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LET'S BUILD: The world's first completely philanthropic coffee roaster & cafe located at the source.
Tyson Adams
Email Verified
Small Business
Lao People's Democratic Republic
9 Team Members

Stretch Goal! 

Jhai Tribe, we have reached our first goal of $10,000! THANK YOU!

Our new 'Stretch Goal' is $15,000! 

For us to get Jhai Coffee House up, running and successful, $15k is the cost of the coffee roaster and equipment we'll need.

ONLY IF... we hit our our $15k stretch goal, Tyson and his girlfriend Janelle will spend 36 hours as coffee farmers in a remote farming village doing everything that farmers do and documenting the entire experience! We will create a series of videos that include: Where we slept, what we ate, harvesting coffee, how we bathed, where we got our water, plus you will get to meet the family we will live with. Only financial contributors of our project will gain access to the password protected mini series.

Also, since we hit our goal, we have added a brand new $50 donation perk, which combines CLEAN WATER + TETHERBALL! Check it out!


Jhai will judge its success each year not by the amount of money earned but by the number of people who have access to clean water. 

- Tyson Adams
Founder, Jhai Coffee House

Who Are You? 

An entrepreneur and philanthropist that has gathered a small tribe of people who all believe that CLEAN WATER IS A HUMAN RIGHT, not a privilege. 

For the past four years, I've run a non-profit that has been working in Laos to bring education and clean water to children in underprivileged communities on the Bolaven Plateau in Paksong. So far we have put in eight libraries and two clean water pumps that serve over 1500 people. 

I am now creating the Jhai Coffee House (Social Business), which is powered by The LiveGLOCAL Foundation, (501-c3 non-profit) I founded in 2011. 

You're Moving To Laos?

Oh Yeah! My girlfriend Janelle and I are are all in and will be moving to Laos this September! Though she lived in Thailand as a teacher for 16 months, I have never lived abroad for an extended period of time as my trips to Laos have usually been month long journeys. It should be quite the adventure and to our knowledge, we will be the only western people living in our small town, so please come visit us!

What Is The Problem In Laos? 

As a part of its efforts during the Vietnam War, the U.S dropped a planeload of cluster bombs on Laos every 8 minutes, 24 hours a day, for 9 straight years. This makes Laos the most bombed country per capita in the world. So many of these bombs did not explode and still remain littered throughout the country waiting for unsuspecting victims. 40% of them children, which breaks my heart experiencing this firsthand. 

Because of this, Laos has spent the last 40 years focused on simply rebuilding after the war, which has lead to a clean water and sanitation crisis. Under half of the population of Laos has access to clean safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities. Nine months ago, I learned that diarrheal disease is the second biggest killer of Lao children under five. 

What Will This Money Be Used For? 

Jhai aims to create a completely sustainable for-profit social business where 100% of business profits are invested into sanitary education and clean water projects in the local Lao coffee growing community. By running coffee tours and serving local coffee drinks, the demand for Lao coffee will also increase. This increase in demand will provide more jobs and a higher standard of living for the local Lao coffee community. 

If we had $100,000 in the bank today, we would purchase land in the town of Paksong and build our custom coffee shop from the ground up (architecture plan below). However, because we will only be over halfway to our goal when we depart for Laos, we plan to find a house or restaurant in Paksong that we can rent and start operations from that location.

By partnering with Green Discovery Laos to run coffee tours to the 200 tourists who visit the Bolaven Plateau daily, we will begin to generate revenue, which will be saved for our grand vision of building our own coffee shop. By starting slowly and growing organically, I feel that we will set ourselves up for success and not become cash strapped. To start Jhai, we will purchase a coffee roaster and the necessary equipment for a full scale restaurant and coffee tour operation. Most of these things can be purchased locally or in Bangkok.


What Is Your 2013-2014 Goal?

Our goal is to bring sanitary education and clean water to 1400 families in 58 villages on the Bolaven Plateau!  These families make up the Jhai Coffee Farmers Cooperative (JCFC), where Jhai Coffee House sources its coffee. We also intend to learn Lao language and integrate with the community as much as possible forming strong bonds and working relationships with the JCFC coffee community, the Lao government and Green Discovery.

How Can We Help Jhai?

Share this campaign in an email, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media avenue. Additionally, if you personally know any Lao-American friends, family, bloggers or influencers please message them directly to spread the word. There are many Lao-Americans living in the U.S. with the desire to serve but might not know how. This campaign provides them an opportunity.  

 Additionally, if you know bloggers, writers or social humanitarians who might be interested in interviewing me or featuring this project in their work, please put them in touch with me at tyson@jhaicoffeehouse.com.






Rewards That Give Back





















Reward Descriptions


This full digital pack comes with a short PDF ebook featuring these chapters: When to go, Getting there, Getting around, Accommodations, Food and Drink, Health, Culture and Etiquette, Religion, Festivities, What to bring (essentials vs. nonessentials), Ways to save money & Teaching English. Jhai wallpapers come in sizes 13", 15" & 17" to fit your computer's background. The black and white Jhai logos fit iPhone 4's, 5's and other smart phone devices.


Limited to only 50 people and NOT attached to any other reward. This opportunity is highly exclusive and unbearably limited! If you take advantage of this option, your name will be forever engraved on a custom built Jhai coffee table that will remain in our shop for years to come. We will feature your name where it is engraved on the table in a series of high resolution photos, which we’ll deliver to you via Dropbox or Google Drive. These photos will be your keepsake of the tangible impact you made in Laos. [Alternatively, you can choose to have your Twitter handle engraved instead of your name.] 


Jhai inspiration to beautify your home! We will deliver five (not yet shot) photos in high definition and in multiple sizes of famous Lao landmarks, landscapes and culture. These photos will allow you to appreciate and marvel Laos, which goes back over 600 years. [photos for 11x17 posters & smaller 5x7's will be delivered]


Our matte black shades are timeless, classic and effortlessly stylish for both men and women. We've partnered with Seattle's Society43 to bring you modern craftmanship plus 100% UVA & UVB protection. Our stickers come from Seattle's premier sticker company DieCutStickers.


This versatile tri-blend crew, gives you comfort and casual all in one look, while also going with about anything in your closet!  Pre-shrunk combed and ring-spun cotton makes up this 25% polyester, 25% rayon & 50% cotton 'T'. The shirt is both stretchy and incredibly soft and fits like the brand American Apparel. Unisex sizes include XS-XXL. We will email you to ask you what size of t-shirt you prefer. *This exact shirt sold out at our recent fundraising event in Seattle!!!*


The Moleskine: Professionally printing our logo on these suckers more than triples the price of the journal, so we've elected to go kindergarten-style-throwback with an actual ink stamp. Why Moleskine journals?

Why Mokeskine Journals?
Nearly 5 years ago, Jhai tribesman Stacy La gifted me a Moleskine journal before I left to SE Asia. It was this very journal where I jotted down the dream that is now Jhai! This journal should become your inspiration & reminder to record your own dreams!    -- Tyson Adams

Tyson's favorite life quote is stamped on the inside cover! 45 pages of lined paper and the last 15 pages can be torn out. Back cover pocket pouch.

The Carpenter's Pencil: Get all industrious by using a knife to sharpen your pencil and then sketch something in your moleskine!  

The Tumbler: Brought to you by our partner MiiR, these coffee and tea tumblers are both beautiful and functional! We chose MiiR for several great reasons. Each tumbler sold provides one person clean drinking water for an an entire year. ONE4ONE. They share our mission of bringing clean water to the developing world where nearly one billion people don't have access to it. 

*You have your choice of white or black tumbler (not both). If you purchase at this level or above, we will email you to ask you your preference of tumbler.* 


When we arrive in Laos this September, we will celebrate by putting in the first Jhai Coffee House funded water pump! The entire start to finish process will be captured on film, so that you as a Jhai tribesman can follow along via Facebook and email to experience what we actually do on the ground.  

For every $100 dollars you donate, you can have your company’s, a loved one’s, or your name engraved in the water pump cement. For example, if you donate $200, you can have two names engraved. 

For your contribution, we will send you high resolution photos of the project from start to finish, including a close-up of your engraved name(s). The thank you photos will be delivered to you via Dropbox or Google Drive. If you want to take advantage of this reward, it is purely a donation and you will not receive any of the Jhai gear mentioned above. 


Our insulated Jhai water bottles by MiiR, 'Keep hot things hot and cold things cold!' At 700ml these bottles are bomb proof keeping drinks hot for 8 hours and drinks cold for 24 hours. The bottles are stainless steel and BPA free making them good for you and the environment. The other reason we love them is because for every one that is sold MiiR provides clean drinking water to one person for an entire year. ONE4ONE

Our sweet 5-panel hats embody a unique design twist combining heritage fabrics and street style. They are unisex and come with an adjustable plastic clip to fit all head sizes. Keeping Jhai style fresh! 


Berni has been a professional coach and strategy consultant helping solopreneurs brave through their fears and challenges to unleash their inner misfit since 2008, after she kicked her corporate sales job to the curb to stop chasing someone else’s dream. 

Berni has a personal affinity towards this project because it ties her roots to a shared mission. Over 36 years ago, her family fled their home country of Laos to escape genocide during the end of the CIA’s Secret War in Laos with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They found refuge in America where Berni was born. All her life, she has personally longed for an opportunity to serve underprivileged communities and make a dent in the universe so her parents’ sacrifice wouldn’t be made in vain. The Jhai Coffee House project is naturally a perfect fit.

Aside from coaching, Berni has dedicated her time as a board member of seven different non-profit organizations advocating for youth, education, and grieving children. When she’s not kicking shins or collaborating on misfit-esque projects, Berni writes about her journey from corporate to coaching at bernixiong.com.

AJ is a writer, entrepreneur, designer, humanitarian & adventurer. He started Misfit, Inc., which is a creative agency that specialises in changing the world. In the last five years, they've worked alongside a vast array of cultural organisations and non-profits on a pro-bono basis and to date they’ve helped raise over $4,000,000 for some incredible causes. 

This year they produced a kick ass conference, launched a design and apparel line, published a creative arts magazine and a collection of essays about living life with intention, doing work that matters and changing the world. Your hour-long consultation will be with Chief Maker of Trouble, AJ Leon. The video call can be about any project that you may be working on right now. AJ has spent the last 5 years adventuring around the world launching businesses, creative ventures and humanitarian projects and he would love to help you do the same.

AJ does not ordinarily offer one on one consulting so this is a very rare opportunity. Find his projects on the web at www.misfit-inc.com & www.pursuitofeverything.com 

Tyson, founder of the Jhai Coffee House, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has remained self-employed for the past five years and who has also braved the path of attempting to change the world during that time.  

His skillsets include: starting movements, social business ‘giving models’, brand strategy, naming companies & projects, design contests and sourcing design affordably, building wordpress websites, kickstarter & indiegogo strategy, fundraising for nonprofits, throwing events, SEO, resumes, presentations, selling on Amazon, mailchimp & email marketing,startup strategy, partnership management, social media, storytelling via video production, sales, operations management & UX / UI.


Over the past four years, we've received an overwhelming number of people expressing a desire to volunteer with us in Laos. Well for those of you who are interested, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to embark upon a journey that will change your concept of charity forever! 

Before coming to Asia, you will spend two hours with Tyson and Janelle doing a GoToMeeting. We will take you on the web to different websites and resources that will allow us to plan your entire vacation together. Depending on your timeline and the experience you want, we will make recommendations and plans that will be customized to your travel experience and lifestyle. 

While visiting us in Paksong, you’ll enjoy a coffee tour, stay in a remote village overnight to experience traditional Lao culture, and get to eat culinary infusions prepared by Janelle!  If you have a desire to put in a clean water pump during your trip, we will also help you throw a mini fundraiser before you leave so that you can raise the extra cash needed to do so! 

You will need to pay for all travel expenses to get to Laos. During your stay with us for 3 to 5 days, your coffee tour, food and drink at Jhai, and volunteering expenses are on us.


Do you need a new website? Over the past five years, Tyson has been hired as a consultant on many independent business projects. In his most recent project, The Mine Bouldering Gym, Tyson began working with the owners of a climbing gym that is being built in Park City. He managed the name, brand direction, graphic design, social media, website and overall launch strategy. Review this project at www.minebouldering.com

If you’re the person who takes advantage of this reward, you will be working with Tyson remotely through skype and google hangout to craft a brand strategy for your new or existing website or business. If you are looking for a re-brand, he also has experience doing this.

You will pick a wordpress theme from www.woothemes.com, which will be modified according to your liking. We will then source your graphic design and logo through www.fiverr.com and pick your colors at www.kuler.adobe.com. You will work with Tyson to come up with the desired pages for your site and then you will write the copy for them. Tyson will help you come up with your brand identity, slogan and ideals statement that seeks to ‘improve people’s lives’, which is what the best brands in the world strive for.

Before the project begins, Tyson will provide a scope of work, including an estimation of the number of hours the project will take. Once this is agreed upon, Tyson will complete his work and consultation up to this number of hours and will not exceed that point. He looks forward to working with you! If you have questions about this reward, email him directly at tyson@jhaicoffeehouse.com


This reward is an opportunity of a lifetime! Once Tyson and Janelle arrive in Laos and when the coffee shop will be open, they will do an internet call with you to plan your trip to SE Asia. After this call, they will purchase your round trip ticket from any major US city to Bangkok, Thailand. They will also purchase your Lao Airlines ticket from Bangkok to Pakse, Laos, which is a (one-way) ticket and will arrange to pick you up at the airport to get you to Paksong. 

During your time with us in Paksong, you can stay up to five days with all expenses on us!  This includes your stay at a local guest house, food, drink, coffee and all transportation costs such as motorbike, tuk-tuk or bus. Once you leave us in Paksong, we will also buy you another departure ticket that is equal to the amount of flying from Paksong back to Bangkok. This means that if you want to go to the north of Laos to vacation in Luang Prabang, we would pay for that ticket. When you leave Laos to get back to Bangkok, you would be responsible for paying for that one-way ticket, which will cost around $300.

The best months to visit SE Asia (due to rain) are between November and April, which is when we would like you to come. When booking your ticket we will accommodate your schedule along with trying to find the most affordable tickets possible. We appreciate your flexibility in working with us. This package comes with everything in the ‘Volunteer with us in Laos’, so be sure to read that reward as well. If there are any questions before booking this reward, please email Tyson at tyson@jhaicoffeehouse.com


Core Tribe

Tyson Adams, Founder

Janelle Kaz, Craft Roaster & Coffee House Director

Stacy La, Creative Director

Jackie Thao, Lao Country Director

Other Tribesman

Aj Leon, Pursuit of Everything 

Melissa Leon, Dino Cheng & Jessie White, Misfit Inc. 

Berni Xiong, Shin Kicking Misfit

Clay Hebert, Kickstarter Hacks

Sean Tulgetske, Jhai Graphic Design

Kent Truog, Video Editing

Brian Pape, CEO MiiR

Paul Katzeff, Thanksgiving Coffee

Lee Akha Ama, Akha Ama Coffee





If my question isn't answered here, how do I ask?

Just email us at: tyson@jhaicoffeehouse.com

Wan to know more about MiiR coffee tumblers and water bottles? 

Go to: www.MiiR.com

Why are there no coffee rewards? 

In the past when we have mailed coffee from Laos to the United States, the bags have been cut open by mail security, who are looking for drugs. 

What is GoToMeeting, Google Hangount or Skype? 

GoToMeeting allows for one party to see the other person's computer screen as they surf the web. Google Hangout (Gmail account required) and Skype are video meetings, where both parties can see each other's faces.   

Want to just donate and not receive any physical rewards? 

No problem! You can do this two ways:

Send us an email at tyson@jhaicoffeehouse.com saying that you just made a donation and don't want to receive anything in the mail. OR... donate at the level of 'Lets Build A Well'. If we see that you have donated in a $100 ($200, $300, etc.) increment, we will send you an email asking you what name(s) you would like engraved in the cement of the water pump.  

Is shipping included in the perk price?

Yes, shipping is included for backers in the continental United States. See below for international shipping.

Is there a charge for International Shipping?

Yes, there is an additional charge to ship internationally. It costs $10 to ship to Canada and $20 per package to ship to other international addresses. Please include this cost by adding the additional amount in the checkout price. If you forget, we'll contact you prior to shipping and have you send shipping payment to us via paypal.  

Where are we located? 

We are located in Paksong, Laos, on the Bolaven Plateau. The best way to visit us will be to head for Pakse and then take a tuk-tuk, motorbike or bus to Paksong. 

Additional Tyson Interview Questions

Why Is The Traditional Charity Model Broken?

For small non-profit organizations like ourselves, traditional fundraising and grants become the lifeblood of our projects. The challenge with this model is that we are reliant on donors and when that money dries up, so do our projects. Additionally, leaders of these organizations end up spending nearly half our time chasing the money, which takes away from our creative energy to solve the humanitarian problems, which began the organization in the first place. 

When charity dollars are raised and then spent, they go away. The dollars are not recycled and fundraising starts over. We must think about charity differently. We must think about it through the lens of creating self sustaining mini businesses that grow organically over time.  

Social Business! Not Charity?

I've learned so much following Muhammad Yunus for the past four years. Yunus, is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who pioneered Social Business and has lifted millions of Bangladeshi's from malnutrition and poverty. He defines Social Business as non-dividend, non-loss companies that are created specifically to solve existing humanitarian problems. He continues to teach that a charity dollar only has one life but when you put that dollar to work in the form of business, it can move back and forth and recycle itself becoming endless. 

Jhai aims to create a completely sustainable for-profit social business where 100% of business profits are invested into sanitary education and clean water projects in the local Lao coffee growing community. By running coffee tours and serving local coffee drinks, the demand for Lao coffee will also increase. This increase in demand will provide more jobs and a higher standard of living for the local Lao coffee community. 

Additionally, non-profits are subject to the constraints of the grants they apply for. Because this often restricts certain decisions to be made, we have elected to fundraise organically through friends, family and social media so that we are free from these limiting grant guidelines. 

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Select a Perk
  • $9USD

    FULL DIGITAL PACK: 'Living, Traveling and Teaching in Thailand and Laos' is a short ebook written by Jhai Founders, Tyson Adams and Janelle Kaczmarweski. The book covers preparation for your trip, teaching in Thailand, and what to expect traveling in Thailand and Laos! + Jhai Coffee House desktop and smartphone wallpapers delivered to you via Dropbox or Google Drive (black and white).

    5 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $15USD

    Unbearably limited to only 50 people and NOT attached to any other reward, this opportunity is the epitome of exclusive! If swooped, you’ll get your full name OR twitter handle engraved on our custom built Jhai coffee table. We’ll deliver you a series of high resolution photos of the table including a close-up of your name via Dropbox or Google Drive. (Excludes Ebook and Wallpapers)

    26 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $19USD

    Everything above, PLUS a collection of 5 high resolution photos taken by us in the field, throughout our journey serving the Lao community. Once you download and print on photo paper, these photos can be framed for hanging on your wall. The photo below is an example of what you will receive once we are in Laos shooting photos on the ground. Photos will be delivered to you via Dropbox or Google Drive. (Excludes Engrave Your Name)

    6 out of 80 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $30USD

    Everything above, PLUS a pair of Jhai sunglasses and a water drop shaped sticker. These matte black shades are timeless, classic and effortlessly stylish for both men and women. They feature lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Each pair comes with a soft-cloth bag. (Excludes Engrave Your Name)

    12 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $48USD

    Everything above, PLUS a unbelievably comfortable Jhai T-shirt. Our shirts are an incredibly soft tri-blend American Apparel fit. The color of the shirt is charcoal with a gray print. Unisex Sizes: [XS-XXL] (Excludes Engrave Your Name) *At our recent fundraising event in Seattle, these T-shirts sold out!*

    27 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $50USD

    NEW PERK! In Laos, school is not always mandatory. To attract children to school, its important to incorporate play and games! For each water pump that we put in, we will also put in a tether ball at that village's school. Each $50 you donate, will allow your name to be written on the tetherball and we will send you high res photos of the project from start to finish, including a closeup of your name. Photos will be delivered to you via Dropbox or Google Drive. (Excludes all other rewards)

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $74USD

    Everything above, PLUS a Jhai Coffee House stamped 'Moleskine Cahier' journal, a carpenter pencil to sketch out your own amazing projects and your choice of black or white Jhai coffee tumbler! Sip coffee while you capture life changing dreams. Moleskine journal comes with this inspiration quote stamped on it. (Excludes Engrave Your Name) “One is never afraid of the unknown; One is afraid of the known coming to an end.” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti

    12 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $100USD

    Not interested in any rewards and want to make a donation? Your donation will help build a clean water pump, which will be our very first project when we hit the ground in Laos! Each $100 you donate, will allow your company's, a loved one's or your name to be engraved in the water pump cement and we will send you high resolution photos of the project from start to finish, including a closeup of your name. Photos will be delivered to you via Dropbox or Google Drive. (Excludes all other rewards)

    11 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $119USD

    Everything above, PLUS a Jhai insulated water bottle that keeps drinks hot for 8 hours and cold for 24 hours + A sweet 5-panel hat embodying a unique design twist combining heritage fabrics and street style. The unisex hat comes with an adjustable clip to fit all head sizes. (Excludes Engrave Your Name and Lets Build A Water Well)

    5 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $398USD

    A $1075 VALUE!!! Berni (professional strategy consultant) [2 hours - $375 value] will help you overcome your own project challenges and develop a mind-map to chart out your goals, strategy and action plan. The Misfit Master (AJ Leon) [1 hour - $500 value] will help craft your art and vision. Tyson (social entrepreneur) [2 hours - $300 value] will help get your implementation strategy rolling. GoToMeeting or GoogleHangout. (Excludes Engrave Your Name and Lets Build A Water Well)

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $875USD

    Everything above, PLUS Southeast Asia vacation planning + coffee tour + remote village home-stay + volunteer experience! [$1750 value] Pay your way to SE Asia and visit us where you will get a coffee tour, unique home-stay in one of our partner villages and a volunteer opportunity of a lifetime. Before you embark on your journey, Tyson and Janelle will do a two hour GoToMeeting to help you plan your entire trip. (Excludes Engrave Your Name, Misfit Consulting and Lets Build A Water Well)

    2 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013


    Everything above, PLUS Tyson will work with you on your brand strategy and build you a beautiful website. This is branding, marketing and biz dev consultation! [$5,000+ value] You select your desired wordpress theme and we'll crowd source your logo design and choose your ideal colors. This is a full consulting package, NOT just a website. View Tyson's latest project at minebouldering.com. (Excludes Engrave Your Name, Lets Build a Well and Volunteer With Us in Laos)

    1 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $3,654USD

    Everything above, PLUS you will fly round trip from any major US city to Bangkok and then jump on Lao Airlines to visit us in Paksong. ALL EXPENSES PAID! [$5000+ value] During your time with us, you can stay for up to 5 days with all guest house accommodations, food, coffee and transportation costs on us. The best times to travel are from Dec 2013 - Apr 2014 due to weather. (Excludes Engrave Your Name, Lets Build a Water Well, Misfit Consulting and Beautiful website)

    1 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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