Join gina Breedlove to bring Language of Light

Sound healing is what this music is about. uplifting, soothing, and soul stirring. Please help us to give it wings! Spread the word

"In Goddess culture, gina Breedlove is a vocal Priestess, leaving her audience the privileged recipients of her deep vocal well"   -Holly Near


  Hi Family,

 My name is gina Breedlove and I am a singer & songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. I have been fortunate enough to do what I love for many years, and I am deeply grateful. I write songs about the interconnectedness of all things, and about how we need each other to live. I am an independent artist and I use my voice in service to Love.


        My Co-Producer on this project, dear friend and Brilliant musician Julie Wolf, and I will use every bit of the monies raised to create my new record "Language of Light". I am seeking to raise $25,000. This money will cover musician fees, producer fees, studio rental, mixing, mastering, packaging costs, replication, & promotion.  We will be recording at the legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley California, which opened in 1971.  Many, many  amazing artists have recorded at Fantasy-- Santana, Journey, Dave Mathews, Lauren Hill, The Staple Singers, Stevie Wonder, U2, Tracy Chapman-- the list goes on and on-- including all of the musicians who will play on this record! We have a lot of ground to cover  and Every single dollar we raise will go into the making of and the promotion of "Language of Light".


        When I am singing, I am always thinking about sending joy and lifting the hearts of all the people in the room. We intend to make a record that does just that --  and that is what Your contribution will help create,  more good sound in the world. Music that has an uplifiting effect on the spirit, and is a healing balm for the heart. It is the culmination of years of daily practice, and the fulfillment of a dream that was born when I met Julie Wolf in 2001, touring with Ani Difranco & our dearly departed friend, Poet, Sekou Sundiata. It is amazing how the world goes round, cause- here we are!


Your Contribution matters, and no amount is too small. It takes many hands to hold a big offering, and then Your hands, become our hands.  We plan to release "Language of Light" this spring!  Should YOU be one of the generous donors that help to make this happen, I look forward to honoring all of the perks promised, and will do so before the end of 2013. Some of the larger perks will be worked out  in a mutally agreeable fashion. Physical items (CDs, Tee-shirts, etc) will be shipped at the time of completed manufacturing-- this Spring!

       The Reveling  *Vibration of Grace*

    In addition to being a performing artist, I practice the ancient art of Sound Healing. I use sound to move blocked energy out of the body. In healing circles, I teach others how to use Intentional Sound to bring ease, and to release tension and sadness .  Sound penetrates the cells, and it is a powerful healing modality.  I am offering a few Sound Sessions as a perk, to be delivered at a mutually agreed upon time, in a mutually agreed upon way. Please go to www.ginaBreedlove.com to hear more music, thank you for listening.

          Please, Share the word. Use the INDIEGOGO Tools, and help Us to let  people know about this campaign. Thank You all So Much!

Much grace and Blessed be.



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