BATTLECROSS invites fans to tour the USA with them on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest. Your can make it happen for these energetic thrashers from Detroit!
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Dear friends,

Congrats to the dudes in Nonpoint and Protest The Hero for their amazing Crowdfunding Campaigns to tour and to put out new records!  The $400,000 that Protest The Hero raised is a true testament to the power of metal fans around the world and their ability to make things happen.  It also shows many of us musicians that putting out a record or going on a major tour is possible for any of us, with or without a huge label investment, or personal risk to the band. If the fans want it, they can have it.

We are BATTLECROSS, a Heavy Metal Thrash band of five hard-working guys from Detroit. We were signed to Metal Blade Records in 2011 and have released one album, 'Pursuit of Honor', which has produced singles that have ranked i#1 and the top ten of most requested metal tracks in North America on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Why We Need your Support!

We're on the verge of some VERY big things---events that every heavy metal band has dreamed of. In the next few months, we'll be playing with bands like Anthrax and Hatebreed at the New England Metal Fest in April, at Orion Music + More with Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers in our home town of Detroit in June, and we were just announced to play a tour that could really give our band the break that we've been working towards for our whole life: the 6th Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest with Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Machinehead, Amon Amarth and some of the most popular acts in hard music today. 

The Mayhem Fest tour lasts 30 days and will take us all over the United States of America.  The week that the tour starts, we will be releasing our new album, our follow up release to 'Pursuit of Honor'.  This is a crucial time for the band, with the expenses associated with recording on a small recording budget, and the cost of going on a tour of this magnitude, we need to be in a position to afford to do this. We no longer can hold jobs at home, so we must work to make music our career.

We've made great sacrifices to make BATTLECROSS grow, much like the sacrifices and stories of perserverance that we convey through our lyrics and energetic style.  We've lost jobs, sold personal items, and have done whatever it took to make our dreams come true.  This tour is no different!

Touring is very expensive. On our last tour, we spent almost $10,000 in gas alone. After the tour, we traveled straight to Florida for six weeks (where we are now) to record the next album and have incurred a lot of expenses getting our members to and from the studio, while bringing in no income

This tour will be even more difficult as we are a new band and our per-show guarantees still don't cover the costs of the $1,000 + needed per day for gas/transportation, the required liability insurance ($1,000+), the cost of a small crew to help on this size of a production ($3,000), buy our merch, merch tent, our personal and band monthly bills, advertising and more will cost the band upwards of $50,000 or more to go on this tour. We've committed to $25,000 ourselves between the nightly guarantees and our merch sales, but as a new band, we can't count on merch sale income, especially when we're playing with so many awesome bands with their own merch to sell.  We'll need to raise the rest!

But if you know us, you know that the thought of coming up with the remaining $25,000 won't stop us from taking this amazing opportunity. This tour will give us the exposure, fan base and attention that could launch us into a global band with a dream career and we'll do whatever it takes to get there!


Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can't contribute to our campaign, you can share this campaign through social media with the Indie GoGo share tools.  You can also tell your friends about BATTLECROSS and ask them to listen to our music, request us on the radio or encourage them to check out our set at Mayhem.  Please help spread the word. If you want something else for your perk, contact us and we can work something out!

...lastly, if you don't like our music and could care less about seeing us, please take the time to support another crowdfunding campaign and show the world that fans have the power when it comes to seeing their favorite bands and to spread the word that becoming a musician doesn't mean going broke!  Keep dreams like ours alive!

Hope to see you this summer!

Thank you!


Please remember to add $10 for interntational shipping! We will send you a survey each week to ask for your cell #, size, Mayhem date and any other information we need to fulfill your package.




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    The Two Dollar Baller

    Thank you for helping us get to our goal! ALL $2 Gifts from now until the end of the campaign get a BATTLECROSS sticker to stick on the bathroom wall at your local venue AND a Facebook Shout Out!

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    Thank you video chat

    Invitation to a private Group Google video Chat at an upcoming scheduled time. Thank you Tweet

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    Album Flat, Patch, & Tweet

    We'll send you a tweet and mail you a limited edition, signed 12x12 poster/album flat from the new album. Be the first and only one of 500 to receive this!

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    New CD Download Special

    Get the album download before the release date, autographed 12x12 album flat, thank you tweet, a Facebook shoutout,thank you call from one of the Battlecross bandmembers AND you'll receive the annual BX Christmas Card at the end of the year!

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    The Hiran Special

    Great things come in small packages! Get an autographed copy of the next Battlecross album before it's release date, the new album t-shirt, a thank you tweet, a Facebook shoutout, and a personal thank you call from Hiran or a Battlecross bandmember of your choice.! We'll also add you to our Christmas Card List

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    The Gumby Special

    Donate $50 and get the new GUMBY 'Bearded for your Pleasure shirt', 10 minute skype conversation with Gumby or a band member of your choice AND Get an autographed physical copy of the next Battlecross album before it's release date, a thank you tweet or a facebook post about your band...

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  • $50USD
    UPGRADE-Flask & Video Pkg.

    Upgrade your existing package!. Only 50 flasks will be made available through our campaign....and want to view an unreleased Battlecross video that no one else has ever seen? Support us at $45 level and get: *FLASK with Battlecross Logo *Two Shot glasses *Shout Out on Facebook/Twitter *Invitation to view an Exclusive screening of an unreleased Battlecross music video via the internet. Never seen before!

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  • $100USD
    NEW! Surprise Grab Bag & CD

    *Signed Copy of the new CD or POH CD *Unreleased Battlecross DEMO CD used to shop album to labels in 2010 and prior. *Surprise item belonging to the member of the band. *NEW unreleased shirt (it's a surprise!) *Autographed 12x12 album flat *Surprise collection of 3-4 Battlecross accessories or items---could include patch, stickers, photos, etc. *Tweet/FB Shoutout

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $250USD
    Ultimate Mayhem Party Pack

    *One Ticket- as a Personal Guest of BATTLECROSS (limited to 1 per venue, excludes Detroit & San Bernadino dates), hang with us in our bus or backstage for an hour, *Signed CD (Current AND new CD) *Shirt, *Photo of you and us to be posted to our facebook, twitter & instagram. ! *Gumby will give you a shout out from the stage!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $350USD
    Ultimate Collectors Experience

    One Ticket- Personal Guest of BATTLECROSS except for Detroit & San Bernadino dates), *Hang with the band on the bus or back stage for an 1/2 hour, *A Mayhem Tour poster signed by the band, *An autographed drumhead used during the show you attended! *Both autographed CDs, *Battlecross wristband, *2 shirt designs of your choice, *A personalized video shout out made for you *A shout out from the stage from Gumby *A member of the band will wear your band shirt on st

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $500USD
    Ultimate Road Party Package

    Be a Roadie/Fan for two shows and travel with us between two dates! Live like we do on the road for two days and one night but you must find your way back home! 18 years or older. Get everything on the $250 package and if you're a hot chick, you'll get even more! haha. Meals included! Detroit show & San Bernadino excluded! You'll appear in our tour video updates and we'll introduce you via Twitter & Facebook

    3 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013

    VIP Dinner & Guitar Package!

    We'll invite you and 4 of your friends (five total) to dinner (except Detroit & San Bernadino) or any of the off-dates, present each of you with the new CD and shirt, and give YOU a signed ESP guitar from either Tony or Hiran. Also included is two Guest List tickets for two to any Mayhem show (excludes San Bernadino & Detroit), a shoutout from the stage from Gumby, a personal video from the band and we'll tweet the shit out of you!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
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