Jewcology's Year of Action

On Tu b’Shevat 2013, Jewcology will conclude our Year of Learning. We will turn immediately to applying our new wisdom through action.

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On Tu b’Shevat 2013, Jewcology will conclude our Year of Learning.  In appropriate Jewish fashion, we will turn immediately from this year of learning to applying our new wisdom through action

Year of Action: Bal Tashchit (Do Not Destroy)

In 2013, we will organize a Year of Action, focusing on the Jewish mitzvah of Bal Tashchit (avoiding “unnecessary destruction” or “waste”).  We will focus on two key actions, both especially relevant for reducing waste in the Jewish community: reducing energy use, and avoiding food waste. 

Reducing Energy Use:

Saving energy is very important to address today’s environmental concerns, and recognized by the Talmud as a part of the mitzvah of Bal Tashchit.  Every Jewish institution can make a difference and also save money but streamlining their energy use.  This project will empower Jewish individuals and institutions to take action and model sustainable energy use.

Avoiding Food Waste:

In synagogues, in schools, at Kiddush and in our own refrigerators, the Jewish community has an opportunity to reduce the edible (or recently spoiled) food that we throw away.  

As part of our Year of Action, Canfei Nesharim’s food waste program will include a monthly blog posting encouraging individuals to take specific actions to reduce their food waste.  The posts will include tools like menu and shopping planners, instructions for how to find your local food bank, and recipes to spice up leftovers before they go bad.  

Measurable Results:

To measure the results of change, we will create and post website calculators on Jewcology to enable individuals to measure their impact and see the collective impact of their actions.  For example, people will have the opportunity to check a box indicating specific actions (such as using a smart powerstrip, changing lightbulbs, or turning down the thermostat) and will be able to see how much energy will be saved by them, and by the entire Jewcology community throughout the year. 

The calculators and their results will also be promoted to our network of change agents and to the global Jewcology community.

How You Can Help:

We are seeking to raise $7,500 to design this campaign, create interesting and engaging resources for the Year of Action, and build the calculators on the Jewcology site. Thanks to the ROI Community, all funds raised up to $7,500 will be matched dollar for dollar.  Your funds go twice as far!

Join us in supporting the Year of Action!  You'll be eligible for cool perks and become part of our superhero squad.

Keep up to date with the campaign to see how we're doing and what we'll be able to pull off next year.

About Jewcology

Jewcology is building the Jewish environmental movement through a social media portal, leadership trainings and high quality resources.  Here's what we're up to right now:

  • Hosting and leading the development of Jewcology.com, an online home for the Jewish environmental movement (launched in November 2010), which features social media tools for collaboration and a rich library of shared Jewish environmental materials for learning and teaching. 
  • Leadership Trainings: Providing leadership trainings to Jewish environmentalists. Our most recent training took place June 14.
  • Resources: Our Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment, begun on Tu b’Shevat 2012, includes more than 20 sponsoring organizations (including the Jerusalem Post, My Jewish Learning, and Torah Café) partnering with us to share a wide range of Jewish environmental teachings across the Jewish community.

Check out the site at www.jewcology.com, and stay tuned as our work develops!

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Student interns always wanted and much loved.
  • Join our blogging corps!  Commit to blogging 1-2x per month about your Jewish environmental work, and we'll give you a free ad on our site for 2 weeks. 
  • Do you have a community of Jewish and/or environmental leaders who could benefit from leadership skills? Host a Leadership Training!  

For the above opportunities, email us for more information at info@jewcology.com

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