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JFK Facts (JFKfacts.org) is the premier Web source for hiqh-quality information and analysis about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

In the American people's ongoing discussion of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, JFK Facts seeks to play the role of informed, engaged and civil  moderator. 

JFK Facts is dedicated to fact checking social and news media coverage of the upcoming 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination in November 2013, which may be the last time the attention of the world focuses on the causes of a national tragedy. In a field too long clouded with doubt and confusion, JFK Facts offers empirical truth.

My name is Jeff Morley, and I'm co-founder and moderator of JFK Facts. A former reporter and editor at the Washington Post, I have been writing about  the JFK story for national publications for 30 years.  I'm joined by co-founder Rex Bradford, the webmaster of MaryFerrell.org, the most comprehensive Web site for government records on JFK's assassination.

We believe establishing the facts and the truth about the JFK story is important to American democracy.

We believe in the power of the Web, the value of transparency and accountability, civility, and the scientific method. 

With your help we will bring new clarity to the JFK assassination story, a dark chapter in American history that has been shrouded for too long in official secrecy, disinformation, and misguided theories.


We need $105,00 to sustain JFK Facts for one year.

$60K for editorial, legal and researach budget for one year Moderator Jeff Morley will blog on JFK related stories in the news. He will call on a panel of scientists, historians, and scholars to answer factual questions about the Kennedy's life and death rom now until the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination in November 2013.

$20K for an SEO and social media manager to elevate the site's visibility.

$10k for designer/programmers to elevate our WordPress beta site into a good looking destination that's ready for prime time by Jan 1. 2013. We need help with graphic design, Word Press, and Facebook.

$10K for a Web infrastructure to support extensive JFK document data base. These funds will be administered by the Mary Ferrell Foundation. 

$5 H/T to our friends at Indigeogo.

All contributions are tax deductible.

THE IMPACT: JFK and the Internet...

The last time the JFK assassination was openly and widely debated was in 1992 following the release of Oliver Stone's  movie "JFK." The Internet barely existed and the public record of the assassination was tighty held by Congress and U.S. national security agencies

Now, as the 50th anniversary of JFK's assasination approaches in 2013, the Internet has made the vastly expanded historical record of JFK's assassination available to everyone.

The World Wide Web has emerged as a universal platform on which informed citizens, reputable scholars, and curious young people can educate themselves about this decisive and tragic moment in American history.


Morley's critically-acclaimed books (Our Man in Mexico and Snow-Storm in August) bring research and realism to illuminating but unknown chapters in American history.

Bradford's authoritative Web sites (MaryFerrell.org; HistoryMatters.org) showcase his ability to marshall original historical sources in the online medium.


Visit JFK Facts and email your thoughts and suggestions.

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