John Jennings: Musician's Relief Love Campaign

John Jennings, long time producer, writer, producer & band member with Mary Chapin Carpenter is battling metastatic kidney cancer. Please donate what you can.
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John Jennings Relief Fund

"I have been lucky enough to play music with John for many years.  But I would say that what makes me even more fortunate is that he is also my dear friend.  And I know that there are a great many people who would describe John the same way. 

We know he can play amazing guitar licks.  We know he writes deeply beautiful songs.  We know he knows his way around a recording studio.  And that he plays every instrument within it as well. And we know that his passion for music is what has motivated him from his earliest days as a local musician in the Washington, DC area to the respected and sought after producer/engineer/musician he is today.

What may not be as well known is the courage and strength he is mustering to face the health challenges in front of him now.

I am in awe of his spirit as he works daily on the hard business of recovering from surgery and as he undergoes the important follow up medical procedures.  It takes everything he’s got.

I know that John would be the first person to offer his help to a friend in need.  And the last person to ask for it on his own behalf.

So that is why his friends are here to ask for your help…if you have ever been lucky enough in your life to have a friend like him, I am certain you will understand…"

-Mary Chapin Carpenter

Time ticks clockwise. History only leans forward when professed, assessed and addressed. We look into a mirror and our returned reflection exists historically slightly behind us. That is what’s miraculous about the creative process. We immediately pivot ‘round from experience, then mobilize our facilities to make something new. That’s how we’re wired.

John is a most dear and tenured friend. I know it to be fact that--when it’s time for taking to a meaningful task--he works very hard, sees to it deliberately until it’s completed and then moves on. His M.O. is quite healthy: once the job is done he doesn't dwell, bask, ruminate or otherwise needlessly linger in the past; for the past will bog us down with too much of even its happiest episodes.

In myriad ways John is--and has always been--an inspiration. When I sometimes succumb to an appreciative backward glance, I’m astounded by certain revelations. One is that--since roughly 1980--most everything notable that I’ve done, everyone with whom I’ve worked, everywhere that I’ve visited, all exist on a none too labyrinthine path with no more than one or two peregrinations from an initial outward gesture, inclusion or infusion from John’s most interesting and artistically vibrant world.  

As a friend, John’s heart is larger than each of our ego’s combined. Just think about that for a moment.

John Jennings has been very close by on this spectacular ride for a wonderfully long while and--without looking back—I can profess my deep and abiding love for the man.

As I am certainly and profoundly not alone in this admission, I urge all within John’s soulfully colossal orbit to consider all heretofore, then pivot toward action and in any way assist him in this most important endeavor. It shall be a success and we will all move on creatively, ever forward, together.

-Jon Carroll

Besides being a great guy, John Jennings is truly a renaissance musician and songwriter! A wonderfully gifted guitarist and performer who hits the note every time and a highly respected producer who understands the mojo of making great artists greater. Always loved his music and I'm proud to have him as my friend.


"We've been following John's music for decades, have all his cd's, and have reveled in his concerts at The Barns year after year.  My husband and I have also had the privilege of getting to know John and Tamara as dear friends. John is not only a brilliant musician; he is a rare and special person--generous, gentle, kind, insightful and humble.  He's a mensch.   John has given so much to the world of music and beyond, it is a joy to have the chance to give something back to him".

-Deborah Tannen and Michael Macovski

Please share and do what you can to soothe the financial, emotional, and medical problems that John is going through at this time!

John Jennings is now undergoing one of the most uncomfortable realities shared by all sentient beings.

But as we all know, John is an extremely positive and talented guy.  He is a competent leader.  Now he has been dealt a very painful and serious hand. 

As we all know, he is a gifted individual who commands the unique capability to process, improve, and overcome everyday obstacles in order to help create and share the enlightened society vision that he has lived by.  All who have come in contact with John in any situation surely must have felt his positive outlook of life and unique process of molding creativity into reality.

Now, more than ever, John needs our help.  I'm sure all of you know that he'd be defiant to even think of asking for aid for himself.  So, now it's up to us to help lift the heavy burden laid upon our good friend.

Please join us in giving what you can to soothe the financial, emotional and medical problems that John is going through at this time.

And as John would concur, I did teach him everything he knows!  :-)

-Michael (Beausoleil) Doucet  

We hope that you will give from your heart as we reach out to ask for your help in fulfilling a Musician's Relief Love campaign for John, producer, guitarist, writer and long time band member with Mary Chapin Carpenter and many others.  

John was diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer in early March.  He is recovering from a challenging spinal cord surgery and is currently undergoing radiation treatment.  He will likely have another surgery within the next two months followed by chemotherapy two months later.  He is receiving the best of care with top physicians in their fields at the National Institutes of Health and is also considering complementary cancer care.  John is determined to beat this disease.  That said, he is facing a medical crisis.    

John Is Determined to Beat this Disease

John has to take the necessary time needed to treat this illness and will be unable to do much work until he has recovered.  He has had to cancel his tour with Mary Chapin Carpenter this year along with other performances and has had to set aside most of his other work and production projects for the time being.     

Your contribution to the John Jennings Relief Fund will give John the necessary time to heal without the acute financial pressures that he is currently facing and will give him the opportunity to seek complementary cancer care.

John has offered his time, talent and money to many projects and people over the years and now is himself in great need.  He is so appreciative for any help you can offer. 

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