sheer number of people who are invested in their futures. So the more we have on board the more powerful the message of, "Girls, YOU MATTER." Rock on, right? Right. $1 up! Optional Bonus: Write a motivating letter to our girls, and see your letter on our final site!

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $12USD

    Best Friends Forever, Y'all! Be in our hearts and on our website as a donor, receive a snazzy J2SYL supporter bumper-sticker and a big, heartfelt thank you!

    18 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $20USD
    Seattle Street Art!

    All of the above + plus + a digital pdf copy of the Seattle Street Art Book Volume Three! Thank you August Tarantino for offering this gift to our donors. See here for more details: www.SeattleStreetArt.com. ~ Muah!

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $25USD

    Journal To Save Your Life is a revolutionary approach to mental health at a time when budget cuts seem relentless. You want to see children supported with this free program. Receive all of the above +plus+ receive the J2SYL Sneak Peek pdf file that shows you a key series of J2SYL media prompts designed to motivate, ignite, and challenge at-risk female youth to love and get real.

    29 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $70USD

    You connect with the vision of Journal To Save Your Life. It just makes sense! Receive all of the above +plus+ a copy of "a raw hummingbird", J2SYL Founder's creative nonfiction book about her own adolescent delinquency (http://journaltosaveyourlife.wordpress.com/the-book). "a raw hummingbird" inspires the mission of Journal To Save Your Life. Value: $15 - $25 on Amazon!

    11 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $125USD

    Journal To Save Your Life has the potential to carve out a new trend in mental health. And J2SYL will be forever-free to the youth that need it. You're a fan! Receive all of the above +plus+ a super cool, exclusive JOURNAL TO SAVE YOUR LIFE T-shirt in your size!

    6 out of 250 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $250USD

    Receive all of the above +PLUS+ receive a YEAR of advertising space for you and/or your business +PLUS+ receive an EXCLUSIVE hardcover book and online media files created by J2Girls (note delivery date of the latter is March ‘14)!

    5 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $500USD
    Angel Investor

    This is cool. You're in. $500 to support a national, scalable program that addresses a $12 billion dollar annual need (for free) is Powerful. Receive all of the above +plus+ be a Featured Supporter +plus+ have a video on why you support J2SYL posted to our final website +plus+ receive thank you letters & art projects by the J2Girl Graduates (note delivery date of the latter is April ‘14)!

    1 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $1,250USD
    Champion of Mental Health

    Finally! Here's an innovative, research-based, mental health program that will benefit girls nationwide. Excellent. Have lunch with and get monthly updates from J2SYL Founder, Jasper Faolan +plus+ be on ALL J2Media +plus+ receive all of the above +plus+ be the first to tour the J2SYL online experience(!!) +plus+ be interviewed on the importance of supporting mental health initiatives that benefit our nation!

    2 out of 12 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
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