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  • $100USD

    ALL PREVIOUS DIGITAL PERKS + One 60-min session of premium crowd funding coaching to help you bring your own film/project/product to fruition! JILTED's coach - Justin Giddings - will teach you EXACT SPECIFICS on how to raise $5000+ your first day and increase your social media ROI. He'll also share with you the secret behind the “Gogofactor” so that your project can stay trending. An unbeatable coach, Justin has helped multiple campaigns fund over their goal, including ours! *SKYPE AVAILABLE*

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  • $5USD

    Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes photos, videos and updates from the cast, crew, and production! Plus, you get a hot ticket to our backers-only SoCal beach party. Not bad for 5 bucks!

    Estimated delivery: December 2015

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  • $10USD

    PREVIOUS LEVEL + Download the ENTIRE MOVIE in full 1080p HD for your viewing pleasure on a device of your choice!

    Estimated delivery: December 2015

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  • $20USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + The full JILTED movie experience! The Digital Film Package includes the film, plus all the extras like the script, artwork, a high-resolution movie poster, outtakes, and more!

    Estimated delivery: December 2015

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  • $30USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + 3 digital copies of Lady Rooster's award winning short films! The short film package includes Lady Rooster's: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DESERTED and NOT FUNNY. Not to mention you also get a digital screener of JILTED, plus all the extras like the script, artwork, a high-resolution digital movie poster, outtakes, and more!

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  • $40USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + A mini version of our film poster, signed by the cast and filmmakers, to commemorate your participation in the making of JILTED. We couldn't do it without you!

    Estimated delivery: December 2015

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  • $50USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + Get a Limited Edition DVD of the film mailed to your door SIX MONTHS before it's available to the public! Add $10 to get a Limited Edition BLU-RAY! (International donors add $10 for shipping)

    Estimated delivery: December 2015

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  • $75USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + Custom-printed Lady Rooster boy short-style panties! These limited-edition panties are fun and flirty. Cock-a-doodle-DO! (Add $10 for international shipping)

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  • $100USD

    $100 DISCOUNT!!!! ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + A signed 30-page photo book featuring the art of Jilted, and inspirational quotes that inspired the filmmakers. A great conversation piece, and one that commemorates your individual involvement in the making of this feature film. (International donors add $10 for shipping)

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  • $150USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + A Limited Edition Lady Rooster Trucker Hat, complete with our pearl-wearing Rooster logo! Wear it loud and proud, Lady Roosters! You helped make a movie! (International donors add $10 for shipping)

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  • $200USD

    $100 DISCOUNT!!!! ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS + A signed full-size movie poster from our cast and filmmakers! A great conversation piece for your home or office, and one that giveS us a chance to personalize our appreciation of your support of independent cinema.

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  • $500USD

    ALL DIGITAL PERKS + DVD + Receive an Official Slate from the set of Jilted. Your slate will be signed by our cast and crew, and mailed directly to you after we wrap. Before we send it your way, we'll take a group photo on set with your slate, plus send you a behind the scenes clip of your new slate in action. An awesome piece of wall art for your home or office! (International donors add $10 for shipping)

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  • $500USD

    ALL DIGITAL PERKS + DVD + A V.I.P. day on set with the JILTED cast and crew! Ever wanted to roll like a Hollywood big shot? Well for only $500, you'll be treated to Hollywood on a working indie film set. Eat with the cast and crew, and watch a film get made right in front of you. Talk about a front row seat! Get in on the action with Jilted.

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  • $1,000USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + Associate Producer Credit and a Skype Call with the Filmmakers! You’ll be listed on IMDB and on our rolling credits as an Associate Producer, and get a chance to talk shop with us via Skype. Making your own film soon? Curious about working in Hollywood? Become an AP and hit us up on Skype.

    Estimated delivery: December 2015

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  • $1,000USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + A road trip with the filmmakers! We'll drive you and a guest to a beautiful Southern California environment of your choosing - beach, mountains, or desert - and have an overnight camping trip! Food, gear, and planning covered by us. After all, you can't make a road movie without having a road trip!

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    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to the $300 Level + You GET TO HAVE LINES in a scene with one of the leads of Jilted! Ever wanted to see your face on the silver screen? Are you jonesin' for some professional experience on set? Now is your chance! Donate $2,000 and you’ll be commemorated in digital celluloid, plus listed in the cast on IMDB and in our rolling credits. (Travel and lodging not included)

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  • $2,500USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + Be a Hollywood producer! Your Co-Producer credit will appear on IMDB, in the film, and on the poster. You'll also receive two tickets to our Los Angeles screening or any festival. AND you’re invited to visit set during shooting for an up-close look at moviemaking (travel/lodging not included). Finally, "do lunch" with the filmmakers in L.A. or at any festival that we're mutually attending!

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  • $3,000USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + Corporate promotion! Congrats, you own a business! Here’s your chance to put it on 60-foot high screens at festivals around the world, on 100s of DVDs and downloads sent to our excited fans, and in our credits and promotional materials featured as a corporate supporter! ADDED BONUS: 1st Corporate Sponsor will receive a one-day strategic visioning session with Certified Leadership/Visual Coach Lynn Thomas. (Available only in LA; travel, etc. not included.)

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  • $5,000USD

    ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + You are now part of Hollywood history! As one of the names behind JILTED, you'll be listed as an Executive Producer on IMDB, in the film's credits, and on the movie poster. Plus, you'll get introduced to people at our beach party as an Exec Producer – pretty hot!

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  • $6,000USD

    Hot Deal - NOW $6,000; down from $10K! ALL PREVIOUS LEVELS up to $300 Level + Major promotion. This perk is exclusively reserved for someone with the ability to jump in and make JILTED a reality. You will receive a single title card in the film that reads Presented by YOU + an Exec Producer credit on IMDB and our film credits. AND one of the filmmakers will come to you for a private screening of the film and make you dinner. Your partnership in the making of JILTED will be invaluable.

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