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What do you do when your happily ever after dissolves at the altar? |FEATURE FILM - coming 2015|
Lady Rooster
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Los Angeles, California
United States
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Thank you! 


JILTED is an independent feature film, shooting in Southern California in 2015, and created by Lady Rooster Productions; a female-led award-winning production company. The film follows Lilly, a Type A wedding planner just left at the altar, and her 3 best girl friends, as they search for Lilly's birth mother. During their road trip adventure through California, these 4 women discover more about themselves, and each other, than they ever imagined possible. Among the ups and downs of love, trust, family, and friendship, JILTED asks the question, "What do you do when the picture you had of your life, and the life you have, don't match up?"

Call it a Quarter-Life Crisis... Call it Saturn Returns... Whatever you call it, the sh*t hits the fan with gusto, right about... now. Join us, and bring this unique story about the 20-something experience to life!

JILTED is the debut-feature of an already award-winning production company, director, writing team, and cast. This is it! The indie-darling we can't wait to show you on the big screen! It is positioned to launch us to a whole new level within our industry.

Because of that, we can promise you that we will work harder than anyone you know to tell this story, that every donation you give will be transformed into a cinematic experience you will be proud of, and that this team of filmmakers will knock your socks off with the final cut. When JILTED is playing on a big screen near you, you'll be able to point it out to your friends and say, "I helped make that movie."
As a JILTED funder, you'll not only help make an indie feature. You'll also support a woman-led and award winning production company, and get tons of cool stuff!! Plus some serious street cred as an indie film supporter.

As filmmakers, we choose to highlight these key messages:

  • Self-love makes true love possible.
  • Everyone has the power to change their own life.
  • Family is family, but friends can be, too.
Our rule of thumb: A good story, well and beautifully told.

Lilly’s life is perfect. On the morning of her wedding, her meticulously crafted life is about to reach the zenith of its perfection when she finds herself at the altar, unable to say, “I do”. Determined to figure out what happened, she joins forces with her three co-conspirators: Courtney, her blogger bestie and Maid of Honor; Sam, her ex-best friend from childhood; and Maggie, her dread-locked, distant sister who lives in their dad's backyard. The women embark on an impromptu and surprise-filled road trip from California to Mississippi, unexpectedly discovering themselves along the way, and realizing that the answers they really need are down roads not included in their itinerary.

JILTED cannot be made without your donation. The script is fantastic, our team is amazing and dedicated to this story, the cast is ultra-talented, but without your financial support, JILTED will not come to life. Filmmaking is expensive! Way more than you'd expect. Here is a selected list of what your donations will pay for:

  • A Cinema Camera - This top-of-the-line camera, a favorite of indie filmmakers, gives us a high-quality and surprisingly affordable digital alternative to 35 mm.
  • Cinema Lenses - These high-end lenses create the cinematic "look" we all want to see on the big screen, and one that will support the beautiful imagery of JILTED.
  • Camera/Dolly Equipment & Lights - These are the tools we need behind-the-scenes to make what's in front of the camera come to life for you!
  • Locations
  • Props
  • Wardrobe
  • Sound Equipment
  • Feeding as many as 30 people twice a day for a month
  • Set Design and Decor
  • Travel Expenses for Production
  • Data Storage
  • City/County Permits and Fees
  • Union Fees
  • Insurance: so many kinds -  Equipment, Rental, General Liability, Workers Comp, Production Vehicles. We told you it added up quick!

Enough about us.  What about you? What do YOU get, other than the satisfaction of helping to make an awesome independent film? We have some pretty amazing perks for you coming right up, after these messages...

Please Help Us Get The Word Out

Whether it's $10 or $10,000, your donation is SUPER appreciated and will help us make our film - we thank you in advance for giving. But remember - a financial contribution isn't the only way to show support. You can also TELL YOUR FRIENDS (including your ex-best friend from childhood) about this film and our campaign. Share, post, email, update, and tweet along with our team to as many people as you're willing to tag. You never know who in your network will fall in love with JILTED, and help make our film a reality. Indiegogo has some sweet tools for sharing at the top of this page, and you can use these social media sites to connect with JILTED and spread the word: FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube. 

The more social media likes, tweets, and shares, the higher our Indiegogo "gogofactor" rises, leading to global exposure, mentions in the press, and new additions to the JILTED family!

100 bucks is super, and 100 shares can be just as powerful!

"The film industry is in a state of gender inertia. There is no evidence to suggest that women’s employment has improved in key behind-the-scenes roles over the last 16 years," - Dr. Martha Lauzen, Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film; San Diego State University

In 2013, only 6% of the directors on top grossing films were women. Women made up only 10% of the writers, 3% of the cinematographers, and 25% of the producers. Yet the UN estimates that in 2014, women make up almost 50% of the population on our planet.

We believe women, as the "almost 50%" on our planet,  deserve just as much visibility, creative license, and decision-making power as the rest of our global population. The making of JILTED puts women in key creative, decision-making, and technical roles in film. Your support of this feature is an emphatic step towards greater access to women's stories and experiences in the entertainment industry.

All Digital Perks includes: Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes photos, videos and updates from the cast, crew, and production, a ticket to our backers-only SoCal beach party, an HD download of the ENTIRE MOVIE in full 1080p, digital extras like the script, artwork, a high-resolution movie poster, and outtakes, plus a digital version of The Art of Jilted photo book.

Shipping within the United States included.
International shipping adds $10.
Blu-Ray adds $10.

Hollywood sometimes... or perhaps often... spits out high-calorie, low-nutrition stories. We often leave the theatre these days still feeling hungry... For more human experience. For more characters like us. For more answers to questions we've had trouble answering ourselves.

Independent film doesn't answer to the lowest common denominator, or the highest funding dangled in front of us. It supports diversity in style and story; innovation in filmmaking and storytelling; and unique visions and voices in cinema. In indie film, there is a place for any filmmaker willing to look at ourselves, ask the hard questions, fan the flames of curiosity, and still consider humanity with empathy and compassion. As independent filmmakers, we tell the stories we feel need to be told. Right here. Right now. Stories that have meaning to our contemporaries. Stories that enlighten, educate, inform, and entertain. Stories that connect us with the other humans on the planet. 

In Hollywood, filmmakers hear "No," a lot. We're asking you to change it up. Say "Yes!" to independent film by picking one of our perks and donating to JILTED.

Your financial support, and your sharing of our story using social media, is invaluable to the making of this film.

THANK YOU - we couldn't do it without you!! 


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This campaign ended on December 12, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $5USD

    Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes photos, videos and updates from the cast, crew, and production! Plus, you get a hot ticket to our backers-only SoCal beach party. Not bad for 5 bucks!

    36 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2015
  • $10USD

    PREVIOUS LEVEL + Download the ENTIRE MOVIE in full 1080p HD for your viewing pleasure on a device of your choice!

    145 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2015
  • $20USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + The full JILTED movie experience! The Digital Film Package includes the film, plus all the extras like the script, artwork, a high-resolution movie poster, outtakes, and more!

    139 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2015
  • $30USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + 3 digital copies of Lady Rooster's award winning short films! The short film package includes Lady Rooster's: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DESERTED and NOT FUNNY. Not to mention you also get a digital screener of JILTED, plus all the extras like the script, artwork, a high-resolution digital movie poster, outtakes, and more!

    28 claimed
  • $40USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + A mini version of our film poster, signed by the cast and filmmakers, to commemorate your participation in the making of JILTED. We couldn't do it without you!

    15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2015
  • $50USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + Get a Limited Edition DVD of the film mailed to your door SIX MONTHS before it's available to the public! Add $10 to get a Limited Edition BLU-RAY! (International donors add $10 for shipping)

    56 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2015
  • $75USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + Custom-printed Lady Rooster boy short-style panties! These limited-edition panties are fun and flirty. Cock-a-doodle-DO! (Add $10 for international shipping)

    4 claimed
  • $100USD

    $100 DISCOUNT!!!! ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + A signed 30-page photo book featuring the art of Jilted, and inspirational quotes that inspired the filmmakers. A great conversation piece, and one that commemorates your individual involvement in the making of this feature film. (International donors add $10 for shipping)

    9 claimed
  • $150USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + A Limited Edition Lady Rooster Trucker Hat, complete with our pearl-wearing Rooster logo! Wear it loud and proud, Lady Roosters! You helped make a movie! (International donors add $10 for shipping)

    5 out of 30 claimed
  • $200USD

    $100 DISCOUNT!!!! ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + A signed full-size movie poster from our cast and filmmakers! A great conversation piece for your home or office, and one that giveS us a chance to personalize our appreciation of your support of independent cinema.

    4 claimed
  • $500USD

    ALL DIGITAL PERKS + DVD + Receive an Official Slate from the set of Jilted. Your slate will be signed by our cast and crew, and mailed directly to you after we wrap. Before we send it your way, we'll take a group photo on set with your slate, plus send you a behind the scenes clip of your new slate in action. An awesome piece of wall art for your home or office! (International donors add $10 for shipping)

    3 claimed
  • $500USD

    ALL DIGITAL PERKS + DVD + A V.I.P. day on set with the JILTED cast and crew! Ever wanted to roll like a Hollywood big shot? Well for only $500, you'll be treated to Hollywood on a working indie film set. Eat with the cast and crew, and watch a film get made right in front of you. Talk about a front row seat! Get in on the action with Jilted.

    2 out of 3 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + Associate Producer Credit and a Skype Call with the Filmmakers! You’ll be listed on IMDB and on our rolling credits as an Associate Producer, and get a chance to talk shop with us via Skype. Making your own film soon? Curious about working in Hollywood? Become an AP and hit us up on Skype.

    5 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2015
  • $1,000USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + A road trip with the filmmakers! We'll drive you and a guest to a beautiful Southern California environment of your choosing - beach, mountains, or desert - and have an overnight camping trip! Food, gear, and planning covered by us. After all, you can't make a road movie without having a road trip!

    0 out of 1 claimed


    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to the $300 Level + You GET TO HAVE LINES in a scene with one of the leads of Jilted! Ever wanted to see your face on the silver screen? Are you jonesin' for some professional experience on set? Now is your chance! Donate $2,000 and you’ll be commemorated in digital celluloid, plus listed in the cast on IMDB and in our rolling credits. (Travel and lodging not included)

    1 out of 1 claimed
  • $2,500USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + Be a Hollywood producer! Your Co-Producer credit will appear on IMDB, in the film, and on the poster. You'll also receive two tickets to our Los Angeles screening or any festival. AND you’re invited to visit set during shooting for an up-close look at moviemaking (travel/lodging not included). Finally, "do lunch" with the filmmakers in L.A. or at any festival that we're mutually attending!

    0 out of 4 claimed
  • $3,000USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + Corporate promotion! Congrats, you own a business! Here’s your chance to put it on 60-foot high screens at festivals around the world, on 100s of DVDs and downloads sent to our excited fans, and in our credits and promotional materials featured as a corporate supporter! ADDED BONUS: 1st Corporate Sponsor will receive a one-day strategic visioning session with Certified Leadership/Visual Coach Lynn Thomas. (Available only in LA; travel, etc. not included.)

    1 out of 3 claimed
  • $5,000USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + You are now part of Hollywood history! As one of the names behind JILTED, you'll be listed as an Executive Producer on IMDB, in the film's credits, and on the movie poster. Plus, you'll get introduced to people at our beach party as an Exec Producer – pretty hot!

    0 claimed
  • $6,000USD

    Hot Deal - NOW $6,000; down from $10K! ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + Major promotion. This perk is exclusively reserved for someone with the ability to jump in and make JILTED a reality. You will receive a single title card in the film that reads Presented by YOU + an Exec Producer credit on IMDB and our film credits. AND one of the filmmakers will come to you for a private screening of the film and make you dinner. Your partnership in the making of JILTED will be invaluable.

    0 out of 1 claimed
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