Jimmy Do Right & the Pop Go Boom

A live wall-of-sound experience: a new record of original music by Jimmy Dority performed by a 20-piece pop orchestra to be recorded at Mayo Street Arts Center.

The Project

Jimmy Do Right & the Pop Go Boom is a recording and performance project featuring original music by Jimmy Dority - of Foam Castles, Over A Cardboard Sea, Lovers Of Fiction, and musical director for Lorem Ipsum's The Threepenny Opera (http://jimmydority.bandcamp.com/) - performed by a 20-piece pop orchestra featuring some of the northeast's greatest musical talents.

A full pop album will be performed and recorded on two occasions (or "takes") this September 28th and 29th at Mayo Street Arts Center, where the community will be invited to see the show. Thanks to the impressive acoustics at Mayo Street, audience members will be engaged in a full-stereo, wall-of-sound experience unlike any other live performance.

The Music

After years of writing, culling, and perfecting, twelve songs have been written for a unique pop ensemble. The arrangements are rife with influences ranging from the punchiness of Motown and R&B, to the brightness of teeny-bopper, to the lushness of the French chansons. Throughout the performance of the album minimal sound equipment will be used in order to capture the naturally overwhelming acoustics of the space at Mayo Street, positioning the sections of the orchestra accordingly around the room, creating a brilliant soundscape. Imagine losing yourself in a pop album, with the band all around you.

This is a big idea! And in order for it to be as big as it can be, we need your support.

How You Can Help

How much is possible in the Portland music scene? How can we make the most of a city brimming with talent? And how well can we come together as a community to bring new music to people who are eager to hear it?

This project is in part an experiment in seeing just how much we can do with local music. This is a booming sonic experience to which the entire community is invited.

With your contributions we can bring this production to life. Every bit of support will bring us closer to performing (and mastering and pressing as an album) this one-of-a-kind concert performance.

Spread the word: it's going to be an amazing show!

What's In It For You?

Besides the opportunity to take part in a grand production of new pop music unlike any other, you can feast your eyes available to donors of any price range. Check out the right of this webpage.


What's the big deal with the Pop Go Boom?
When was the last time you heard an album of original pop music arranged for and performed by a small orchestra? When was the last chance you had to see the process of that album being recorded?

The composition, performance, and recording of pop music have evolved to an amazing point and we musicians are lucky to be able to create and share music in extremely convenient ways but, on listening to some of the albums of pop's past (and some of the present), we catch a certain warmth and magic. A significant part of that magic we're hearing is the sound of twenty or more people, in one room, giving it their all, playing carefully arranged music, putting it on tape, and calling it good.

The Pop Go Boom is a new album with an old soul.
It's all-natural, locally grown pop.
It's home-brewed, craft music.

What is the layout of the orchestra?
2 Saxophones
French Horn
Drum Set
Four-part vocal harmonies
String quartet

The players (as previously mentioned) are some of the finest that New England has to offer, including Daniel Sonenberg, Maria Wagner, Kyle Hardy, Mike Effenberger, Carl Dimow, Aaron Pettengil, Rob Gerry, Sam Chandler...and on and on!

Where will this money go?
I've often wondered, when listening to older pop (e.g. Motown, Phil Spector, Edith Piaf, The Beach Boys), "how did they get all those musicians to play this new, strange music?". The amount of effort that goes into a recording of this type is immense: besides hours of arranging, there are hours of practicing and rehearsing, and the work done in engineering the recording.

The majority of the funds raised will go to the people involved in that process. Here is your chance to support some of the most gifted musicians in your local area and show them the value of their excellent work.

Aside from compensating the musicians, funds will also go toward:
-renting the space at Mayo Street Arts
-composotion supplies (ink is expensive!)
-press material (i.e. flyers, promotion, etc.)
-the recording (engineering, mastering, and eventual release)

How is this different from a concert album?
For the purposes of this project, Mayo Street Arts will be transformed from a venue to a sound palette. There will be brass in the balcony, and saxophones in the stairwell. This is not your average concert - it's a sonic experience. As an audience member you'll be invited to sit back and watch the show if you'd like, or close your eyes and be part of a stereo soundscape like no other.

To allow for applause, each song has been written with a fade out section, long enough for the purposes of a record, short enough for the enjoyment of the show.

And if you feel the need to sneeze, you'll have the joy of being able to say you made your way onto the record!

How will the show benefit the musical community?
As previously mentioned, the majority of the contributions made from this fundraiser will be going directly to the involved musicians - some of the most excellent music-makers in the area.

Part of the intention of this project is to challenge the limits of what is possible in the context of indie-pop and -rock. The amount of musical talent in northern New England is mind-blowing, but it isn't until that power is harnessed that we can see what it's capable of.

Another objective of the Pop Go Boom is similar to that of my musical direction of The Threepenny Opera: that is, low-brow high art. It's my strong belief that some of the most influential, evolutionary, and downright important musical projects are those that lie in the grey area between opera and garage rock. When we bring complex projects to a large community, we invite and inspire growth from every side of our culture.

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