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WHO: BadgeofShame

Hi. I make the web series “Joe Goes,” which features visits to cities, countries, conventions, and random crazy events.

Over the past two years, we’ve done a lot of episodes at conventions. But the most popular videos have been visits to other countries, like England, The Netherlands and Japan.

And by far, the most requested episodes are “Joe Goes To FINLAND” and Joe Goes To SWEDEN.” I’ve always wanted to go there, meet the community of BadgeofShame fans, and ask them what is wrong with them. This is the campaign to help get the trip funded, so we can finally make these episodes happen.

WHAT: Joe Goes To FINLAND & Joe Goes To SWEDEN

I want to make two episodes: “Joe Goes To FINLAND” and “Joe Goes To SWEDEN.” In which I interview people, stare at the camera awkwardly, and go ice swimming, because apparently they consider that "fun." (Jesus.)

Each episode will at least three parts, with each part 5-7 minutes long. (It could be more parts. Depends on how much we shoot.)

And the money is going toward the essentials:

- 6 plane flights: LA to Stockholm, Stockholm to Helsinki, and Helsinki to LA...for two people. (Me and my shooter.) (This alone costs $3400.)

- 8 nights in hotels...for two people. So we have three full days of shooting in each city and a half-day to check in. (This alone costs $1000)

- food, shooter's fee & transportation per day (cabs, buses, trains, etc.)

It's not going to gold chains, chimpanzees, jetskis, prostitutes, and season 6 of The Golden Girls on Blu-Ray. And if there is extra money, that means we will spend more days in each country! (Yes, we might take the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki instead of a plane flight.)

The videos will be shot like the first “Joe Goes” international videos, in London, Amsterdam, Dublin & Glasgow. (They will not be as comprehensive as the “Joe Goes To JAPAN” videos. Those were planned and produced by an ad agency and their client. I'm all alone, guys! I don't have a team.)

For more information, check out UPDATE #1. And UPDATE #2.

WHERE: Finland & Sweden

Finland Sweden Badge of Shame

The plan is to spend 3 1/2 days in Stockholm and 3 1/2 days in Helsinki.

If the funds go well over $7,500*, we will consider expanding the trip.

For example, we could go to Rovaniemi to check out Santa Claus Village, or we could go to Jukkasjärvi to stay in the Ice Hotel, if it's still open. The PEOPLE WHO DONATE will get a vote on where we go, which wiill be done via email. 

Please note that we can't go everywhere. I know a lot of you want us to come to your town, and sleep in your bed, and leave a terrible mess in your toilet. But covering two countries is daunting. Also, making YouTube videos is not my job! I work writing jobs to pay the bills, and I don’t feel comfortable being away for too long. 

*I know in the video I said $7,000. But it turns out there will be $500 in Indiegogo / PayPal fees. So now it is $7,500.


I’d like to shoot the videos in April. Unless the weather is shitty. Is the weather going to be shitty? If the weather is shitty, then May.

UPDATE: We will shoot the videos in late May at we have the best weather. Meaning you can look forward to their release in June. We'll keep you updated.


You get episodes of “Joe Goes” in Finland and Sweden! Without you guys, these episodes would not happen. I can no longer afford to pay for trips outside of LA on my own. My YouTube channel is not popular / profitable enough.

But there are some extra incentives:

Everyone who donates $1 or more gets put on a secret email list. That means if we do a meet-up in Finland and Sweden, we will let you know where and when.

There are also little, terrible prizes for donations of $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, $200, $500 & $1,000, which you can see on the toolbar to the right.

UPDATE: All perks include all previous perks. For example, for $25, you also get the $10 and $1 prizes...etc.

Money Joe


So you can stop posting “Go to Finland!” and “Go To Sweden!” in the goddamn comments to every video!

Instead, you can post “Go to Stöðvarfjörður”

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    Blank Stare

    WHAT YOU GET:……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...But thanks for supporting the trip! This gets you on the secret email list.

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  • $10USD
    Name In The Credits

    WHAT YOU GET: Your name in the credits & video description to either “Joe Goes To FINLAND” or “Joe Goes To SWEDEN”

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    Uncensored Video

    WHAT YOU GET: A private link to view an uncensored version of a BadgeofShame video! (cough, AdultCon, cough, Tanya Tate Part 2)

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    Personal Drawing

    WHAT YOU GET: A personal drawing based on your suggestion! (Digital copy only)

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    Personal Rap (Audio)

    WHAT YOU GET: An MP3 of a 16-bar rap (acapella), based on your suggestion!

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    Personal Rap (Video)

    WHAT YOU GET: A video of a 16-bar rap (acapella), based on your suggestion!

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    Skype Chat (10mn)

    WHAT YOU GET: I’ll do a Skype chat with you for ten minutes.

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    Skype Chat (30mn)

    WHAT YOU GET: I’ll do a Skype chat with you for thirty minutes.

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  • $1,000USD
    Personal DVD

    A DVD of your favorite “Joe Goes” episodes in high quality, as well as a personal rap, and a short video answering five of your questions. This is the only physical prize. I hate shipping!

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    Estimated delivery: March 2013
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