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This campaign is over, donations are welcome via

Join Our Mission to the Moon:

Help us make history and inspire the next generation in Israel and around the world. We're raising $240,000 - one dollar for every mile to the moon!

We’re landing the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon. Sounds a bit crazy. But it’s not. Along the way, we are inspiring kids to engage with the wonders of science and technology, much like the Apollo missions did in the 1970s. We want to create an inspiring moment of blue and white history and spur a wave of space-related technology companies. Let’s show the world that going into space is not limited to global superpowers with billion dollar budgets. Smaller teams of creative, innovative scientists and engineers can go into space. We’re doing it. For all of us. Join us! We’re raising $240,000 – one dollar for each mile to the Moon. All donations to SpaceIL are tax deductible. 

Help Us Win the Google Lunar X Prize Challenge

We entered the Google Lunar X Prize challenge to help us make our dream a reality. The Google Lunar X Prize challenges the first private, non-governmental team to build an unmanned spacecraft, land it on the Moon, move 500 meters across the lunar surface and send high definition pictures and video back to Earth. The first team to do so wins a $20M prize. The competition started out with 33 teams, there are now 18. And we're among the favored to win. Our edge: Building the world’s smallest, smartest spacecraft. 

But our mission is much bigger than just this competition. Our vision is to inspire the next generation in Israel and around the world to think differently about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). And to give communities a cool new way to connect with Israel. We're committed to using our potential prize money to further our educational mission.

Who Are We: Dreamers, Builders and Rocket Scientists

SpaceIL began three years ago when three young engineers (Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari and Yonatan Weintraub) discovered they shared a dream and decided to make it real. The organization has since grown to include 20 full-time staff and 250 volunteers, including many leading scientists and engineers who are donating their wisdom, expertise and time. SpaceIL has the active support of Israel's top academic and industry leadership, including the head of the Israel Space Agency, the president of the Weizmann Institute, the president of Tel Aviv University, Israel Aerospace Industries and Bezeq, among many others. We are also honored to have the ongoing support of President Shimon Peres and Rona Ramon, widow of Astronaut Ilan Ramon. 

Fly Me to the Moon! Fuel Our Spacecraft

Flying to the Moon is not cheap. We've already raised a significant amount towards building the world’s smallest, smartest spacecraft.  But we can’t get liftoff with you. We all know gas is expensive. In this case, a full tank costs about $500K. We're starting out by raising $1 for every mile to the moon. All donations to SpaceIL are tax deductible. 

If we raise more than our campaign goal, your funds will go towards completing the rest of our fueling costs, speeding up the technical development of our spacecraft by hiring more full time engineers, and then finally, to invest in our educational impact projects.  Every dollar of support counts, but what's most important to us is your participation - that you see the SpaceIL mission as your own. Click here if you just want to be added to our list of Mission Members. We'd be delighted to have you aboard!

Supergalactic SpaceIL Perks

We’ve got lots of great perks for those who jump aboard our mission. Our featured perk is a very special opportunity to send a 140 character message to the Moon. Send us a message with your thoughts, dreams, wishes to be placed on a special chip that will travel with us to the Moon. To spread the inspiration, we’ll be sharing some of the best messages to the Moon with the SpaceIL community. 

Other great perks include a personalized souvenir ticket to the Moon, a special edition SpaceIL t-shirt, super official Team SpaceIL polo shirt and the chance to have your name engraved on our spacecraft. We will follow up with donors to get perk details: shirt sizes, text for message to the Moon, etc. 

Get on Board, Let's Make History Together!

We’ve been working tirelessly for over three years to make our dream a reality. A dream where everyone joins in our mission and shares our passion. Where the next generation gets inspired by science and technology. When we all share in that thrilling history-making moment. Join us! Come along on our incredible journey. Help us travel those 240,000 miles to the Moon!

Light up the Social Skies and Share, Share, Share

We’d be so glad if you would help us spread the word and share this campaign with your friends and networks. 

Want to host us in your community? Is there a school, synagogue, camp, science club, campus group you're connected with that would like to get involved? We've got some inspiration to share and great content for exciting programming. Drop us a line at and we'll put you in our orbit. 

SpaceIL in the Media

Get ready for liftoff! It's going to be amazing and we'll all be in it together!

*Contributions to the SpaceIL crowdfunding campaign are designated to support the programs of Team SpaceIL, an Israeli nonprofit educational organization. The iCenter is the exclusive educational partner of Team SpaceIL in the United States and provides oversight of the crowdfunding activities of Team SpaceIL in the United States.
As with any mission to the next frontier, an inherent risk exists and there is a possibility something could go wrong. Regardless, our mission to inspire the next generation with the wonders of science and technology will carry on. 

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Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Mission Member

    • First photo from the Moon Great to have you aboard! As soon as we land, our spacecraft will take a photo and send it back to Earth. Minutes later, a high resolution photo will be emailed to you.You'll share in making history with us and get the first picture ever taken by an Israeli spacecraft from the Moon!

    179 claimed
  • $5USD
    Space Ranger

    • Wish upon a star • All the above perks You’re steering us toward the Moon and we’re incredibly grateful! We’ll make a wish upon a star for you as we whiz by on our way to the Moon!

    17 claimed
  • $60USD

    • Special edition t-shirt • All the above perks Sport your SpaceIL spirit with our special edition t-shirt. Put it on and feel gravity-less. We'll be in touch to get your size.

    199 claimed
  • $180USD
    Flight Controller

    • Official Team SpaceIL polo shirt • All the above perks Give us a thumbs up in your Official Team SpaceIL polo. With this shirt, it's all systems go! We'll be in touch to get your size.

    59 claimed
  • $1,800USD
    Mission Specialist

    • Personalized engraving on the spacecraft, including a framed photo, signed by the co-founders • All the above perks We think you're pretty special too! And to show you just how much, we're going to engrave your name, or that of your organization, on the body of our spacecraft! We'll also send you a framed photo of your spot, signed by SpaceIL co-founders. Join us and be part of history. We'll be in touch to get your engraving information.

    9 claimed
  • $10,000USD

    • Exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of SpaceIL operations • Dinner in Tel Aviv with SpaceIL co-founders • All the above perks Head to Tel Aviv to meet our team in person and claim your celestial status. We’ll roll out the red (flying) carpet for you with a private briefing by our head engineers, followed by dinner with our co-founders at one of Tel Aviv’s culinary gems. We’ll show you first hand what makes SpaceIL special! (Travel and accommodation not included.)

    0 claimed

    Launch Director

    • One VIP seat in the control room on launch day • All the above perks Be there when it happens! Sit next to our engineers and other dignitaries, including the President of Israel, in the control room as we make history! This perk will entitle one person a seat in the control room for launch or landing. It's going to be tight, tense and mind-blowing exciting.

    2 out of 2 claimed
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