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CPAP Horizon Project is a Professional Alliance of CPAP Therapy Providers, Sleep Physicians, and Sleep Professionals

Our Primary Goal Is To Improve The Overall Effectiveness And Sustainability Of CPAP Therapy In The United States

CPAP Horizon Project started with one simple question...

What if, with a few improvements, and the right resources, Clinicians and Therapy Providers could easily work together to deliver the highest standard of care, while at the same time, improving the health and sustainability of their own businesses and practices?

We all know there is a better way... and members of the CPAP Horizon Project alliance are creating it together.

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We have a growing list of member benefits in the pipeline, but let's focus on what is available to you right now.

CPAP Horizon Project members enjoy unlimited use of...

  • The Horizon Protocols -- standardized, tested and optimized CPAP patient follow-up protocols (plus a free automated follow-up system)
  • ManageMyCPAP basic -- an automated, interactive patient follow-up, support, and tracking application
  • Horizon Exchange (HIE) -- Technology Integration and Data Sharing For All Stakeholders
  • CHP Dashboard -- CPAP therapy metrics, benchmarking and analytics ("Big Data" for CPAP therapy providers)
  • Annual Outcomes Assessment Survey -- clinical follow-up with past patients to measure outcomes and identify re-evaluation candidates

How's that for value?

We provide you with follow-up protocols, automated technology to 'run' those protocols, marketing support to attract more patients, and better ways of managing data and measuring outcomes... And we're just getting started!

Let me explain each of these member benefits separately, and I think you will agree that, through the CPAP Horizon Project alliance, we are solving the biggest issues facing CPAP therapy.

The Horizon Protocols -- Standardized, Optimized CPAP Patient Follow-Up

Consistent and timely short-term and long-term patient follow-up is critical. It is one of the most effective things you can do as a CPAP therapy provider to improve results.

For new patients, following up at several points during the first 30 days of therapy allows you to identify problems early and intervene to solve them.

For long-term patients, checking in several times a year has a big impact on patient satisfaction and overall outcomes. And again, if problems are identified, there is a good chance that they can be resolved, and the patient's therapy can get back on track.

There are, we can all agree, basic best practices that should be implemented for each patient. But, knowing (and proving) exactly what patient follow-up protocol is best requires an evidence-based, scientific approach.

Here's how CPAP Horizon Project helps our members manage their patients under the most effective follow-up protocol possible...

cpap hme dme solution

ManageMyCPAP -- An Automated, Interactive Patient Follow-Up And Support Application

We knew, when we started this project, that if we were going to have a measurable impact on the effectiveness of CPAP therapy in the United States, we needed a better, more cost effective way for CPAP Providers to follow-up with patients.

First, we planned to partner with an existing technology or service provider, but we quickly realized that if we wanted to have an effective solution, we were going to have to build it ourselves. Every existing solution was either too device/manufacturer-centric, mired down in old-school telephone technology, in poor financial condition, or missing critical patient-centric features.

Realizing that there was a gap between what was needed by our members and what was available in the market, we expanded the role of CPAP Horizon project to include acting as a technology incubator.

Through the CHP technology incubator, we provide the funding, guidance, support and resources to help technology projects get off the ground.

Our first project is ManageMyCPAP: A Patient Follow-up and Support Application for CPAP Therapy Providers and Clinicians

ManageMyCPAP is a a web and mobile application that makes it possible to stay consistently in touch with a large pool of active patients without having to add more staff.

ManageMyCPAP makes it easy to follow-up with patients through automated, interactive therapy checkups. After getting an email, text, or voice notification, patients simply log in and answer a few questions. If there are any issues that the CPAP Provider's staff should know about, they are alerted immediately.

ManageMyCPAP also makes it easy for patients to get the support they need by submitting their help requests in a private secure environment that maximizes staff efficiencies.

The basic level of ManageMyCPAP, which includes full support for the Horizon Protocols, is available to CPAP Horizon Project members at no additional charge.

You can learn more about ManageMyCPAP here

Horizon Exchange (HIE) -- Technology Integration and Data Sharing For All Stakeholders

One of the biggest challenges standing in the way of improving the effectiveness of CPAP therapy is the ability to share data across all stakeholders in the CPAP continuum of care.

Starting in September of 2013, CPAP Horizon Project will begin providing a Health Information Exchange (HIE) service to it's members that provides a way for various technologies to talk to each other and helps eliminate redundant data entry.

CHP Dashboard -- CPAP Therapy Metrics, Benchmarking And Analytics ("Big Data" For CPAP Therapy Providers)

One of the most critical elements of any business or therapeutic endeavor, is the ability to actually track and measure results. Unfortunately, CPAP therapy providers and clinicians often find themselves flying blind - without a good set of performance metrics.

We've got this 'new' concept in healthcare called 'big data' and there are a lot of discussions about the way it will transform markets. It's true, of course... in our market as well as all other healthcare markets, success is becoming more and more dependent on the ability to use data to improve efficiencies and outcomes.

In CPAP therapy, the challenge is mostly about defining an effective set of metrics that are accessible and available to every CPAP Provider and clinician.

Our members need measurements that show the health of their businesses and the effectiveness of the therapy they provide. Not just measurements developed by insurance companies, but rather, true performance metrics that our members can track over time.

Coming, in August of 2013, CPAP Horizon Project will begin providing our members with a simple, yet powerful, performance metrics dashboard. We'll give them an easy way to track key metrics and benchmark their results against member averages.

Our members gain powerful insights through standardized performance metrics, such as...

  • patient satisfaction
  • adherence rate
  • therapy status (inactive, new, active, off therapy)
  • daytime sleepiness
  • snoring
  • orders per year per patient
  • counts by machine and mask

Join CPAP Horizon Project as a Founding Member: Increase Adherence, Increase Efficiencies, Atttract More Patients, Increase Patient Satisfaction -- Guaranteed

By joining our alliance through this Indiegogo campaign, you will recieve, in member benefits, up to 20x the value of your contribution.

We are funding phase one of three roll-out phases right now. Phase one has the power, on it's own, to make an immediate and positive impact for CPAP Therapy Providers, Clinicians and most importantly, Patients.

And, we're just getting warmed up...

Wait 'til you see what we have in store for phases two and three.

But we need you, as a founding member, to make phase one a reality.

This project, without people, is nothing, that is why we we want to make it really easy for you to join our alliance today.

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