Join the movement. Transform a community

The community has come together and builds the first sustainable, hand-built from Mother Earth, eco-max home and creating a new industry for our poor community.

 The community of Coron is building a home/community center. It’s like no other in the world. Built from the sweat, tears, love, and hard work of our locals, we’re creating a revolution in our town.

Where on Earth is Coron?

Coron is a tropical island in the Province of Palawan. We are often called the last unspoiled frontier in the Philippines. Like many tropical paradise locations, we have tourism, but like many Caribbean islands (think Haiti), the locals are poor and live on meager incomes. But we are a special people and highly eco oriented.

You would fall in love with our land, our sea and our people.


The Ultimate Eco Home

Heard of Earthbag building? Our community came together for this massive project to carefully make strong bags about the size of a pillow. Then we selected an area with the perfect soil, with just the right elements and consistency. Thousands of these handmade bags are carefully placed  in the exact locations instead of using wood and nails. We named the house “Castillo”.

Think how well these insulate. Visualize how strong the walls are to protect the people inside against Pacific storms.


earthbag construction


The Revolution

Something happened while we were building. Word travelled fast, and people came from all over, curious about our new way of constructing a total eco-built house. We became a revolution of sustainability in every sense of the word.

All these volunteers wanted to help so they could build their own houses using the same method. They don’t have to cut down trees and harm the unique tropical animal and bird habitats.

Our community has started a home building revolution. We all believe our “technology” is a game changer. Our revolution is a social project where everyone has a part, changing the way we grow, and provides a livelihood for thousands.

 Group foto

                                            Many members of our community came together.




Our methods became an idea generator. We talk about all the possibilities. You have a unique opportunity to change many lives. To change our future.

Now you can participate in our exclusive journey.

You get to turn dreams into a new reality for an entire community. The reality of promise and hope for our poor community.

You get to help our children with a greater future.


                                          Their dreams. Your help.

We’re about three-fourths complete on the house. It’s like a live-in model home used to teach our community. The home will also serve as a bed & breakfast and education center (until we can build another one to use as a community center and building co-op. Like any good startup, we have made mistakes and learned from them. Those mistakes become part of the fabric of who we are as a people.

When we finish this house, it will breathe life into additional livelihood programs, and an active business community around a new industry.

Oh, and it’s all natural, 100% eco. It’s sustainable in every sense of the word:

  • Our materials
  • Our community collaboration
  • Our low/no-energy design
  • Long-term social impact for us, our children and grandchildren
  • It’s huge impact on our society and even nearby communities. 
  • Giving back to the community over and over for generations to come
  • Leverages new knowledge fueling even more overall sustainability
  • This is just the beginning of our revolution


Use of the Funds

+/- 30 % of the funds raised will be used to buy sacks, lime plaster,  wood, tiles, paint, waterproofing and to pay the wages of the workers to finish the construction of the house. (To finish the kitchen, 1 bedroom, toilets and showers)

+/- 30 % to build a big water tank to store water/ rain catchment, water pump, Water purification system,  4 composting toilets ( B&B rooms) plus shipment,  a small Solar system for the house.

+/- 30 % to pay for all the  perks, for Indiegogo, paypal and bank charges.


The Support:

Here's a number of ways you can help us:

1. financial contribution and / or

2. promotional support: 

a. you can like us in facebook,

b. you can pin us in pinterest,

c. you can tweet about us,

d. you can mention us in your blog or paste our link  in your blog or facebook

e. and you can tell your friends about us. 

The Rewards:

I appreciate your time and support.


Please check our perks for our gift for your donation.


Love and gratitude from Coron,




All friends, contributors and promoters are welcome to visit Castillo in Coron.

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