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One day of private instruction with Sean Foley. Sean is the coach of Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan, among many others. This is an extremely exclusive offer, as Sean Foley is not available for coaching to the general public and only one package is available. You and up to five friends will have the opportunity to spend five hours with Sean in Orlando, Florida. The day includes two hours of morning instruction, lunch, and then two hours of instruction in the afternoon.  This will likely be the most memorable, entertaining and fascinating days of golf instruction you will ever have. This package also includes a round of golf with me. I will meet you in Orlando for a round of golf the day before or after your day with Sean.

Sean appeared on the following popular shows: One on One with Peter Mansbridge on CBC and Charlie Rose Show

If you are interested please email directly at andrewDparr@gmail.com

     For most of my life, golf has been at the core of what I do and who I am. 


I was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. I won my first top amateur prize in 2004, I was medalist at the Canadian Amateur, top-10 at the US and British Amateurs, and I competed collegiately as an All-American and All-Big 12 with Texas A&M University (2002-2006). In 2007, I turned pro and won my first-ever pro tournament on the Gateway Tour. Then something happened that changed my life....

I had a stroke.

I was only 24 and in what I thought was great health, yet I had a stroke. The event changed my life. My father had died suddenly at age 40, when I was 12 years old. These two events shook me. As I recovered, I grew to see an undiscovered world that lay beyond the golf course. I came to a new appreciation of every day, seeing the good in the people I met, embracing the rich diversity of beliefs and experiences that exist around the world. Rather than just be about winning, I became about living.

Strokes usually cause brain damage. For me it was my left hemisphere (which controls the right side of the body, language and speech). I had to literally re-learn so many things that were once routine.

As I started to get feeling back in my right side, still many simple tasks like typing were nearly impossible. I was stumbling in my speech. This was obviously an extremely frustrating time. I was reteaching myself all basic movement. I would move all day until exhaustion for months on end relearning some functions I had taken for granted. A friend gave me a book on Tedy Bruschi, the Patriots linebacker who would return to football after he had gone through a similar incident. This provided great inspiration to know that I could come back. I became fascinated with how the brain and body works, and human potential.

I was determined to get back to golf.  Six months after having a stroke I qualified for the Shell Houston Open on the PGA Tour. That same summer in 2008 I would tie for firsts before losing in a playoff on the Canadian Tour. I posted another 2nd place a few months later. In 2009, I qualified for and briefly led the U.S. Open after a rain-delayed first day. In 2012, I competed in several European Tour events and played in the final grouping on Sunday in Sicily, where I would finish 6th.  In the Joburg Open I played in the second to last group on Sunday to finish 13th in my European Tour debut.  In 2013, I qualified and played on PGA Latinoamerica. The following are tours and tournaments in which I have competed in:

In the years following the stroke, I traveled around the world, questioned my beliefs and my path, experimented with connections between good health, diet, and nutrition, met many amazing people and learned about their journeys.

All the while, I’ve been trying out new approaches to the game of golf. I’ve been finding connections between the way I’ve changed as a person with the way I need to play on the golf course to win at the highest levels.  I’ve come close many times and am now poised for a major breakthrough for my career. 

Through it all, I have come to fully understand something about myself. I LOVE THE GAME OF GOLF.  It’s a beautiful game, and it’s a beautiful way to learn who you are. People call it a mental game. I feel like it's more of an emotional awareness. To compete and win at the highest possible level. To live with passion, humility, and grace.

Over the years, a small group of dedicated sponsors gave me the opportunity to pursue my professional career. I’m so grateful for their support. This year I am going to try a new approach to sponsorship. My plan is to be sponsored by a collective.

With the proven support of my local community and the network I have formed throughout my career, I’ve found a large community of people who tell me they want to support me on my path. These people see my potential in golf, but also connect with me as an individual as I go through all of life’s ups and downs.

That’s why I want to do something different this year. I want to get a whole community of sponsors like YOU behind me for this 2014 season. No matter the size of financial contribution you make, I want to provide you with access to the world of professional golf and to life as a professional athlete. 

2014 is going to be a big year for me. I've played on nearly every major world tour at some point in my life. I have the industry's best coaches in my corner. I feel more prepared and poised than ever before to take the next major leap in my career.

Now I'm looking for another very crucial part of my team. I'm going to need your help to get there. For 2014, I need $75,000 in financial support to cover the significant expenses (see the full cost breakdown below).

I’m going to provide sponsors with exclusive updates during the season, interactive video calls with Q and A, handcrafted golf bags, hats, and the perfect polo. There are opportunities to receive virtual coaching, or chances to spend a training day on the course. If you run a business, I can take your best clients out for an unforgettable golf experience. There is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the best golf coach on the planet, Sean Foley!

In 2014, I hope to be lifted up by the support of a whole community as I reach for new heights in my career. It's the richness of relationships that make this endeavor worth pursuing. Let’s go do this together.

Thank you!


ps- Even if you can’t to be a sponsor, you can still contribute by helping my campaign go viral! Share the video or like the page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and other social media. Thanks! #TeamParr2014   


Video Chat Q and A

Ask me anything! Will send out an invite to sponsors. Interactive video chats via google hangout, skype, etc. Also receive exclusive updates, tips, and upcoming event details.

The Perfect Polo
This polo has been in the works for a few years now. I've worn nearly every polo known to man and created my favorite with my friends at Taylor Stitch in San Francisco. This is a super lightweight cotton micro pique with a touch of lycra for the most comfortable performance polo, timeless style, and great fit. Available in White. Made in San Francisco.


The Hat

This 5 panel hat is a collaboration with Taylor Stitch. Made in USA. Grey Cotton Twill. Great for on or off the course. This is the hat we will all be wearing as a part of Team Parr.

Belding Golf Bags 
From its inception in 1965,  Belding's commitment to quality manufacturing has not wavered. This hand crafted American vintage carry bag with a leather bottom and shearling top is part of their heritage series. Manufactured for a lifetime of authenticity and experience.

One on One Coaching with Me

Whether you want to shave strokes off your round, enjoy the game more, or feel healthier, let me help point you in the right direction with systems that have been tried and tested over the years. I will provide customized lessons. You will learn the fundamentals of golf and how they affect ball flight, try my favorite practice drills and gym training routines, and learn how nutrition affects performance and health. I have various stages of coaching available to suit your needs. Visit me in San Francisco or Toronto to play and practice. Don't want to travel? I can do virtual lessons, by video chat. Everything you need to be a better, healthier golfer. Junior packages available.

Golf with Lorne Rubenstein 

Lunch and a round of golf with renowned golf author and writer Lorne Rubenstein at a club in the Toronto area. Lorne is one of the most respected writers in the golf world. Spending a day with Lorne on the course and to hear first hand his accounts of the golf world is truly a pleasure! Greens Fees included for you and two friends.

If there are other perks you would love to see as sponsors, please leave me a comment and I will see what I can do!


My Yearly Expenses

I'm planning on playing 20-25 weeks this year. $75,000 will cover my expenses for the full year whether I play a schedule of Monday Qualifying on the Web.com Tour or play on the European Challenge Tour. My weekly expenses are pretty much the same on both tours. I also have costs when working with my coaches.

  Weekly Caddy $1000 =  $20,000 This would be a huge plus

Q School

Qualifying School is a very important part of professional golf.

European Q School $2,500 entry fee + $8,000 in travel expenses = $10,500

Web.com Q School $5,000 entry fee + $7,000 in travel expenses = $12,000

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at andrewDparr@gmail.com
or leave a comment.

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